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The degree program “Industrial Design” was established at the Technical University of Moldova in 1998 and the Department of Industrial and Product Design (DIPD) was established in 2009.

Industrial design is the creative activity of designing the aesthetic aspects of industrial products, which is based on the achievements of human activity in various fields (e.g. arts, technique, engineering, technology, economy, sociology, etc.). and is geared towards raising their competitiveness and performance.

The objective of the design can be any object or group of objects, and encompasses the spatial, materialistic and informational environment, which to the greatest extent intersects with the human being as a user.

The purpose of the design from the beginning was and is to humanize the material environment of human beings by systematizing and orienting the aesthetic and ethical norms characteristic of the time and the regional culture of society, which includes innovative and surprising forms.

The design methods are very similar to the compositional methods used in architecture, but they include inventive elements and methods of artistic and engineering creation.

The target of the design can be any subject of society. The design methodology devotes special attention not only to the ergonomic qualities of a product but also to the social-cultural and psychological characteristics of the consumer of a specific product.

In the process of training specialist designers, it is very important to stimulate and develop thinking, namely:

  • Imaginary thinking: The capacity required for any creative specialty. It differs from the imaginary thinking of plastic artists through pragmatism and utilitarianism.
  • Systemic thinking: The ability to integrate systemic and imaginary analysis to create the design of an integral, logical, rational product.
  • Innovative thinking: The ability to introduce in the form of an innovative character object; designing it in collaboration with fellow designers.
  • Spatial – volumetric thinking: The ability to perceive and assemble objects in a spatial – volumetric structure.

Education courses include the following subjects:

  • Special training modules: The Basics of Design (The Basics of Industrial Design, The Basics of Composition, The Basics of Form Creation, Coloristic); Design Workshop; Fine Arts Workshop (Artistic Drawing and Painting, Sculpture); Machining; Design History; Art History; Plastic Anatomy; Ergonomics; Packaging and industrial graphics; Copyright;
  • Constructive and technological training: Descriptive Geometry; Applied Mechanics; Technical Drawing; Mathematics; The art of engineering design (on compartments); Surface technologies; Material study and technology;
  • Preparation in the field of computer use (Informatics and Information Technologies, Graphic Design, Automated design systems, Advanced Design Software;
  • Economic, organizational and managerial training: Economic Theory, Marketing, Industrial Management.

The Department of Industrial and Product Design (DIPD) collaborates with a number of higher education institutions in Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Denmark, Russia which have similar study programs:

  • University of Brasov, Transylvania, Romania;
  • State Academy of Design and Arts in Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • University of Aalborg, Denmark;
  • “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University, Chisinau;
  • “Stroganov” Academy of Industrial Arts in Moscow, Russia.

The Department currently focuses on the following courses:

  • Four-year Bachelor’s degree in “Industrial Design”, with 3 options:
    • Industrial Design;
    • Furniture design;
    • Packaging design.
  • Master’s degree in “Industrial Design”.

The Department has collaborative relationships with a number of industrial enterprises in Moldova, where students spend internships in their fields of study. These include: FORT SRL, INDART SRL, ECOLEMN SRL, FABLAB Chisinau.

In the 2016-2019 academic years, two academic mobility scholarships were obtained through the Erasmus+ program, at the University of Transylvania, Brasov, Romania.

Students and teachers of the Department of Industrial and Product Design actively participate in exhibitions and contests, with over 100 cups, medals, diplomas, and mentions awarded by international juries from Italy, Germany, France, USA, Romania, Japan, China.

Departmental staff includes specialists in industrial design, engineers, plastic artists, specialists in intellectual property.



Date: 9th March 2020, Edited by Michael Remes, (EFPC)

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