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associate prof., doctor in technical science



Address: 168, Stefan cel Mare bd., block of study nr. 1
Tel: +373 22 23-52-41




Department of telecommunications (DTLC) was founded on 13 July 1987 at the Faculty of Radio electronics (now FEMET), aiming to train the engineering staff  at specialty “Automatic Telecommunications” for the telecommunications branch in a continuous process of development and improvement.

In 2000 the specialty “Automatic Telecommunications” is renamed into “Telecommunications” and for the last time, in 2006, was renamed into “Teleradiocommunications”. License university studies in this specialty correspond to a number of 240 transferable study credits, with a duration of 4 years in full-time education, and 5-year for the reduced attendance education.

The competences developed in students by the department in the training process at specialty “Teleradiocommunications” are:  

  • Analysis, processing and interpretation of signals, data and information by efficient methods and algorithms that allow the formulation of arguments, conclusions and concrete decisions;
  • Ability to solve technical and scientific problem in the field of studies, independent and objective analysis of situations encountered in practice, to communicate, present and demonstrate selected solutions;
  • The initiative to formulate operational requirements for telecommunication systems;
  • Management of organizations and technical and economic structures in the field, with leadership in analysis and problem solving, able to assess complex problems and present the results of their assessment;
  • Ability to organize and coordinate activities of insurance with electronic and communications material;
  • Ability to participate in the organization and carrying out acquisitions for electronic and telecommunications systems;
  • Ability to organize and conduct maintenance, quality assurance and management activities of financial funds needed to run projects;
  • Ability to develop, carry out and coordinate testing activities, investigation and assessment of electronic and telecommunications systems;
  • Ability to organize, coordinate and control the activities of technical training of the staff in the studying domain;
  • Skills to evaluate and develop standards in electronics and telecommunications domain.



The department ensures the educational process in the following specialized subjects:

  • Passive Materials and Components
  • Management
  • Branch Economy
  • Signals and Circuits
  • Teletraffic Theory
  • Theory of information transmission
  • Digital Electronics in Telecommunications
  • Techniques and multiplex transmission systems
  • Transmission Lines
  • Electronic Devices
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Optoelectronics
  • Switching and routing techniques
  • Microprocessors
  • Computer networks
  • Electronic measurements
  • Optical Communications
  • Power supply in electronics
  • Network and Internet Architectures
  • Information protection
  • Systems and digital communications networks



Currently the teaching staff team consists of two university professors / Doctors Habilitate, 7 associate professors / doctors, 6 teachers / university lecturers, magistrates.  The teaching staff involved in the professional training engineering staff at the specialty Teleradiocommunications meets the requirements stipulated in the Education Code of the Republic of Moldova. The titulat of the courses develop respective curricula with the consulting needs of the branch with  economic agents and coordinate teams that develop educational materials (textbooks, guides, laboratory work, thematic collections, Web pages, specialized software, etc.).

Name, SurnameFunction, scientific-didactical titleNr. of. publications/


methodical works

Contact information
Of. tel.E-mail
Bejan NicolaeHead of the department, doctor, assoc. prof.; bas.390/10/
Nicolae SÎRBUdr. hab.,   univ. prof.; bas. and cum.470/31/
Sergiu DIMITRACHIdr. hab., univ. prof.; bas.140/74/
Serghei ANDRONICdr., assoc. prof.,
Igor CHIŢULdr., assoc. prof.; bas.90/0/
Silvia GANGANdr., assoc. prof.; bas. and cum.62/4/
Vera MOROZOVdr., assoc. prof.; bas.90/7/
Mihai CIOBANUdr., assoc. prof.; bas.30/0/
Ion NAZAROIdr., assoc. prof.; bas.24/0/
Vitalie NASTASdr., assoc. prof.; bas.190/75/
Artur KAZAKsenior lecturer; bas.18/2/
Iurii IVANENCOsenior lecturer; bas.20/0/
Vladimir MIROVSKIsenior lecturer; bas.12/0/
Pavel NICOLAEVsenior lecturer; bas. and cum.50/10/
Alisa MAŞNICsenior lecturer; bas.28/0/
Vladimir BRÂNZAuniv. lecturer, exter. cum.12/0/
Stepan RUDENCO univ. lecturer, cum.14/2/
Stela PAVLIUCuniv. lecturer,
Pavel NISTIRIUCdr., associate prof.; bas. and
Pavel BODIULdr. hab.,   univ. prof.,
Lilia SAVAdr., associate prof.; bas. and
Lucia GUJUMANdr., associate prof.; bas. and
Natalia BEȚIVUsenior lecturer;
Andrei DOROGANsenior lecturer;
Andrei CHIHAIsenior lecturer; bas. and cum.
Anatol ALEXEIsenior lecturer;
Maria IAZLOVEȚCHIsenior lecturer;
Ecaterina CRISTEAuniv. lecturer;
Serafima SOROCHINuniv. lecturer;
Arina LACHIuniv. lecturer; bas. and
Maria GRIȚCOuniv. lecturer,
Tatiana ȚURCANUuniv. lecturer; bas. and
Dinu ȚURCANUsenior lecturer,
Vitalie SECRIERUuniv. lecturer,
Ion AVRAMdr., associate professor; bas. and
Roman GRIȚCOsenior
Iurie DEMCIUCsenior lecturer, exter.
Valeriu BLAJĂdr., associate professor,
Gherman SOROCHINdr., associate professor,
Pintelie DEȘANUhead of lab.;
Cristina BELENIUCengineer cat.I, 0,5;
Ecaterina CRECIUNengineer cat. I;
Mariana FEDELEȘengineer cat. I; bas.
Ion BRUNCHIengineer cat. I, 0,5;
Florentin DÎRZUengineer cat. I, 0,5;
Cristina GUŢUengineer cat. I, 0,7
Stela PAVLIUCengineer cat. I, engineer cat. II
Stepan RUDENCOhead of lab., engineer cat. II
Maria GHERCIUengineer cat. I, 0,5; bas.


