The Rector


Rector of TUM
Doctor habilitate, Professor

Address: 168, Stefan cel Mare, of. 1-212
Tel: +373 22 23-78-61

The Executive manager of TUM is the Rector, that represents TUM legally in relations with the third parties and operatively leads the University. Rector is the executor of budget of TUM.

Rector, within his competences and in accordance with legal provisions in force, has the following responsibilities:

  1. accomplishing operative management of multilateral and complex activity of the University, issuing orders and decisions regulating this activity;
  2. the approval of the regulatory environment of TUM activity;
  3. representation of the University in all state and non-state organs and organizations, in national and international inter-university relations and in relations with individuals and legal entities;
  4. presiding over Senate meetings, Administration Council and ensuring the fulfillment of adopted decisions;
  5. management and supervision of formation and use of fixed and circulating assets of TUM;
  6. opening of settlement accounts, including foreign currency in banking institutions;
  7. appointment and dismissal of vice-rectors, signing individual employment contracts with other categories of staff;
  8. initiation, through the Competition Commission of the Senate the contest for the position of dean and the head of department/chair according to legislation;
  9. the approval of duties of the vice-rectors and scientific secretary of the Senate as well as of the staff been in direct subordination;
  10. student admission to studies, their expulsion, transfer and reinstatement to License (Bachelor), Master and Doctorate studies;
  11. ongoing assessment of TUM infrastructure, submitting the Ministry of Education and other bodies of public authorities proposals on its improvement and development;
  12. issuing orders and provisions on all areas of university activity, including those relating to remuneration, motivation and sanction of TUM academic community members.