During the 24-27th of June, 2019, the Faculty of Informatics of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania, hosted the ECODAM Summer School of Evolutionary Computing in Optimization and Data Mining, particularly for PhD students interested in optimization techniques and intelligent data analysis.

The Summer School in Iasi was organized for doctoral degree students from Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. On behalf of the Technical University of Moldova, the PhD students that participated from the Doctoral School of Computer Science, Electronics and Energy were Inga Lisnic, Silvia Munteanu, Veronica Andrievschi-Bagrin, and from the Doctoral School of Food Science and Economic Engineering and Management – Violina Popovici. The PhD students were coordinated and guided by dr. Irina Cojuhari.

Young IT researchers of Master and Bachelor Cycles have had the opportunity to display their papers, but not before getting acquainted with the remarkable research and results of the invited professors. The special guests of this edition were teachers from three continents: Australia, Europe and North America:

  • Zbigniew Michalewicz (Complexica, Australia) – Inteligent Systems – a few examples.
  • Kenneth De Jong (George Mason University, USA) – High Performance Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • Sorin Istrail (Department of Computer Science, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island) – Causality and Computational Biology.
  • Dan Simovici (Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) – Axiomatization and Limitations of Clustering.
  • Oscar Cordón (University of Granada, Spain) – Computational Intelligence Applications in Skeleton-based Forensic Identification: Automating Craniofacial Superimposition and Comparative Radiology.
  • Daniela Zaharie (Western University of Timișoara, Romania) – Ensemble of predictive models – from construction to interpretation.

The Summer School in Iasi offered a beautiful opportunity to all researchers in the field of evolutionary calculus. The knowledge gained within ECODAM will provide substantial support for doctoral degree students in carrying out further research, successfully implementing the latest methods and algorithms in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Optimization and Data Mining.

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