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The Department of Oenology was founded in 1965 at the Faculty of Technology of Chisinau Polytechnic Institute. In the period 1965-1976 Head of Department was dr., assoc. prof., Vasile ZINCENCO, in 1987-1999 – dr. hab., univ. prof. Sarghi Constantin, while in 1976-1987 and from 1999 till now the department is headed by dr., univ. prof. Anatol BALANUTA.

In 2005, the Department of Sugar and Sugar Products Technology were merged (headed from 1995 to 2005 by dr., assoc. prof. Anatol ANTONOVICI) and became part of the Department of Oenology.



At present, at the Department of Oenology the educational process includes all the three university cycles in accordance with the Bologna Process:

  • License, Cycle I, lasting 4 years, specialty: „Technology of Food Products”, options:
    • „Wine technology and of products obtained by fermentation”;
    • „Industrial Biotechnologies”;
    • „Engineering and Management in Food Industry”.
  • Master, Cycle II, duration 1.5 years:
    • The “Wine Management” Program.
  • Doctorate, Cycle III, with a duration of 3 years:
    • Specialty “Technology of alcoholic and soft drinks”.

Over the years there were edited and re-edited over 100 methodical didactical works, collections, monographs and 10 manuals.



The scientific activity of the department – within the Department there were prepared 17 doctors, including 1 doctor habilitate. From The Department disciples, 40 have obtained the title of of doctor and 8 doctor habilitate, 1 academician – Boris GAINA, 1 correspondent member of the Italian Academy – Constantin SIRGHI, 1 Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology – Anatol BALANUTA, 1 – Chevalier of the Order “Labour Glory” – Grigore MUSTEATA.

Research activity on “Research and practical realization of the processes of maceration, oxygenation and clarifying in the manufacture and packaging of wines and alcoholic drinks” and “Improvement of biotechnological processes in the food industry” provides participation of the department’s staff, students, masters and Ph.D. students and is reflected in scientific publications, participation in republican and international conferences, obtaining of invention patents, practical implementations.



The Department of Oenology from 2014 to present implements a European Investment Project financed by the EIB, which provides the complete modernization of The Department laboratories with modern equipment for the educational process in cycles I, II and III, as well as for scientific research.

The finality of investments of 3.7 mil. Euro was the creation of the first Center of Excellence in Viticulture and Wine Production “Research Center of Oenology ” and Section of microvinification created within the project from the EIB and TUM resources amounts to high level the students practical training according to European requirements.

 Microvinification Section

Training rooms



The Department collaborates with the Institute of Scientific and Practical Horticulture and Food Technologies (Chisinau, Moldova), University “Dunarea de Jos” (Galati, Romania), University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and Iasi, University of Bordeaux I (France) NIVW in ENSBANA, Dijon (France), Davis Univesiy (California), Academy of Food Industry (Moscow, Russia), Academy of Food Industry Odessa, Ukraine etc..



The didactic staff of the department forms a well organized team, united, about 80% being aged under 50 years. All teachers have a Ph.D title.

Name, Surname Function, Scientific-Didactic Title Contact information
E-mail Tel.
Anatol BALANUTA Head of department, dr., univ. prof. 022-50-99-57
Nicolae TARAN, dr. hab., cum. 022-50-99-57
Grigore MUSTEATA dr., 022-50-99-57
Lidia GHERCIU-MUSTEATA dr., 022-50-99-57
Vasile ARHIP dr., 022-50-99-57
Aliona SCLIFOS dr., 022-50-99-57
Dan ZGARDAN dr., 022-50-99-57
Iurie SCUTARI dr., univ. lect. 022-50-99-57
Sorina CRUDU dr., int. 022-50-99-57
Non-teaching staff
Larisa NECULA chief of laboratory 022-50-99-57
Iurie SCUTARI principal specialist 022-50-99-57
Georgeta MOGA engineer cat. I 022-50-99-57
Olga TURCANU engineer cat. I 022-50-99-57
Aliona NAZARIA engineer cat. I 022-50-99-57
Elena BALANUTA engineer cat. I 022-50-99-57
Ecaterina COVACI engineer cat. I 022-50-99-57