Head of the department
Associate Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences



Address: 9/8, Studentilor str., block of study nr. 6
Tel: +373 22 50-99-44



The department, today the department of machines construction technology (DMCT) was founded in 1964. The first Head of department was dr., assoc. prof. O. DERID (1964-1965).  Along the way, the position of head of the Department were exercised by: E. DIBNER (1965-1968), dr., assoc. prof. V. GOLOGAN (1968-1969), dr., assoc. prof. E. SCHIOPU (1969-1971), dr., assoc. prof. V. ANTOSEAC (1971-1974), dr., assoc. prof. V. TIMOSCENCO (1974-1978, 1980-1987), dr., assoc. prof. A. CIOBANU (1978-1980), dr., assoc. prof. V. VISNEACOV (1987), dr. hab., univ. prof. B. SAUSCHIN (1987-1991), dr., assoc. prof. E. OJOG (1991-1993), dr., assoc. prof.  A. TOCA (1993-2003), dr., assoc. prof. S. MAZURU (from 2003). The first professors who formed the teaching staff of the Department of MCT were:  V. MUNTEANU, N. MARGINE, A. STANCIU, A. MARIN, V. LUCA, A. MOROSANU, V. UNGUREANU, A. CRACIUN, B. STIPELMAN and others.

In 1965, some of the teachers headed by O. DERID formed The Department Technology of Metals, and in 1969 another part of the teaching staff, headed by V. GOLOGAN, formed The Department of Machine Tools and Tooling.

Department provides training of engineers on specialties “Machine Construction Technology”, “Welding Engineering ” and ” Innovational Engineering and Technologic Transfer”.

Since its establishment until now the specialties of the department were graduated by over 5,000 engineers, including reduced attendance section – 1132students (first promotion at the specialty MCT was in 1967 and at the specialty IETT – in 2008). Among graduates: Valeriu COSARCIUC – vice-prim-minister, parliamentary, Anatol TURCAN – Vice Mayor of Chisinau, Valeriu MUNTEANU – the prefect of Chisinau mun., Ion TANAS – Minister of Industry, Member of Parliament, Grigore TRIBOI – Minister of Industry, Vladimir DOBREA – Mayor of Chisinau, Member of Parliament; General Directors of JSC: Moldovahidromas – Nicolae SOFRONIE, Hidropompa – Ion MARTEA, CST Hidrotehnica – Dumitru CIBOTARI, TRACOM – Stanislav GALASANU, AviaTehnologia – Igor CURTEV, Floare Carpet – Nicolae RABII, most teachers of the Faculty of Engineering and Management in Machine Building – doctors habilitate, doctors, university professors, associate professors. 11 of the 13 teachers of the MCT Department are graduates of the Department (10 –MCT, 1 – IETT). 60 graduates have defended their PhD thesis.



Being a profile department, it is focused on special engineering training. Over the years it ensured the training of specialists as follows:

YEARS Specialties, specializations, OPTIONS
1964-1988 „ Machine Construction Technology, Machine Tools and Tooling”
1988-2000 „ Machine Construction Technology”
1993-2000 „ Automated manufacturing technology”
1995-1997 „ Engineering and management in machine construction”
2000-2005 „ Automated manufacturing technology”, „ Computer aided design in machine construction”
2005 – present „ Machine Construction Technology”
2003 – present „ The Innovational Engineering and Technological Transfer”
2012 – present „ Welding Engineering”

The high quality of the didactic process is ensured

  • by orientation towards:
    • Competitive Products on the Market,
    • Innovations and Technological Transfer,
    • Modern Technologies,
    • Advanced Machinery and Production Systems,
    • Efficient Management.
  • approach:
    • innovational,
    • Integrated of the Product and of Processes,
    • Systemic throughout the life cycle.
  • computer-assisted activities, information technologies:
    • Computer aided constructive concept (CAD),
    • Computer-aided engineering (CAE),
    • computer-assisted concept of manufacturing processes, (CAPP),
    • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM),
    • Product information management (PDM, PLM),
    • informational support of the product throughout lifecycle (CALS),

The plans and modern study programs, quality education provides graduates ample opportunities for employment in Moldova and in Romania, Slovenia, Japan, Norway, Ireland, France, USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, and Thailand etc.

The members of the section have published over 150 didactic-methodical works, including 10 manuals and about 25 methodical guidance.



The scientific activity is focused on:

  • Research, elaborating and conception processes modeling and development of products and technologic processes;
  • Improving the reliability and durability of machine parts through technological methods of processing;
  • Development of methods and processes mechanical deboning of gear teeth including the unconventional ones.

During the last years the collaborators and PhD students of the department defended the 19 PhD theses in technique, 1 doctor habilitate thesis, published 8 monographs, over 1000 scientific papers, obtained about 180 invention patents and certificates.

The DMCT has achieved 35 research projects included on the basis of economic contracts.

The department has organized 21 republican conference, Union (USSR) and international. In the last period, there were organized 7 international scientific and technical conferences:

  • Modern Technologies, Quality, Restructuring (Iasi – Chisinau) – MTQR editions of the years 1999-2008;
  • Modern Technologies, Quality and Innovation (New face of MTQR) – ModTech editions of the years 2009- 2012;
  • Innovative Manufacturing Engineering (MTQR renewed series) – IManE editions of the years 2013 -2015.



The Department has a laboratory of Scientific Researches, a Center for Computer Aided Design, 5 teaching laboratories equipped with technological equipment, switchgear, devices.



The MCT department collaborates with sections and departments related to the Machine Construction Technology or similar from Technical University of Iasi, Cluj, Brasov, Bucharest, Suceava, Bacau and National Technical University of Donetsk (Ukraine). With colleagues from Iasi, the department organized alternately 17 editions of International Scientific Conference “MTQR” “ModTech”, “IMaN”.

Within the program CEEPUS there were achieved mobility projects for teachers, doctoral students and students with the Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) in the 2011-2012 academic year and Koszalin Technological University (Poland) in the academic years 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016).



No Surname, name Function, scientific and didactic title



1 Mazuru Sergiu associate prof., doctor; head of department
2 Toca Alexei associate prof., doctor; coordinator of the ITT Program
3 Ruşica Ivan associate prof., doctor


4 Stroncea Aurel master, senior lecturer, engineer
5 Ciupercă Rodion associate prof., doctor, cum.


6 Scaticailov Serghei senior lecturer


7 Niţulenco Tatiana master, univ. lecturer, engineer, cum.
8 Botnari Vlad master, univ. lecturer, cum.
9 Casian Maxim univ. lecturer
10 Roşca Anton master, univ. lecturer
11 Somnic Roman univ. lecturer
12 Loghin Tatiana engineer
13 Bodeanu Dumitru univ. lecturer, cum.
14 Caimacan Dumitru univ. lecturer
Non-teaching staff
1 Bodeanu Dumitru head of laboratory
2 Botnari Vlad head of laboratory
3 Casian Maxim engineer-coordinator, cum.
4 Loghin Tatiana engineer cat. I 0,5; engineer-coordinator 0,5 cum.
5 Niţulenco Tatiana engineer cat. I, 0,5 cum. tatiana.nitulenco@tcm.utm.m
6 Roşca Anton head of laboratory, engineer cat. I 0,5 cum.