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The Department history begins in 1964, when it was founded the Department Technology of Food Products, which included two specializations: “Preservation Technology” and “Winemaking Technology.” The first collaborators of the department were: B. ZOZULEVICI – Head of Department, L. RACOVA – senior lecturer, V. VIIUNIC, CHIRIGIU A. – assistant lecturers.

In 1965 the department changes its name into – The Department of Preservation Technology.

By 1975 at the department activated 17 teachers (doctors of sciences Gleb PAVLOV, Izabela DULNEVA, Victor DIORDIC, Anatol DIATLOV, Ana CHIRIGIU, Pavel TATAROV, Grigore GRUZINTEV, senior lecturers Eugenia PAUCOVA and the assistants Stefania STASIUC, Maria GOROBIVSCAIA, Ion VREDNIC, Vasile TARATA, Galina DICUSAR, Vasile CHIABURU, Vavil CARAGIA, Jorj CIUMAC and Albina IACOVENCO).

In 1977 it was established the Department of Technology and Organization of Public Catering, when in 1973 had been opened the specialty within the Department of Preservation Technology.

From March 2012, the department has its present name, preparing engineers for the specialties „Bread Technology” and „Milk Technology”.

In 2016 the department changes its name according to the decision of Senate nr. 4 from 27.12.2016 – the Department of Food Technology.


The educational process within the Department of Food Products Technology includes all the three cycles of Bologna type:

  • License with the duration of 4 years (full time section) and 5 years (reduced attendance section), 240 ECTS credits at specialty „Technology of Food Products” with the options:
  • „Bread Technology”;
  • „Technology of Meat and Meat Products”;
  • „Technology of Milk and Milk Products”;
  • „Technology of Preserving, Processing of Fruit and Vegetables”.
  • Master with the duration of 1.5 years, 90 ECTS credits in programs:
  • „Food Engineering”;
  • „Quality and Food Products Security”.
  • Doctorate with the duration of 3 years (full time section) and 4 years (reduced attendance section), 180 ECTS credits at the specialties:
  • „Technology of Food Products of Vegetable Origin” (with specification of products and procedures);
  • „Technology of Food Products of Animal Origin” (with specification of products and procedures).


The general objective is to stimulate the progress of science, technology and innovation of the Republic of Moldova in order to increase the economic competitiveness with a focus on continuous professional training, improving the research infrastructure, initiation of some major research programs, promote the organizational excellence, increasing the quality of social life.

Main directions of scientific research:

  • The activity of natural antioxidants in food products;
  • Processes and technologies for dehydration of fruits and vegetables;
  • Application of non-traditional raw material in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products;
  • Applied Technology research and technological transfer in the milk processing industry;
  • Applied Technology research and technological transfer in the meat processing industry;
  • Control of food products quality and food security.
  • The department’s staff participates in implementation of projects:
  • „Preparing and training the modern analysis of bioactive chemical compounds in food and agriculture of vegetable origin”. 2012-2014, AUF;
  • n° 318946, FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES. „Nutritional Labeling Study in Black Sea Region Countries”, 2013-2015.
  • „Developing methods of protecting the lipid а nuts (Juglans Regia L.) of oxidative degradation” 2011-2014. Project manager – Pavel TATAROV, dr. hab., univ. prof.
  • „Methodological and technical elaborations for modernization in the processing of walnuts (Juglans regia l.) with the use of biologically active components in functional foods ”. 2014-2018. Project manager – Pavel TATAROV, dr. hab., univ. prof..
  • „Development and implementation of advanced technologies in the fabrication of dairy products with the use of ecologically pure starter cultures’”. 2014-2015. Project manager – Carabulea B., dr., assoc. prof.
  • „ Development and implementation of new technology for fruit drying”. 2010-2011. Project manager – Carabulea B., dr., assoc. prof.
  • 01/15 – „ Studying the use of starter cultures in the fermented salamis production”. 2014-2016. Project manager – Macari A., dr., assoc. prof.


The Department has 12 specialized laboratories for students training and for scientific research. Technological research labs are equipped with pilot stations; in the laboratories for physical and chemical research are used chemical, physico-chemical methods (photometry, spectrophotometry, potentiometry). Within the department works a specialized laboratory “Food Microbiology”, 2 laboratories are specialized for experimental works of meat products and 3 laboratories for vegetable raw material products.

In 2012 under Tempus Project was created The Center for Research and Technological Transfer in the field of meat and milk with the following subdivisions:

  • Technological Platform assembled with pilot milk processing line;
  • Technological Platform assembled with pilot meat processing line;
  • Training platform with studying room, conference room and computer room;
  • Physico-chemical and microbiological laboratory for quality assurance and food security;
  • Conference room, education room, computer room.

In 2015 within the project “Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development” (ACED), financed by USAID and MCC was set up a Research Center in the field of preservation of horticultural products, which includes a biology laboratory and post-harvest technology.


State University of Moldova, Academy of Economic Studies, Centre of Certification of Meat Products, Fruit, Vegetables, University “Dunarea de Jos” Galati (Romania), State University Krasnodar (Russia), Institute of Scientific Research and Technological Design (Moldova), University Agrocampus, Rennes, France. Enterprises and firms “Farm Meat Group”, “Rogob” “Franzeluta” “Bucuria,” “JLC”, “Condiviv Impex” from Chisinau; “Basarabia Nord”, “Incomlac” Balti; “Debur-Sor”, “Alba”, Soroca; “CahulPan” Cahul; “Nivala-Prod” Criuleni, Dubasarii Vechi “Lactis”, Rascani; Factory “Rozmior” Ungheni; Canned Food Plant from Calarasi; “Aviselect” from Anenii Noi, Bulboaca and others. The Project “Partnership for Food Industry Development for the years 2002-2004” (USA, Ukraine).



Name, surname

Scientific and didactic title, function Contact information
E-mail  Tel.
Artur MACARI head of the department, assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Pavel TATAROV univ. prof., dr. hab. 022-509-958
Angela GUDIMA assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Aliona GHENDOV-MOSANU assoc. prof., dr. 022-319-047
Viorel GORNET senior lecturer 022-509-958
Boris CARABULEA assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Andrei CUMPANICI assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Elisaveta SANDULACHI assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Silvia RUBTOV assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Vasile TĂRÎTĂ assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Viorica BULGARU assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Liliana POPESCU assoc. prof., dr. 022-509-958
Olga BOESTEAN assoc. prof., dr. 022-319-047
Valentina BANTEA-ZAGAREANU assoc. prof., dr. 022-319-047
Natalia NETREBA dr., lecturer 022-319-047
Ion SCRIPCARI lecturer 022-509-958
Irina GURMEZA univ. asist., part time 022-509-958
Iuliana SANDU univ. asist., part time 022-509-958
Tatiana CUSMENCO univ. asist., cum. 022-509-958
Alexei BAERLE assoc. prof., dr., cum. 022-509-961
Larisa BUGAIAN univ. prof., dr. hab., cum. 022-233-705
Raisa DRUTA assoc. prof., dr., cum. 022-509-958
Iurie SUBOTIN assoc. prof., dr., cum. 022-509-970

Non-teaching staff

Maria CERTAN engineer cat. I, technician cat. I cum. 022-509-958
Ecaterina CUTCHI technician cat. I 022-509-958
Iuliana SANDU head of lab., engineer cat. I cum. 022-509-958
Valentina COSTIS engineer cat. I 022-509-958
Irina GURMEZA engineer cat. I cum. 022-509-958
Tatiana RICU engineer 022-509-958
Tatiana CUSMENCO engineer cat. II 022-509-958