1 ZIPhouse


2015-2016 – Musteata Elena, senior lect., Head of the Department of Fashion Design, TUM
from 2016 – Scripcenco Angela, assoc. prof., dr., Head of the Department Technology of Clothing Textiles and Knitwear, TUM



Address: 9/19, Studentilor str., MD-2045, Moldova, Chisinau
Tel: +373 22 50-99-90
E-mail: ziphouse.center@gmail.com
Website: www.ziphouse.md


Center of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies „ZIPhouse” was created within the Technical University of Moldova in September 2015 through public private partnership between the Ministry of Education, Technical University of Moldova and Light Industry Employers’ Association of Moldova (Apius), with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

ZIPhouse represents an innovational center specialized in design and technologies in Light Industry, intended to provide a creative environment to the beneficiaries, advanced technical resources and instructive assistance of performance. The Center contributes primarily in training and improving the competences and special abilities of students, novices designers and specialists in the field, in accordance with the demands of Light Industry, based on the symbiosis of the best educational practices and advanced technologies for design-projecting and technological manufacturing of clothing, accessories and footwear.

Beneficiaries of the ZIPhouse Center are: students in the cycle I-III of higher education institutions, designers, workers and specialists in the field, teachers, students of vocational schools and colleges, fashion community – all those interested in training and improving competences and special abilities required by the light industry sector. Also in the category of ZIPhouse beneficiaries are included: public institutions, associations, NGOs, school children and other beneficiaries who participate in educational, instruction, training and promotion activities, as well as in other events opened to the public.

Situated on an area of about 800 m2, ZIPhouse is fitted with production industrial equipment, IT and media equipment. The Center Infrastructure allows the flexible and multifunctional use of the space for activities of co-working, teaching and research, acceleration and mentoring as well as to organize the workshops, creative circles, fashion & trunk shows, photo shooting sites and other related events. In particular, CEADT ZIPhouse has: a hall for conferences and presentations with 80 seats: IT laboratory equipped with modern equipment, graphic tablets and specialized design-projecting; software, studio for photos ensured with specialized photo equipment; a Library with „of trend” textile materials, books, sketchbooks and magazines, including in electronic form; a design-projecting Laboratory, tailoring and technological cloths-making workshop, and a knitting laboratory; Lounge space for communication activities, co-working or coffee break.

The design-projecting and technological manufacture Zone of the Center is ensured with about 35 performant industrial machinery and equipment for clothing production and knitted. This sector serves for training purposes and allows the young designers to carry out applicative researches, to produce experimental models and their own mini-collections.

The Centre beneficiaries have access to a powerful library of specialized books, magazines and textiles in trend, including in electronic form and e-resource of top in fashion and design www.WGSN.com.

At present ZIPhouse carries on its activities in the directions: education and training in the field according to international standards; development of a creative and germinating environment; acceleration and supporting of the startups in the Light Industry branch; assistance in business development. However, during first year of existence the CEADT ZIPhouse carried out following activities:

  • organization of trainings, master classes, and professional training modules for various categories of beneficiaries – specialists in the private sector, novice designers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers;
  • organization of popularization events of field and training and development of fashion community;
  • organization of meetings, workshops on issues related to the aspects and content of education and training, entrepreneurial developments, collaborations and developments of projects in the field;
  • organization of educational and popularization events of the field for children and the general public;
  • creating and maintaining a creative and germinating environment, and a common area for young or novices in the field, as well as their workshop activities;
  • developing collaboration relations with the production sector with the aim of adjusting vocational training content and activities of the Centre and with various organizations, companies and partners in accordance with the objectives of the Centre.