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associate professor, doctor of technical sciences



Address: 9/8, Studentilor str., block of study nr. 6
Tel: +373 22 50-99-27




The Department of Industrial Processes, Machinery and Appliances (DIPMA) was established in 1966, originally being called Department of Machinery and Appliances in the Food Industry, at the Faculty of Mechanics of the Polytechnic Institute. The first head of department was dr. in pedagogy Petru CIOCOI. In 1974 the Management of the department was taken by Grigore GANEA, and in the autumn of 1981 the Department was transferred to the Faculty of Technology and merged with the Department of Processes and Appliances in Food Industry, forming the Department of Machines, Processes and Appliances in Food Industry. As Head of Department was appointed dr., Assoc. Prof. Victor DIORDIC. In 1992 the department is the transferred to the Faculty of Mechanics and merged with the Department of Compressors, Machines and Refrigerating Installations, founded in 1971.

The Department prepares specialists in four programs of study:

  1. „Machines and Appliances in Food Industry” (MAFI);
  2. „Machines and Refrigerating Installations, Climate Control Systems” (MRICCS);
  3. „Machines and Appliances in Light Industry” (MALI);
  4. „Equipment and technology product packaging” (ETPP).

Specialists finishing the studies in these programs can activate as heads of departments, presidents of associations and companies, executives and managers, chief engineers, technical directors, marketing managers, mechanical engineers, heads of sections. Our graduates successfully activates within known enterprises and companies: JSC „Cricova”, JSC „Bucuria”, SRL „Conserv-E”, JSC „Floare-Carpet”, SRL „Frigoind”, SRL „MGM”, SRL „Calarasi Divin”, IM „Efes-Vitanta”, SRL „Dina Cociuc”, SC „Sandriliona”, JSC „Orhei-Vit”, JSC „Franzeluta”, SRL „YorkRefrigerent”, SRL „Ecolux” etc.



The teachers of the department provide educational process at license cycle at three faculties – Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Transportation; Technology and Management in Food Industry; Light Industry and postgraduate training at master and doctorate cycles.

The department signed long-term contracts of cooperation with many enterprises in Moldova and abroad.

Teachers focus their activity on elaboration of manuals, didactic methodical materials. During the period of activity, at the Department were elaborated and published over 90 methodical instructions with a volume of about 800 sheets of print, 15 manuals and 38 lessons’ lecture notes, courses MOODLE. The UTM library is completed with about 128 methodical instructions, exercise books and lessons’ lecture notes drafted by the teachers of the department.



The main directions:

  • Development of technological equipment and the design of enterprises for food industry;
  • Development of scientific bases of transfer phenomena in the processes of dehydration of agrifood products;
  • Study of electrophysical and thermophysical properties of vegetal products;
  • Research of transfer phenomena in liquid-liquid and solid-liquid systems for turbulent flow regimes;
  • Improving the quality of agricultural products through the use of modern refrigeration technologies and technical means with low power consumption;
  • The use of renewable sources for heating and air conditioning in rooms and during industrial technological processes.

The results of scientific researches carried out by the members of the Department are recognized in Moldova and abroad:

  • In the laboratories of the department were made 20 PhD theses in technique and 6 – doctors habilitate in technique defended successfully within the local scientific councils of the Institute of Applied Physics of the ASM, Technical University of Moldova and the specialized institutions in Russian Federation, Romania, Ukraine;
  • The scientific achievements of DIPMA were presented at national and international competition in the salons of inventions INFOINVENT (Moldova, Chisinau); EUREKA (Belgium, Brussels); PALEXPO (Switzerland, Geneva); INVENTION FAIR; INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION of Inventions (China, Su Zhou) etc., being appreciated by 9 gold medals, 14 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and multiple merit diplomas;
  • The theoretical and experimental research results were presented and appreciated by the scientific community at the prestigious scientific conferences and symposiums: “Современные энергосберегающие тепловые технологии” (Moscow, Russian Federation); “EuroAliment” (Galati, Romania); “Agricultural and Food Sciences, Processes and Technologies” (Suceava, Romania); “Международный форум по тепло- и массообмену” (Minsk, Belarus); “Le Problèmes et contemporain du technoshére the formation des cadres d`ingénieurs” (Tunis); “Проблемы промышленной тепло-техники” (Kiev, Ukraine) etc.;
  • Within the DIPMA were achieved over 40 institutional and state, scientific, of technological transfer and economical projects;
  • The DIPMA collaborators have published over 2,500 scientific papers, including 15 monographs and 800 articles in national and international journals, they have registered 90 patents.



