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Doctor, associate professor



Address: 9/9, Studenţilor str., block of study nr. 5
Tel: +373 22 50-99-59



The Department Technology and Organization of Public Alimentation was founded in 1979 at the Polytechnic Institute “S. Lazo” from Chisinau (CPI) to ensure training of specialists with higher education for the public alimentation domain.

Founder of the department (1979-1984, 1990-2000) is univ. prof., dr. Jorj CIUMAC licensed of CPI, the PhD graduate of the Institute of National Economy “G. V. Plekhanov “, Moscow.

As Head of Department also activated: univ. prof., dr. Elena BOGNIBOV (1984-1990), univ. prof., dr.  Eleonora DUPOUY (2000-2009) and univ. prof., dr. Vladislav RESITCA (2009-2010). From 2010 to the 2016 the position of head of the department is exercised by univ. prof., dr. Olga DESEATNICOVA. From 27.12.2016 to the prezent the position of head of the department is exercised by doctor, associate professor  Aurica Chirsanova.

The Department trains specialists for the production, management, design and research activities in the fields of public alimentation. Specialists are trained for the practice of production and quality control, as well as for activity within the institutions of scientific research and design, in laboratories of food profile(technological and sanitary-epidemiological), colleges, universities, departments, resort ministries, other institutions of public and private sectors.


The Department provides training of the engineering staff licensed in Food Products Technology, at the specialty 541.1 ” Technology and Management of Public Alimentation ” and Francophone Branch “Technology alimentaire”.

At the same time, The Department organizes studies in the II cycle, Master, in the program “Management of restaurants and catering services”.

Also, The Department provides students training in disciplines “Commodity Research of Food Products”, “Fundamentals of Nutrition and Food Security”.

The Department elaborates educational plans, analytical programs for the specialty disciplines, coordinates analytical programs at general-engineering disciplines, provides training process through practical and theoretical courses, methodical instructions for  teaching activities and illustrative – didactic materials.

A special attention is given to students practice. To develop practical skills, the department collaborates with the Didactic-Methodical and Production Center of TUM, students being involved in the production process on a rotating basis all year round. A special attention is given to the organization of educational process in department laboratories, and organization of students training practice in the Didactic-methodical Centre of the Department „Technology and Organization of Public Alimentation”.


At DTOPA has been achieved a significant amount of scientific researches. Among the most recent can be mentioned the following directions of research:

  1. Development of a technology for obtaining new food products based on nuts and nut schrot (univ prof.., dr. O. DESEATNICOVA, assoc. prof., dr. V. RESITCA, drd. C. GROSU, drd. E. BOAGHI);
  2. Experimental development of compositions with biologically active substances based on walnut oil Juglans regia L. (assoc. prof., dr C. POPOVICI);
  3. Properties research of products from soriz (prof. univ., dr. J. CIUMAC, assoc. prof., dr. L. COSCIUG int. prof., dr. R. SIMINIUC);
  4. Technological and nutritional aspects of chickpeas (prof. univ., dr. J. CIUMAC, drd. O. GUTIUM);
  5. Technological factors influence on the glycemic index of cereal preparations (assoc. prof., dr. L. COSCIUG).

Scientific research results are presented at symposia, seminars, regional and international conferences.



The Department TOPA disposes of 4 didactic laboratories and a laboratory for scientific researches with a total area of 190 m2.


The Department fruitfully collaborates with colleagues from higher education institutions of profile in the country and abroad in the following areas:

  • Extension of interuniversity cooperation relations;
  • internships for teaching staff to promote the didactic and technical-scientific activities;
  • organization of bilateral scientific-methodical seminars, conferences, symposia;
  • contributions to bilateral constitution of coauthor collectives for studying plans development, methodical indications regarding the realization of practical works, laboratory works, course supports, manuals, monographs, scientific publications, scientific works;
  • collaborations on the exchange of teaching staff for holding various university courses;
  • bilateral involvement in development specialized international projects;
  • students bilateral collaborations; participation in conferences, contests, projects, missions etc..;
  • organization of bilateral creation camps by involving the teachers and students.

