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Associate professor, Ph.D. in technical sciences


Address: 4, Sergiu Rădăuțanu, str., block of study nr. 11
Tel: (+373) 22 323971; (+373) 78802049

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In 1989 there began the training of engineers at the „Technology of Light Industry” profile within the Faculty of Technology of the Polytechnic Institute „S. Lazo” in Chisinau. In 1991 it was founded the Department of Technology and Clothing Construction. The Faculty of Textile Industry was founded in 1995 on 1 February, according to the decision of the Government of Moldova.

1995 – Creation of three specialized departments: „Fundamentals of Technical Design and    Creation”, „Textiles and Knitwear Confections Design” and “Textiles and Knitwear Confections Technology”;

1998 – Creation of the department “Design and Technology of Leather Confections”

2000 – The first promotion at the specialty “Design and Technology of Leather and Leather Substitute Confections”;

2002 – The first promotion at the specialty “Design and Technology of Knitwear”

2003 – The first promotion at the specialty “Fashion Design”;

2003 – The first promotion at the specialty “Polygraph Technologies”;

2005 – Division of the department „Fundamentals of Design and Technical Creation” into two departments: „Design and Polygraph Technologies” and „Fashion Design”.

2005 – The first promotion at the specialty „Engineering and Management in Light Industry”.

2012 – Admission at the specialty „Decorative Arts, Textile Design profile”;

2015 – Opening of the „Centre of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies”.



There are five departments and one centre of excellence operating within the faculty:



There are 43 members of the teaching staff, including 8 associate professors, 24 senior lecturers, 5 university lecturers and 6 assistant lecturers activating at the faculty.



Cycle I, License:

4  years – full-time

5 years – part-time


Engineering of textile and leather products: options:

Design and Technology of Textile Confections;

Design and Technology of Leather Confections; Design and Technology of Knitwear ;

Engineering and management in Light Industry

Industrial Fashion Design

Decorative Arts, Textile Design profile

Polygraph Design and Technologies

Cycle II Master Degree Studies

(1.5 years)

Design and Development of the Product

Engineering and Business Administration Management in Light Industry

Fashion and Textile Design

Polygraph Design and Technologies



There are 480 students currently attending classes at faculty, where 320 students are in the full-time education and 160 in part-time education. Over 75% of the students get state funding scholarship. Part-time education studies require tuition fee contracts.

The internationalization of studies through exchange study programs is encouraged and guided by the faculty; it is at its beginning in this respect. There are already students of the faculty who have completed exchange study programs within the CEEPUS Project at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria and within Erasmus Mundus at University of Lisbon, Portugal.

There were signed agreements for exchange study programs Within Erasmus+ Programme with University Politehnica of Bucharest and the Technical University “Gh.Asachi” of Iași;

There are negotiations initiated to sign the agreement with the Academy of Fine Arts of Como, Italy for Fashion Design Specialty students.



Scientific research at the faculty is an essential component of the process of specialist training realised in the programs of education studies. The research potential represents teachers with scientific degrees, PhD candidates and master degree student, who accomplish field applied investigations on modern topics of the domains involving the upper-year students.

The main research direction of the Faculty of Textile Industry and Polygraphy:

  • Engineering design problems in the Textile and Knitwear Confections industry. Coordinator – associate professor, PhD eng. Stela Balan
  • Optimization of manufacturing clothing products processes and technologies. Coordinator – associate professor, PhD Angela Scripcenco
  • Theory and Methodology of vocational training (professional training). Coordinator – associate professor, PhD Olga Sugac
  • Optimization of leather and leather substitutes design and technology and Industrial Management. Coordinators – associate professor, PhD eng. Marina Malcoci, and associate professor, PhD V. Bulgaru
  • Fashion Textile Design.Coordinator – Elena Musteață
  • Taking advantage of the cultural and historical heritage of the Republic of Moldova through advertising, publishing and printing products, concerning European Integration context. Coordinator – associate professor, PhD in arts Constantin Spînu
  • Protection, conservation and upgrading of technologies and continuous improvement of advertising, editorial and typographical products, towards economic efficiency in order to secure the health, environmental safety and occupational safety. Coordinator – associate professor, PhD eng. Viorica Cazac

Annually teachers, doctoral students and students of FTP participate at the conference “Technical Scientific Conference of Teaching Staff, PhD candidates and students”, which is held at the Technical University of Moldova in November by presenting outstanding scientific reports. The faculty initiated and conducted the Inter-university International Scientific Symposium “Creativity. Technology. Marketing”, with the third edition in 2014.

During the last ten years, the teaching staff of the faculty obtained six patents. The teaching staff managed to register at AGEPI about 16 industrial footwear designs, published 20 textbooks and monographs, published about 100 articles in specialized magazines in the country and abroad, published about 850 theses and scientific articles at conferences and symposiums.