The Department has a technical and material basis that allows a good training of students.

At department there are 13 laboratories of study that allow the carrying out of laboratory works for all specialties.

The teaching staff, PhD students, masters and students have two scientific-didactical centers, where they carry out scientific researches in the fields:

  • Didactic-Scientific Center “Agroalimentar” has laboratories equipped with research installations of transfer phenomena in drying processes, hydrothermal treatment; installations for the determination of electrophysical and thermophysical properties of food products; installations for studying mechanical processes of crushing, separation, mixing etc.
  • Didactic-Scientific Center „Frigoteh” is intended for research on:
  • improving the quality of agricultural products by of modern technologies of refrigeration and technical means with low power consumption;
  • increasing the efficiency of heat pumps.



IPMA Department collaborates with: the Institute of AS Machinology of Russia; NAS Institute for Reliability of Belarus; Academy of Food Technologies of Ukraine (Kiev); Academy of Light Industry of Ukraine (Kiev); International Civil Aviation University (Kiev); Technical University “N. Bauman “(Moscow); Polytechnic University of Bucharest); University “Gheorghe Asachi” (Iasi); University “Dunarea de Jos” (Galati); Technical University (Brno, Czech Republic); Technical University (Bratislava), Slovakia; Technical University (Prague, Czech Republic); Technical University (Dresden, Germany); Technical University (St. Petersburg), Russia; Technological University (Odessa) etc.



No Name, surnume Scientific didactic title E-mail
Teaching Staff
2. Lupasco Andrei dr. hab.,
3. Dicusar Galina dr.,
4. Cartofeanu Vasile dr., assoc. prof.
5. Ganea Grigore dr., assoc. prof.
6. Dmitriev Vladimir dr., assoc. prof.
7. Ivanov Leonid dr., assoc. prof.
8. Emilian Roman dr., assoc. prof.
9. Tislinscaia Natalia head of the department, dr., assoc. prof.
10. Dodon Adelina dr., assoc. prof., cum.
11. Tarna Ruslan dr., assoc. prof.
12. Pisarenco Valentin university lecturer
13. Galusca Eduard university lecturer
14. Chiaburu Vasile university lecturer
15. Melenciuc Mihail university lecturer
16. Gutu Marin university lecturer, dr.
17. Visanu Vitali university lecturer, cum.
18. Balan Mihail university assistant, cum.
19. Bragis Maria university lecturer, cum.
20. Cojocaru Ivan university assistant, cum.
21. Gidei Igor university assistant, cum.
22. Istrati Svetlana university lecturer, cum.
23. Moraru Dumitru university lecturer, cum.
24. Raducan Marcel university lecturer, cum.
Non-Teaching Staff
1. Istratii Svetlana lab. chief
2. Cojocaru Ivan lab. chief, cum.
3. Braghis Maria engineer  cat. I
4. Gidei Igor engineer  cat. I, cum.
5. Balan Mihail engineer  cat. I, cum.
6. Bolohan Livia engineer  cat. I, cum.
7. Melenciuc Mihail engineer  cat. I, cum.
8. Rotari Elena engineer  cat. I  
9. Ursache Inga engineer  cat. I  
10. Visanu Vitali lab. chief