Today we pay tribute to the academic Ion BOSTAN – the septuagenarian who dedicated to the Technical University of Moldova almost a quarter of a century, tripling the number of students and specialties, transforming this unique institution of engineering higher education in the largest and most visible university in the national education system. He retired to return to the passion of his life – research, through which he made a name for himself, for UTM, but also for the whole country.

It is a great honor to have him among us and to listen to his lectures-stories about what science is and how to assert yourself in research, how to make discoveries that require major examinations on the bottom of the Planetary Ocean or explorations of the cosmic space, without having the necessary technologies, for example. Or how an idea that sprung up during a concert, written on the corner of a piece of paper, would open a new era in science, that of precessional planetary transmissions (TPP). It is a topic that could be talked about for hours and days in a row: how to combine extensive cinematic possibilities, high load-carrying capacity and major mechanical efficiency in a single mechanical transmission?

He was invited to give an answer to this question and to talk about the development of the TPP domain – from invention to applications – in an international conference convened on the occasion of his homage by the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences (ASTR), an event known as the Days of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania. Arriving this year at the 14th edition, the conference proposed a very suggestive theme: “Creativity in the development of contemporary society”, through which to sensitize society to the role that creativity plays in perpetuating human civilization. The idea was gladly supported by the General Association of Engineers of Romania (AGIR), and then the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (AȘM), so that the event attracted notorious scientists from both banks of the Prut river, as well as from different countries, the agenda being extended to two days,with a series of academic readings: 7 communications in plenary and another 120 distributed in 7 sections, as well as over 20 poster presentations divided into 4 sections. Also, there were organized two technical book exhibitions of the “AGIR” publisher, Bucharest and “TENICA-INFO” publisher, Chisinau – “Precessional planetary transmissions” by Ion BOSTAN, in 2 volumes.

The opening ceremony of the conference was followed by an extensive program of communications by sections, these targeting the following sub-domains of interest: creativity and innovation; mechanical engineering, manufacturing mechanisms and technologies; construction engineering; materials engineering; electronics, automation and information technology; energetics and electrical engineering; transport engineering.

It is expected that the papers exhibited at the conference will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and published in the PROCEEDINGS “Academic Days of ASTR”, XIV edition, 2019, ISSN 2066-6586 or in the “Journal of Engineering Sciences and Innovation (JESI)”, The AGIR Publishing House. But beyond the written / edited part of these prestigious works, behind which are hundreds of names of notorious scientists from different countries, a great role was played by the relaxed atmosphere of this forum, marked by passionate speeches on very sophisticated topics, but also by friendships often built at a great distance, resisting in time and space precisely thanks a burning idea, later transformed into an invention, discovery, application.

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