Irovan Marcela



Head of department
Associate professor, Ph.D., Doctor in technical sciences



Address: 11/1 Studenţilor str., block of study nr. 11
Tel: +373 22 32-95-75




Training in design and leather confections technology at the Faculty of “Textile Industry” began in 1995, with enrolment of 25 students, who were to become the first engineers in the industry of footwear and leather goods, educated and trained in Republic of Moldova. To ensure the teaching of disciplines, as well as the formation of a scientific school in this area on 26 February 1998, was established the Department of Design and Technology of Leather Confections (DDTLC), with the head of the department of Mrs. Valentina BULGARU, doctor in technical sciences.

Training programs of the Department are responsible for:

Cycle I – License (240 credits, 4 years)

  • Speciality “Engineering and management in light industry”
  • Speciality “Engineering of textiles and leather”, the “Leather products projecting and technology”.

Cycle II – Master Degree Studies (90 credits, 1.5 years)

  • Speciality “Engineering and business management in light industry”
  • Speciality “Design and product development”, the “Leather Products” option.



The staff of the department, together with the students, are involved in scientific research  in the following fields of research:

  • study of materials of leather confections and leather substitutes;
  • design of leather confections and leather substitutes;
  • technology of leather confections and leather substitutes;
  • orthopaedic shoes;
  • organization of manufacturing processes;
  • quality management;
  • human resources management.

The Department has been involved in projects the following “Tempus” projects:

  • “Creation of a multidisciplinary network of professional development education in Moldova”;
  • “Screenplay Adaptation of higher education in the Bologna Process in Moldova (2004”);
  • “Institutional system of internal quality assurance” (2006-2008);
  • “Anthropometric studies on improving therapeutic footwear” (2007-2008);
  • “Development of partnerships with enterprises in Moldova” (2008-2010).

Scientific conferences of student are held annually. The Department organizes a scientific seminar on “Current Issues in the design and technology of leather confections”. The results of scientific researches of collaborators are presented at national and international conferences, published in the periodical specialised literature, and included in the coursers thought to students.



The Department has:

  • a workshop for making shoes and leather goods and machinery equipped with SDV;
  • a laboratory for the study of materials – leather and  leather substitutes, fitted with meters and control the quality of leather and leather substitutes equipment;
  • a laboratory for anthropometric and biomechanical studies, equipped with computerized photometric “PLANTOVIZOR”
  • a collection of books and specialized magazines.



The department collaborates with similar departments from Romania, Ukraine and Russia in the following areas:

  • improvement of the teaching staff by doing doctoral and master degree studies, by completing short internships;
  • participation of members of the teaching staff in various exhibitions, conferences, seminars, congresses; publications in speciality journals;
  • involvement of scientists and teachers from Romania to participate at the license exams and diploma projects, as well as teaching classes to master degree students.

The department of Modelling and technology of Leather Garments (DMTLG) maintains partnerships with:

Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi, Republican Experimental Centre for Prothesis, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, JSC “Dawn”, JSC “Rotan” JSC “Oldcom”, LLC “Moldrom Simpex Cristina”, JSC “Artima”, LLC  “Tizite & C”, LLC “Arilux” , JSC “Ionel”, LLC “Mobile”, LLC “Vasconi”, LLC “MAICOM”, LLC “ICATEX Pro”,  JSC “Stag”,  JSC “Infinity” etc…



No Name, surname Function, Scientific Title E-mail
1 Irovan Marcela head of department, associate professor, dr.; bas. and cum.
2 Cangaș Svetlana associate professor, dr.; bas. and cum.
3 Balan Stela associate professor, dr.; cum.
4 Tutunaru Irina associate professor, dr.; cum.
5 Scripcenco Angela associate professor, dr.; bas.
6 Sugac Olga associate professor, dr.; cum.
7 Cîrja Jana associate professor, dr.; bas.
8 Bulgaru Valentina associate professor, dr.; bas. and cum.
9 Malcoci Marina associate professor, dr.; bas. and cum.
10 Alcaz Olga senior lecturer, bas.
11 Bernaz Luminița senior lecturer, bas.
12 Ischimji Nicolai senior lecturer, bas.
13 Ghelbet Angela senior lecturer; bas. and cum.
14 Florea-Burduja Elena university lecturer, bas.
15 Buștiuc Angela university lecturer, bas.
16 Ursu Elena university lecturer, bas.
17 Cojocaru Mariana university lecturer, bas.
18 Cazac Mihaela university lecturer, bas.
19 Iachimov Cristina university lecturer, bas.
20 Pascari Ioana university lecturer, bas.
21 Postică Rodica university lecturer, bas.
22 Ischimji Ana university lecturer, cum.
23 Tulgara Inga university asistant, bas.
24 Dohotaru Leonid associate professor, dr.; cum.
25 Furdui Alexandru university lecturer, cum.
26 Lîsîi Aliona associate professor, dr.; cum.
27 Niţă Tatiana university lecturer, cum.

Non-teaching staff

No Name, surname Function, Scientific Title E-mail
1 Gheorghiștean Dina training foreman, bas.
2 Niță Tatiana training foreman, bas.
3 Danila Victoria training foreman, bas.
4 Florea-Burduja Elena training foreman, cum.
5 Lojchina Svetlana engineer cat. I, bas.
6 Bîrcă Veronica engineercat. II, bas.
7 Plugaru Violeta training foreman, bas. and cum.
8 Ciobanu Nadejda training foreman, bas.
9 Romașcu Natalia training foreman, bas.
10 Buștiuc Angela training foreman, cum.
11 Iuncu Tamara methodist cat. I, bas.
12 Mîță Mihail technician, cum.
13 Odochiciuc Eva head of lab., bas.; training foreman, cum.
14 Tiuhtii Constanța training foreman, bas.
15 Ischimji Ana training foreman, bas.
16 Pascari Ioana training foreman, cum.
17 Ischimji Nicolai engineer cat. I, cum.
18 Ionașcu Leon engineer cat. I, bas.
19 Gașper Gheorghi technician, cum.
20 Raru Aliona engineer cat. II, bas.



Specialists who graduated from the Department of Design and Technology of Leather Confections are employed by 90% as designers, modelling-constructors, technologists, engineers for quality, team leaders in companies of footwear and leather goods, teachers in institutions specialized in vocational training.