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associate Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences



Address: 9/9, Studentilor str., block of study nr. 5
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Department of Chemistry of Technical University of Moldova has an interesting historical route. In 1964 alongside with the foundation of Chisinau Polytechnic Institute there were created:

  • Department of non-organic chemistry, founded by associate professor Tilea CONUNOV, transferred from Moldova State University;
  • Department of physical, colloid and organic Chemistry, founded by professor Mihail CHERDIVARENCO.

These departments over the years have undergone many changes, culminating with their merging in 1999.

During the years the heads of chemistry departments were professors: Tilea CONUNOV (1964-1975), Mihail CHERDIVARENCO (1964-1996), Eugen ZOBOV (1964-1970), Anatol BARCA (1975-1977), Veronica AMARII (1977-1979, 1980-1986, 1993-1999, 2001-2005); Larisa CERNEGA (1979-1980, 1986-1993), Vasile GUTANU (1996-2001), Rodica STURZA (2005-2007), Ana VEREJAN (2007 – to present).

Over the years, at Departments / Department of Chemistry have activated more than 90 collaborators. Nowadays the department comprises 19 collaborators, including 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 4 senior lecturers, 7 engineers and technicians. The quality of education of future engineers is mostly guaranteed by the high qualification of the teaching staff.



The Department provides teaching chemistry: special courses at Energetics and Electrical Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, Faculty of Cadastre, Geodesy and Construction and Faculty of Light Industry; courses of inorganic and analytical, organic, physical and colloidal chemistry at the Faculty Technology and Management in Food Industry. The department collaborators are also authors of numerous methodic materials, including:

  • Manual “Inorganic chemistry” – A. VEREJAN, L. CERNEGA, IU. SUBOTIN, G. SINIC (elaborated in 2009);
  • manual “Wood Chemistry”– GHETIU, V. TOPORET (elaborated in 2010);
  • manual „Chimie analytique” fr. – prof. T. CONUNOV and others (elaborated in 1994);
  • manual „Organic Chemistry” – M. GHETIU (elaborated in 1999);
  • cycles of lectures in analytical chemistry “Volumetric Analysis” and “Applications and Analytical Problems” – CERNEGA, V. AMARII, G. SINIC (elaborated in 2002 and respectively, in 2004);
  • cycle of lectures in physico-chemical methods of analysis – R. STURZA, Iu. SUBOTIN (elaborated in 1999);
  • Guidance for laboratory works, checking works in Romanian, French and Russian, for all specialties of the university – in total in the last 10 years, over 50.



The collaborators of the Department are involved in scientific research activities, involving  students, master and PhD students, but also students from high schools “Natalia Dadiani”, “Ion Creanga” etc. The investigation results achieved under the leadership of teachers of the Department are approved annually at student scientific conferences and various national and international conferences.

The main research directions of the department:

  • Strengthening food products with various micronutrients (iron, calcium, iodine, natural bioactive substances);
  • Obtaining the bioactive compounds and compositions with the expected effect, based on hyaluronic acid and other substances for further use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industies;
  • Physico-chemical stabilization of biologically active substances and the research of physico-chemical processes in finished food products.

Research projects

Development of advanced technologies of fortification of food products with iodine and potassium, based on local vegetal sources, within the State Program 1.1.2. Technologies for processing the agricultural raw materials and of retention of agrifood production with low power consumption. Execution period: 2006-2007. Project coordinator: Rodica STURZA, assoc. prof., PhD. in Chemistry.

Elaboration and research of the bioactive compositions based on hyaluronic acid obtained from local natural sources for practical use in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Execution period: 2006-2010. Project coordinator: Larisa ZADOROJNII, assoc. prof., PhD. in Chemistry.

Project for young researchers “Foods fortified with iron in order to reduce feriptive anemia rates in the Republic of Moldova”. Execution period: 2007-2008. Project coordinator: Iurie SUBOTIN, assoc. prof., PhD. in Chemistry.

