Scobioala Viorica



Head of The Department
Associate professor, Ph.D. in technical sciences



Address: 4, Sergiu Rădăuțanu, str., block of study nr. 11
Tel: +373 22 31-06-82




In 1999 the training program within the speciality “Design and Polygraph Technologies” started, but the Department “Design and Polygraph Technologies” was established in 2005.

The mission of the Department derives from the UTM priorities:

  • education and research at a high quality standard for the training of specialists able to work in managerial positions and research both nationally and internationally;
  • continuous training of teachers;
  • professional improvement of teaching and logistical support of the department:
  • strengthening of relations with educational institutions of similar training programs and economic environment.

Acquired skills:

Design and product design: editions of books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, brochures, corporate materials, labels, packaging using computer software;

  • Achievement editorial and editing;
  • computerized layout;
  • Applying printing technologies: offset, flexographic, screen printing, digital printing hybrid technology in manufacturing of polygraph products;
  • Management of polygraph products.


  • Cycle I – License (240 credits, 4 years)
    • 543.4 Speciality „Design and polygraph technologies”
  • Cycle II – Master Degree Studies (90 credits, 1,5 years)
    • 543.4 Speciality „Design and polygraph technologies”
  • Cycle III – Doctoral Studies (3 years)
    • 17.00.04. Speciality „Visual Arts”



There are 17 members of the teaching staff, including 4 associate professors, 8 senior lecturers, 2 university lecturers and 2 assistant lecturers activating at the department of “Design and polygraph technologies”.

During the years of study students carry out the following internships in faculty workshops, design and advertising agencies, publishing houses and printing enterprises in Moldova:

  • Artistic internship – 120 hours, 4 weeks
  • Design internship – 60 hours, 2 weeks
  • Editorial internship – 60 hours, 2 weeks
  • Design internship – 60 hours, 2 weeks
  • The production internship – 60 hours, 2 weeks
  • Documentation for the License project internship – 120 hours, 4 weeks

The teaching staff of the department „Design and polygraph technologies” have developed numerous methodological works in editorial technologies, photographic and printing, course notes, exercise books, methodical guidance for practical and laboratory projects and final course projects.



The teaching staff of the department „Design and polygraph technologies” performs scientific research in the following areas:

  • History and theory of graphic design:
  • graphic design – elements, principles and applied means;
  • development of graphic design book in Republic of Moldova;
  • promotion of values and authenticity assurance of the polygraph products through design;
  • aesthetics of printed products using 2D and 3D computer graphics;
  • study of relation between image and printed text products in terms of ensuring integrity in the layout.
  • New Printing Materials:
  • structural and morphological constitution of new polygraph materials – identity and features;
  • optimization of characteristics of material and insurance of the compatibility of structure and function of materials;
  • development of biodegradable packaging to protect the environment.
  • Current editorial technologies:
  • modernization of pre-press processes;
  • information technologies in pre-press processes;
  • optimization and insurance of chromatic suitability of polygraph materials products;
  • quality assurance of editorial preparation of polygraph products.
  • Current editorial manufacturing technologies:
  • optimization of technologies of polygraph manufacturing materials and insurance of suitability of manufacturing elements;
  • optimization of special printing and finishing technologies of polygraph products;
  • improvement of the quality of manufacturing processes of polygraph materials.

The teaching staff of the department actively participates in national and international scientific events, having published over 400 research works.



The department has a variety of modern classes for training in different specialities: course classes and laboratories for practice works and laboratory works; artistic training workshops; equipped laboratories with means and computerized software applied in the domain of graphic, editorial and typographic design, a library and a methodical collection of litterature.



The Department collaborates closely with colleagues in higher education institutions in the country and abroad in the following areas:

  • training through academic mobility within the European ERASMUS partnerships and partnerships with business units ;
  • internships for teachers to continuously improve teaching, technical and scientific activities;
  • organization of bilateral scientific-methodical seminars, conferences and symposiums;
  • bilateral constitution of co-author teams, who could work on the elaboration of curriculum, methodical indications regarding the realization of practical and  laboratory works, stands, books, monographs, scientific publications, scientific works;
  •  university teachers exchange for more practice of teachers in delivering courses at university, back home;
  • bilateral involvement of  international  specialized development projects;
  • bilateral collaboration of  students : participation at conferences, contests, projects, etc. delegations;
  • organization of bilateral creation camps involving both, the teaching staff and students.

Particularly, it is worth mentioning the collaboration with:

  • University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania;
  • Technical University “Gh. Asachi ” Iasi, Romania;
  • Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania;
  • Academy of Printing in Lvov, Ukraine;
  • Printers Association “Transylvania”, Romania



No Name, surname Scientific title, function E-mail
1 Viorica CAZAC head of the department, associate professor, Ph.D.; bas./cum.
2 Constantin SPÎNU associate professor, Ph.D.; cum.
3 Natalia MARCENCO senior lecturer, bas.
4 Alexandra OSOBA senior lecturer, bas.
5 Marina STĂNILĂ senior lecturer, bas.
6 Natalia ONICI senior lecturer, bas.
7 Marin CUCERENCU university lecturer,  bas./cum.
8 Lucia ADASCALIȚA university lecturer, bas.
9 Igor VLAS university lecturer, bas.
10 Jana ATODIRESEI university lecturer, bas.
11 Ivan OSOBA assistant lecturer, cum.
12 Nicoleta BOGDAN assistant lecturer, cum.
13 Svetlana CANGAS associate professor, Ph.D.; cum.
14 Jana CIRJA associate professor, Ph.D.; cum.
15 Luminita ROSCA assistant lecturer, cum.
Non-teaching staff
1 Cristina SARANCII engineer cat. I, bas.  
2 Jana CÎRJA superior analyst, cum.
3 Nicoleta BOGDAN higher lab., cum.



The Department ensures the conduct of training activities by organizing:

  • training courses / multidisciplinary specialization for graduates of (secondary) specialized and higher education in:
  • Computer-aided design – 200 hours;
  • Computer graphics – 200 hours;
  • Video processing of computer image – 200 hours;
  • advertising design – 200 hours;
  • training courses for the high education staff of the editorial polygraph institutions and enterprises:
  • Design and editorial-printing technologies – 72 hours.

At the request of trade partners, we are open to provide training in printing technology: offset printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, tampon printing, digital printing, finishing and product design technologies.



The graduates of the program “Design and printing technologies” are one hundred percent employed as graphic designers in advertising agencies and design studios concerned with computerized image processing (camera animation), TV companies, companies specializing in web, publishing and printing design; offset printing, tall, flexographic, screen printing, pad printing, digital printing technologies and hybrid finishing technologies; managers in printing and specialized educational institutions.