Specific objectives of the CREDO Project:
  • To introduce advanced Bologna-compliant Doctoral Programme in Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology (REET) at eight partner Universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Ukraine by November 2011;

  • To develop a web-based Joint Platform for REET Doctoral Programme as a multi-disciplinary and multiple-stakeholder innovative learning environment for research education;

  • To improve education and research capacity in the area of Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology through teacher training and Doctoral Summer School;

  • To reinforce the links between universities, businesses and social partners to facilitate technology transfer and innovation;

  • To ensure visibility of REET Doctoral Programme among stakeholders in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, BiH and EU;

  • To ensure continuity of the Doctoral Programme and Joint REET Platform beyond Tempus Programme funding.

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    CREDO will support universities in Moldova in their strive to reform and develop their doctoral education to be in line with the Bologna process...

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    Technical University of Moldova

    At present, the doctoral training at TUM comprises 150 doctorate candidates, the students being counseled by 84 doctorate advisors...

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    State Agrarian University of Moldova

    SAUM future strategy of developpement is oriented toward Bologna Process requirements, harmonizing agricultural higher education with international standards...

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    Technical University of Moldova