Research and development of technological scheme for the production of hyaluronic acid (HA) of local natural sources. Execution period: 2011-2015. Project coordinator: Larisa ZADOROJNII, assoc. prof., PhD. in Chemistry.

Within the project there was realized a physico-chemical study of biopolymers and colorants compositions. Practical applications. Responsible: Alexei BAERLE, assoc. prof., PhD. in Chemistry.

There were published over 1,000 scientific works, including over 40 registered patents, 8 monographs, 6 manuals and over 200didactic materials. Collaborators of the department participate in national and international scientific conferences (Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Canada, France), various profile exhibitions, where they successfully present the results of scientific researches.



The Department of Chemistry disposes of 2 rooms for teachers, 12 laboratories for training the students and for scientific researches, equipped with necessary appliances and furniture to carry out the didactic and scientific processes, with crockery and chemicals for the realization of laboratory works in inorganic, analytic and organic chemistry.

The department is ensured with technical means for the studying process: computers, slide projector for presenting certain courses in PowerPoint program, didactic stands.



The members of the department collaborate with Moldova State University (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Physics) ASM (Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Microbiology, Institute of Plant Physiology), Medical University “N. Testimiţanu”, with scholars and professors from profile universities in Romania, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Ukraine, Russia. The collaborations result in research assignments and experience exchange (teachers, students), with scientific projects, participations in symposia, conferences, elaboration of  collections and manuals etc.



Name, surname The scientific title, doctoral studies, function Provided disciplines E-mail
Titular teaching staff
Ana VEREJAN Dr. in Chemistry, Head of Department, assoc. prof. Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry
Rodica STURZA Doctor habilitate, University professor Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical and colloidal chemistry, physico-chemical methods
Iurie SUBOTIN Dr. in Chemistry, vice-dean of FTMFI, assoc. prof. Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physico-chemical methods
Raisa DRUTA Dr. in Chemistry, vice-dean of FTMFI, assoc. prof. Physical and colloidal chemistry, chemistry and microbiology of water
Larisa ZADOROJNAI Dr. in Chemistry, assoc. prof. Organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, Physico-chemical methods.
Svetlana HARITONOV Dr. in Chemistry, assoc. prof. Physico-chemical methods, general chemistry with specialty items (electrochemistry)
Angela GUREV Dr. in Chemistry, assoc. prof. Organic chemistry
Alexei BAERLE Dr. in Chemistry, assoc. prof., PhD supervisor Physical and colloidal chemistry, wood chemistry
Veronica DRAGANCEA Dr. in Chemistry, assoc. prof. General chemistry with specialty items (binders), organic chemistry, special chemistry (decorative art domain)
Diana MUNTEANU Completed competitive doctoral studies, senior lecturer, cum. General chemistry with specialty items (binders), organic chemistry
Liudmila GUSINA Completed doctoral studies, senior lecturer General chemistry with specialty items (items of electrochemistry), chemistry of BAC program
Non-teaching staff
Iulia TURCAN University degree in winemaking, chief of laboratory, engineer cat. I Serving of laboratory works in organic chemistry, physico-chemical methods
Eleonora MIRZAC University degree in pedology, engineer cat. I Serving of laboratory works in inorganic chemistry, physico-chemical methods
Vergilia PASAT University degree in biochemistry, engineer cat. I Serving of laboratory works in analytical chemistry
Viorica CHITAN University degree in chemistry,  master, engineer cat. I Serving of laboratory works in organic chemistry, physical and colloidal chemistry, polymer chemistry
Olga DIMOVA University degree in chemistry, doctoral studies engineer cat. I Serving of laboratory works in organic chemistry, physical and colloidal chemistry, chemistry of wood
Cristina MUNTEANU University degree in chemistry, engineer cat. I Serving of laboratory works in organic chemistry, physical and colloidal chemistry, chemistry of wood
Leonid SIROTEANU Engineer cat. I
Mihail LIVCUTNIC Technician cat. I