Head of the department
Dr, associate professor


Address: 11/1 Studenţilor str., block of study nr. 11
Tel: +373 22 32-95-47
E-mail: olga.sugac1@dv.utm.md




The department was founded in 1995 within the Faculty of Light Industry entitled as “Fundamentals of Design and Technical Creation” (TUM Rector Order no. 558-r of 06.11.95).

Having set objectives of didactic-methodical and scientific research in the field of artistic design of light industry products – apparel, footwear, accessories etc. – the staff of the department has developed the work of ensuring artistic training at the faculty of specialties ”Design and Technology of Textile Products”, “Design and Technology of Knitwear”, “Design and Technology of Leather Products”.

Thanks to a prodigious activity at that time of the teaching staff: Dean of FLI,  Constantin Spînu, associate professor, PhD, superior lecturers Stela Ştaihman, Mariana Popovici, Lilia Ixari, Marina Brescanu, Ludmila Zastavniţcaia-Seremet, Elena Gorea, Tatiana Malinovscaia – there was established the artistic training content of the study program of specialties in Light Industry.

Since 1998 the activity of the department has focused its activity on determining the concept of the training plans and curriculum, organizing and conducting the training of young people of the new specialty “Clothes Design”, in 2009 renamed into “Industrial Clothes Design”.

Since 1999 to 2005 the department issued another new speciality named “Polygraph Technologies”. In 2005 the department was split, respectively, into the departments of “Fashion Design” and “Design and polygraph technologies”.

Since 2012 the department of “Fashion Design” has set its activity at establishing the study program of another new specialty – “Decorative Arts”, the option of “Textile design“.

Currently, the staff of the department is working hard to form a local school of “Clothes and Textile Design” that would meet the requirements of the national economy and the concept of universal design. The school will promote young creators, who prove abilities of symbiosis of art and technology, appropriate to the new requirements of advanced technology and the free development of the personality. In this context, it should be noted the excellent work of lecturers: Musteaţă Elena, Elena Racceeva, Aliona Gîsca, Violeta Buga, Liudmila Sireac, Alina Tocarciuc, Marina Brescanu, Lilia Ceban and others.



The designated research directions and action plans of the scientific activity are:

  • clothes design
  • textile design
  • the history and theory of design
  • decorative-applied fine arts

The results of research in the directions mentioned above are presented in: monographs, articles and scientific reports and implemented in practice at lectures, in methodical instructions for laboratory works, in disciplines studied at the department.

As well, the team of the department managed to elaborate the study-program for Master Degree studies, thus in 1999 the faculty established a program for Master Degree Studies in “Clothes Design”; in 2009 – a program for Master Degree Studies in “Clothes and Textile Design”.

Alongside with the didactic-methodical and scientific activity, the staff are actively involved in the work of artistic creation, drawing designer clothes, decorative and fine arts like painting, graphics, artistic print, etc. and art exhibitions in the country and abroad: Romania, Germany, USA, France, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. During the last five years the teachers have participated at about 70 exhibitions, over 25 international exhibitions, and 28 personal exhibitions. The lecturers Vasile Dohotaru, Liviu Hîncu, Ludmila Zastavniţcaia-Şeremet have promoted the exhibition aspect most actively and proved remarkable results at all the exhibitions.



The department of “Fashion Design” activates in the blocks of study no. 11 and 4, of the Faculty of Light Industry, providing equipped spaces for training of different specialities, artistic workshops, laboratories for clothes and textile design, classrooms and auditoriums for practical and laboratory work, a computer centre and a library.



The staff of the department collaborate with similar universities and institutes from Romania, Russia, Ukraine concerning the exchange of experience of both, students and teachers; training courses and business trips; postgraduate doctoral studies; participation at conferences, symposiums and scientific seminars.

The department of “Fashion Design” at TUM maintains relationships with:

  • Technical University “Gh. Asachi “, Iasi, Romania
  • Institute of Fashion “IMOD”, Bucharest, Romania
  • “Babes Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Institute of Visual Arts “Ioan Andreescu”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Academy of Arts from St. Petersburg, Russia
  • State University of Technology and Design, Kiev, Ukraine

It is also worth mentioning the participation of students of speciality “Clothes Design” at international competitions of fashion and clothes design. Thus, over the last five years, students and graduates of the speciality have proved outstanding results in 50 competition of Clothes Design abroad, in the countries like Russia, Ukraine, Romania and have received over 20 Diplomas of 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd degrees.



There are 13 members of the teaching staff activating at the department, 12 employed full-time and 1 member- part-time, holding the following positions:

  • Head of the department – 1 person
  • Associate professors – 2 people
  • Superior lecturers- 8 people
  • Lecturer – 1 person

Heads of department:

  • Elena Dumitru Gorea, associate professor, PhD–has activated at TUM since 1996,

Head of Department- since 1996 to 1998.

  • Elena Arhip Musteaţă– has activated at TUM since 1997, Head of the Department of “Clothes Design”- since 1998 to 2004, Head of the Department of “Clothes Design”-  since 2006 to present, doctoral studies at Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Institute of Studies of Arts, speciality “Decorative Arts” 1997-2002.

Currently three lecturers are doing doctoral studies at TUM, other two lecturers are about to finish their doctoral studies, preparing for the final exam in defending the thesis of their scientific work.

At present, the department’s main goal is:

  • to increase the quality and efficiency of the training process of the subjects of study;
  • to develop clothing design, in order to promote the local school of design in Moldova;
  • to create a design centre, capable to ensure the development and implementation of new forms and technologies of design in Light Industry.
No Name, surname Function E-mail
1 Sugac Olga Head of the department, dr., associate professor; bas./cum. olga.sugac1@dv.utm.md
2 Racceeva Elena Senior lecturer, bas./cum. elena.racceeva@dv.utm.md
3 Gîscă Aliona Senior lecturer, bas. aliona.gisca@dv.utm.md
4 Tocarciuc Alina Senior lecturer, bas./cum. alina.tocarciuc@dv.utm.md
5 Lupu Ala Senior lecturer, bas./cum. ala.lupu@dv.utm.md
6 Gâncul Liviu University lecturer, bas. liviu.gancul@dv.utm.md
7 Zastavniţchi – Şeremet Ludmila University lecturer, bas. ludmila.zastavnitchi@dv.utm.md
8 Cercaşin Marina University assistant, bas. marina.cercasin@dv.utm.md
9 Ciorescu Anastasia University assistant, bas. anastasia.ciorescu@dv.utm.md
10 Cotelea – Condrea Ludmila University assistant, bas. cotelea.ludmila@dv.utm.md
11 Palamarciuc Anna University assistant, bas./cum. anna.palamarciuc@dv.utm.md
12 Bulgaru Valentina Dr., associate professor; cum. valentina.bulgaru@fiu.utm.md
13 Saviţkaia-Baraghin Iarîna Dr., associate professor; cum.

Non-teaching staff

1 Gorcea Violeta Engineer cat. I, bas.
2 Racceeva Elena Engineer cat. I,  cum. elena.racceeva@dv.utm.md
3 Bujac Vladimir Technician, cum.
4 Palamarciuc Anna Head of lab., bas. anna.palamarciuc@dv.utm.md
5 Rotari Carolina Engineer cat. I, bas.