Head of the department,
University professor, doctor habilitate



Address: 9/8, Studentilor str., block of study nr. 6, of. 6-219
Tel: +373 22 44-03-46; + 373 22 50-99-45




The Department of Industrial Management and Engineering (DIME) was formed under Order nr of the Rector of TUM. 393-r of July 2014 within the new Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Transport.

As chief of DIME was appointed dr. hab., univ. prof. Petru STOICEV (concomitantly – coordinator of the program “Constructive-Functional Design”). Coordinator of the Project “Industrial Management” was named dr., assoc. prof. Demian USANLI.

The Department prepares highly qualified specialists in the specialties: 521.3 – Production Machines and Systems (PMS), 521.2. – Agricultural Machinery Construction and Equipment (AMCE) and 521.8.1 – Engineering and Management in Machine Building (EMMB).

Starting with u.y 2016-2017, within specialty PMS has started the training of licensed engineers at two new options: Agricultural Machinery Construction and Equipment (AMCE) and Engineering of Renewable Energy Conversion Systems (ERECS).

Specialty EMMB includes two options: Engineering and Management in Machine Building and Engineering and Marketing in Machine Building (EMMB).

Over the years there were trained over 2,400 licensed engineers, graduates at all specialties, including: PMS – over 1650 AMCE – 130, EMMB – over 700 people.

Among the graduates of DIME can be found famous people: ministers, mayors, rectors, deans, heads of departments, doctors and doctors habilitate, university professors academicians, company directors, chief engineers, many of them working in design centers constructive and functional Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Russia, etc.

The staff of DIME consists of 19-titular teaching staff: 2 doctors habilitate, 3 university professors 7 associate professors, 7 PhDs, 6 senior lecturers, 2 university lecturers, 1 assistant lecturer and 6 people of auxiliary staff.



Over the years there have been published more than 165 methodical works, including 28 manuals, technical albums, guides for internships, 13 monographs and obtained over 130 invention patents and 2 certificates.



Main directions of scientific activity:

  • development of new technologies for reconditioning and surface hardening by depositing waste galvanic coatings wear-resistant by using resonance phenomena of the CVCE and electrical discharges impulse (scientific coordinator: prof. P. STOICEV).
  • Sectoral analysis in economic activities (scientific coordinator: assoc. prof., D. USANLI);
  • sectoral analysis of economic activity during the integration of Moldova into the European Union (scientific coordinator: prof. S. GOROBIEVSCHI);
  • tribological behavior of technical systems.

International scientific conferences organized:

  • 1979: union scientific conference (USSR) “Электрохимические основы смазочного действия”, Chisinau.
  • 2003-2006: co-participation in organizing international conferences TMCR (Chisinau, Bucharest, Iasi).
  • 2014: International Scientific Symposium of Diaspora Romanian Engineers SINGRO 2014 edition XI, Chisinau 23 to 25 October 2014.

Staff training

25 people defended  the theses of PhD in technical sciences and PhD in economics.

Doctoral studies in last 5 years:

  • 2011: 4 PhD students (3 – r/a şi 1 – full-time)
  • 2012-2014: 4 PhD students (3 – r/a and 1 – full-time)

From 2002 to present, at SIME within the Doctoral School “Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Transport”, activates a Scientific Seminar of Profile and 3 Specialized Scientific Councils ad hoc for defending the theses of doctor / doctor habilitate in scientific specialties: 242.03 – “Tribology” 242.05 – “Technologies, Processes and Processing Equipment” and 255.02 – “Technologies and Technical Means for Agricultural Products Industry”.

With the right of doctoral advisers / post-doctoral in Technical Sciences are appointed: dr. hab., univ. prof. P. STOICEV, dr., univ. prof. V. JAVGUREANU and dr. hab., prof. S. GOROBEVSCHI and economic and political sciences – dr. hab., univ. prof. S. GOROBIEVSCHI, dr., assoc. prof. D. USANLI and dr., assoc. prof. V. MAMALIGA.

During the 47 years since its founding have been developed over 75 diploma projects with elements of scientific research.

Finalized institutional and state Scientific Research Projects:

  • 1969-2011: 65 themes under contract with various companies and research institutions (including budgetary),
  • 2003: institutional Scientific Research Projects nr.373 C,
  • 2009-2013: participation in the institutional project nr. 330/Bs,
  • 2004-2010: participation in the State project nr. 053 p,
  • 2008-2013: participation in the State Program nr. 13/p, registered in the State Register of Projects in science and innovation, with the cipher 09.836.05.05A (Ord. CSSDT of ASM nr. 252 from 25.12.2008),
  • From 2001 were realized ….. departmental annual themes of Scientific Research without funding from the budget.

International scientific projects during the years 2012-2013:

European project CEEPUS III – the research domain “TRIBOLOGY”.