In particular, there should be mentioned the collaboration with:

  • University of Medicine, National Center for Preventive Medicine;
  • University “Dunarea de Jos”, Galati, Romania;
  • University of Bacau, Romania;
  • University of Food Technologies, Kiev, Ukraine;
  • University of Quebec, Canada;
  • Higher School of Agronomy, Toulouse, France;
  • Agrocampus OUEST (Higher National Institute of Agronomic, Agrifood and Horticultural Sciences), Rennes, France;
  • Lund University, Sweden;
  • Research Center in Nutrition and Metabolism, Institute for Medical Research, University of Belgrade, Serbia;
  • Bulgaria, University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv.

Participation of teachers in developing the partnership with enterprises

The Department has developed collaboration relationships with the following companies:

  • „MGM” SRL
  • SA „Aeroport Catering”
  • Catering Moldova Culinary Association
  • Foundation Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)
  • State and private enterprises in public alimentation and food safety


No Name, surname Function E-mail
1 Deseatnicova Olga univ. prof., dr.
2 Ciumac Jorj univ. prof., dr.
3 Todos Petru univ. prof., dr., cumulation
4 Găină Boris univ. prof., dr. hab., cumulation external
5 Vladei Natalia dr, associate professor, cumulation
6 Timco Carolina dr, associate professor, cumulation external


Reşitca Vladislav dr, associate professor
8 Coşciug Lidia dr, associate professor
9 Mija Nina dr, associate professor,
10 Chirsanova Aurica head of the department, dr, associate professor
11 Ciobanu Corina dr, associate professor
12 Suhodol Natalia dr, associate professor
13 Popovici Cristina dr, associate professor
14 Siminiuc Rodica dr, associate professor
15 Capcanari Tatiana dr, associate professor
16 Paladi Daniela dr, associate professor
17 Gutium Olga dr, associate professor
18 Boaghi Eugenia univ. lecturer
19 Boiştean Alina univ. lecturer, cumulation
20 Livcutnic Mihail univ. lecturer, cumulation
21 Carauş Viorica univ. lecturer, cumulation external
22 Harabagiu Ion univ. lecturer, cumulation external
23 Harabagiu Rodica univ. lecturer, cumulation external
24 Botez Alexei dr, associate professor, cum.
25 Cerepanova Mariana senior lecturer, cumulation
26 Chiaburu Vasile univ. lecturer, cumulation
27 Chiciuc Igor univ. lecturer, cumulation
28 Ciuhrii Veronica univ. lecturer, cumulation
29 Ciumac Ludmila univ. lecturer, cumulation
30 Comendant Vasile associate professor, cum.
31 Costas Svetlana senior lecturer, cumulation
32 Cumpanici Andrei dr, associate professor, cum.
33 Ghencea Cristina univ. lecturer
34 Gherciu-Musteata Lidia dr, associate professor
35 Gornet Viorel senior lecturer, cumulation
36 Luca Nicolae dr, associate professor, cum.
37 Macari Artur dr, associate professor, cum.
38 Musteata Grigore dr, associate professor, cum.
39 Popescu Liliana dr, associate professor, cum.
40 Rubtov Silvia dr, associate professor, cum.
41 Stratan Ion dr, associate professor, cum.
42 Sturza Rodica univ. prof., dr. hab., cumulation
43 Tatarov Pavel univ. prof., dr. hab., cumulation

Non-teaching staff 

1 Livcutnic Mihail head of the lab., 1,0 staff unit, technician cum.
3 Gorbuleac Veronica inginer cat.I, 1,0 staff unit
4 Popovici  Violina inginer cat.I, 1,0 staff unit
5 Boiştean Alina senior master training of production cat.I, 1,0 staff unit
6 Boaghi Eugenia senior master training of production cat.I, 1,0 cumulation unit
7 Gheorghita Dorina methodist cat. I
8 Micleusanu Sanda methodist cat. I



The Department provides continuous training of the teaching staff by organizing:

  • Improvement courses / multidisciplinary specialization for graduates of secondary specialty education and higher education:
  • ook in order to increase the professional category
  • ervices quality and security in public alimentation
  • culinary art and ethics
  • Training courses for employees of educational institutions in public alimentation and public alimentation enterprises with higher education in the field.