The teaching staff and students of the faculty systematically participate in art and fashion design exhibitions both in Moldova and abroad.

Research projects

  • 2015-2018. The institutional project: 48 / Inst “Research on ensuring the safety and multifunctionality of food packaging in order to increase viable food security and safety concerning European economic context”. Project leader – associate professor, PhD eng. Viorica Cazac. Total-budget…
  • 2011 to 2014. Institutional project: „Multicomponent clothing structures for disable people with high degree of comfort”. Project leader – associate professor, PhD Angela Scripcenco. Total-budget…
  • 210-2013. National project organized by ODIMM. „Technological processes optimization in companies of textile confections”. Project Director Oleg Stiop; Team member Olga Sugac – associate professor, PhD TKTC Department of FLI.
  • 2007-2008. Project for young researchers. 07.420.16. INDA. „Anthropometric studies concerning improvement of manufacturing technology of therapeutic shoes”.

Project leader: Irovan Marcela, associate professor, PhD eng.

Total budget 200 thousand lei.

Involvement of the teaching staff of FTP in educational projects

  • 2008-2016. International project: „Consolidation of Vocational Education in Moldova (CONSEPT)” supported by LED Foundation in Moldova – Olga Alcaz senior lecturer, department of DKTC, FLI.
  • 2012-2015. Project 530537-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMGR: „Development of Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Moldova”.  –  S. Balan, head of department of DKTC, FLI.
  • 2011-2014. Project 516597-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-FR-TEMPUS-JPCR – “Création réseau universités thématiques en sciences appliquées en sciences économiques en Moldavie” – A. Scripcenco, head of department of TKTC, V. Cazac, head of department of DPT, C. Ghencea, department of DPT.
  • Moldo – german project ’’Development of the system of licensing and preparing the foremen for professional training in the Republic of Moldova” realized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rep. Of Moldova in cooperation with the  German Society of development GIZ Irovan Marcela, associate professor PhD , department of DKTC, FLI.
  • 2008-2010. Project JPHES-144544-2008 „Development of university partnership with the enterprises from Republic of Moldova”– C. Spinu, dean of FLI, S. Balan, head of department of DKTC, V. Bulgaru, head of department of TKTC, Bernaz L, and Ghelbet A.
  • 2006-2008. Project ID: UM JEP-26091-2005 TACIS „Implementation of an institutional system of administration and internal insuarance of the teaching quality at universities in Republic of Moldova.” C. Spinu, dean of FLI, S. Balan, head of department of DKTC, V. Bulgaru, head of department of, A. Scripcenco, head of department of DTLC.
  • 2004 – 2006. Project supported by SOROS foundation:”The development and the implementation of the managerial system of quality according to the standard ISO 9000:2000 within three universities in Republic of Moldova (Technical University of Moldova, State University of Moldova and State Agrarian University of Moldova) – C. Spinu, dean of FLI, S. Balan, head of department of DKTC, V. Bulgaru, head of department of, A. Scripcenco, head of department of DTLC.
  • 2004 – 2006. Project ID: TP SCM –T001A04-2004 TACIS: „Adaptation program for higher education in Moldova to the Bologna process” –  C. Spinu, dean of FLI, S. Balan, head of department of DKTC, V. Bulgaru, head of department of, A. Scripcenco, head of department of DTLC.



The main strategic directions promoted by FLI in international cooperation are the development of partnerships with universities, companies and organizations abroad; participation of the teaching staff and students in international educational projects, research, academic exchange studies; organization and participation at scientific meetings.

The faculty co-operates in didactic-methodological and research aspects with universities from:

  • Romania – Technical University „Gh.Asachi” of Iaşi;
  • University Politechnica of Bucharest;
  • University of Visual Arts „Ioan Andreescu” Cluj-Napoca,
  • University from Arad;

The National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (NRDITL) in Bucharest that provides the opportunity for students to perform research and practical internships in the performing laboratories of the institution; participation in conferences and seminars; joint participation in research projects.

Ukraine – Academy of printing from Lviv; State University of Technology and Design from Kiev, agreement signed in 2014;

Russia – State University of Design and Technology from Moscow; State University of Technology and Design from St. Petersburg.

The participation of the teaching staff of the faculty in international projects has enabled the creation of the Laboratory of Experimental Design and Product Development, with the financial support of the International Foundation „Liechtenstein Development Service” LED Moldova.



So far there are 2696 graduates of Faculty of Light Industry. Graduates of the Faculty are required for professional activity in the branch enterprises, and some of them launch their own business in the field. The statistics show that over 80% of graduates are employed in light industry. Faculty maintains partnership relations with enterprises of light industry in the country, providing opportunities for students to pursue internships and teachers to familiarize themselves with modern technologies and best practice in the field. The feedback from engineers, graduates of the faculty, allows the improvement of the curriculum and adaptation to the socio-economic requirements.