Participation in international exhibitions and salons of inventions in the 2002-2016 ended with 4 gold medals and diplomas; 4 silver medals and diplomas; 2 bronze medals and diplomas, over 180 patents, including 3 patents – the last 5 years.



The DIME has 8 laboratories for training students in 3 specialties: Production Machines and Systems (PMS) Agricultural Machinery Construction and Equipment (AMCE), Engineering and Management in Machine Building (EMMB), a Computer-aided Constructive – Functional Design Center (program I) and a computer aided computing room (II program).



The Department collaborates productively with Technical Universities of Romania (Iasi, Bucharest, Suceava, Timisoara, Brasov), Ukraine (Donetsk, Kiev), Russia (Moscow Technical University “N. Bauman” Machinery Study Institute of ASR), Bulgaria (Technical University, Sofia) and RM (PSU “A. Russo”, MASU, IAP of ASM).

Over the years The Department has been visited by world-renowned scholars:

  • CRAGELISCHI – dr. hab., prof. (Moscow);
  • AHMATOV – acad. (Moscow);
  • I. FUX – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Moscow);
  • MOHNATCHIC – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Sankt Petersburg);
  • FROLOV – acad of AS of USSR (Moscow);
  • M. MATVEEVSCHI – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Moscow);
  • I. SANIN – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Moscow);
  • MACAROV – m.c. al AS from USSR (Ufa, Bashkiria);
  • N. DROZDOV – dr. hab., prof. (Moscow);
  • D. EVDOCHIMOV – dr. hab., univ prof.. (Odessa, Ukraine);
  • CUTICOV – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Novocerkask, Ukraine);
  • … ISPAS – dr. eng., univ. prof. („Politehnica” University, Bucharest, Romania);
  • … MIHAILOV – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Donetsk, Ukraine);
  • … PLAHTEANU – dr., univ. prof. (Technical University”Gh. Asachi “, Iasi, Romania);
  • DISLEV – dr. hab., univ. prof. (Technical University Sofia);
  • Dumitru CONSTANTIN, assoc. prof., dr. (University of Craiova, Romania);
  • Mircea LOBANTIU, assoc. prof., dr. (North University, Baia Mare, Romania);
  • Constantin NITA, assoc. prof., dr. (Economists Brasov Club, University of Brasov, Romania);
  • Gabriel BRATUCU, univ. prof., dr. (Economists Brasov Club, University of Brasov, Romania);
  • Lucian FIRU, dr. (University of Timisoara, Romania);
  • Josef GAL, eng., univ. prof. (University of Szeged, Hungary).

By Order nr. 297 of 29.09.2006 of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, the specialties 521.3 “Machines and Production Systems” (formerly “Machine Tools and Tooling”) and 528.1.1 “Engineering and Management in Machine Building” were accredited for the next 5 years and the former Department MSP was mentioned by the Accrediting Commission as one of the best specialized departments.



No Name, surname Function Scientific and didactic title E-mail
1 Stoicev Petru head of the department dr. hab., univ. prof.
2 Gorobievschi Svetlana univ. prof. dr. hab., univ. prof.
3 Javgureanu Vasile univ. prof. dr., univ. prof.
4 Uşanlî Demian assoc. prof. dr., assoc. prof.
5 Fedorenco Valentina assoc. prof. dr., assoc. prof.
6 Gordelenco Pavel assoc. prof. dr., assoc. prof.
7 Popa Vasile assoc. prof.
8 Dodu Aliona senior lect.
9 Odainîi Dumitru univ. lect.
10 Gîrbu Marcel univ. lect.
11 Nastas Andrei senior lect.
12 Colin Tudor senior lect.
13 Balaban Rodica univ. lect.
14 Furdui Alexandru univ. lect.
15 Bulgac Olesea univ. lect., cum.
16 Cernica Ion assoc. prof., cum. dr., assoc. prof.
17 Ciobanu Oleg assoc. prof. dr.
18 Lîsîi Aliona assoc. prof. dr., assoc. prof.
19 Mamaliga Vasile assoc. prof., cum. dr., assoc. prof.
20 Platon Andrei asistent univ., cum.
21 Trifan Nicolae assoc. prof., cum. dr., assoc. prof.
22 Vîrcolici Margareta assoc. prof., cum. dr., assoc. prof.
Non-teaching staff 
1 Stoicev Petru head of lab., cum. dr. hab., univ. prof.
2 Bulgac Olesea laborant
3 Furdui Alexandru laborant
4 Gordelenco Pavel head of lab., dr., assoc. prof., cum. dr., assoc. prof.
5 Platon Andrei engineer cat.I
6 Ustian Vonifatie head of lab.
7 Dîntu Parascovia head of lab., engineer cat.I, cum.