Irina GRUMEZA, Andrei PETCO and Cristina EFREMOV are the three deserving doctoral students of the Technical University of Moldova, who will receive the Government Grant of Excellence in 2020, worth 2500 lei. The decision was approved by the members of the Executive Power during a meeting that took place on Wednesday, February 12th, thus recognizing and appreciating their effort, perseverance and innovative spirit, which they have been proving in their research activity.

The scholars of excellence of the Technical University of Moldova follow doctoral studies in various fields, as shown:

Irina GRUMEZA – specialty 253.02. Technology of food of animal origin (specifying products and procedures), 3rd year, Doctoral School of Economics, finance and management – Food science, economic engineering and management (scientific coord.: PhD, associate prof. Artur MACARI);

Andrei PETCO – specialty 242.01. Theory of machines, mechatronics, 2nd year, Doctoral School of Civil engineering – Mechanical and civil engineering (scientific coord.: PhD, prof. Viorel BOSTAN);

Cristina EFREMOV – specialty 221.01. Energy systems and technologies, 2nd year, Doctoral school of Computer science, electronics and communications – Computer science, electronics and energy (scientific coord.: PhD, prof. Valentin ARION).

Sincere congratulations, young researchers!

The grants are awarded annually to doctoral students from 2nd and 3rd year, who study in different fields and record outstanding academic performance. In total, the doctoral students from the institutions organizing higher doctoral studies in the country will benefit in 2020 from 11 excellence grants from the Government and 6 nominal grants (according to the fields). By nominating the most gifted PhD students, the Government aims to improve the process of preparing the scientific staff and motivate young people to join the research and development activity.

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