The Staff of Telecommunications Department



The scientific activity at the Department of Telecommunications is carried out by researches within the doctoral themes; researches within scientific investigations contracts; research on personal initiative, focusing on the following main directions:

  • Materials for optical communications (univ. prof., dr.hab. N. SIRBU, and others);
  • Technologies and reproduction methods of conducting nanowires (univ. prof., dr. hab. S. DIMITRACHI, assoc. prof., dr. I. AVRAM, assoc. prof., dr. M. CIOBANU and others).
  • New methods for measuring and impedance measurement with simulated resonance (assoc. prof., dr.V. NASTAS, master in, P. NICOLAEV, master in A. KAZAK and others).
  • Dispozitive şi circuite electronice (conf.univ.,dr. N. BEJAN ş.a.).

Collaborators of the department participated in the recent years in various international exhibitions and salons, achieving a number of diplomas and medals.


Participations of recent years in international exhibitions and salons

1Nastas V., Nastas A. Exhibit at the International Exhibition “Apparatus for highly accurate measure of impedance”.„INFOINVENT- 2007”, Chisinau,


Silver medal
2Nastas V., Cazac A., Nastas A. Exhibit at the International Exhibition of Inventions “Methods and apparatus for impedance measuring in polar coordinates”.“PRO-INVENT”, VI- th ed.,

Cluj-Napoca 2008.

Excellence Diploma and Gold Medal
3Dorogan A., Dorogan V., Sirbu N., Stamov I. Invention –

“Photoreceivers sensitive to frequencies ITU-T standards.”

International Exhibition of Inventions INVENTICA 2008, IASI ROMANIACupa de aur
4Dorogan A., Dorogan V., Sirbu N., Stamov I.– „Photoreceivers sensible to standard frequencies used in optic communication system”.Jubilee International Exhibition of research, inventions and technological transfer, INVENTICA 2008, IASI, ROMANIAGold Medal
5Dorogan V.,Vieru T., Vieru S., Dorogan A., Sirbu N., Stamov I. Dispozitiv – „Optical elements and nev technologies for coupling modules”.Jubilee International Exhibition of research, inventions and technological transfer, INVENTICA 2008, IASI, ROMANIA,Gold Medal
6Dorogan A., Dorogan V., Sirbu N., Stamov I., Vieru T., Vieru S. And others. Device – “Photoreceivers sensitive to frequencies ITU-T standards.”International Exhibition of Inventions PROINVENT Cluj-Napoca,.2008Excellence Diploma and Gold Medal with special mention
7A. Dorogan, V. Dorogan, N. Sirbu, I. Stamov. Device – “Photoreceivers sensitive to frequencies ITU-T standards.”IV International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies “New time” Sevastopol, 2008Gold Medal
8A. Dorogan, V. Dorogan, N. Sirbu, I. Stamov.  “Photoreceivers sensitive to frequencies ITU-T standards.”IV International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies “New time” Sevastopol,, September 25-27,  2008.Special prize KP GHS “Sevelektroavto-trans”
9Dorogan A., Sirbu N., Stamov I. Dispozitiv ” Photo- electronic Transmitter “.Salon „NEW TIME”, Sevastopol, 2008Excellence Diploma
10Dorogan A., Sirbu N., Stamov I. Dispozitiv – “Null indicator of polarized radiation”.Salon „NEW TIME”, Sevastopol, 2008Silver medal
11A. Dorogan, N. Sirbu, I. Stamov. Dispozitiv – ” Photo- electronic Transmitter “.IV International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies “New time” Sevastopol, 2008Silver medal
12Nastas V., Cojocaru V., Nastas A. Exponat “Techniques for measuring the impedance in Cartesian coordinates”.International Salon of Inventions “PRO-INVENT”, VII ed., Cluj-Napoca 2009.Excellence Diploma and Bronze medal.
13Sirbu N. N.; Dorogan A.V.; Stamov I. G.; Parvan V. “Micro-time relays and optoelectronic commutator.”International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Inventics “PROINVENT -2010”, VIII-th ed., SC EXPO – Transilvania JSC, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2010Gold medal. Excellence Diploma. Diploma “Tesla” Serbia
14Sirbu N. N.; Dorogan A.V.; Stamov I. G. „Filters with optic isotropic wavelength”XIII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies (Archimedes-2010), Russia, Moscow, 2010.Excellence Diploma and Gold medal
15Sirbu N. N.; Dorogan A.V.; Stamov I. G. “Filters with isotropic optical wavelength”European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation “EUROINVENT-2010”, 2010.Gold medal
16Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Apparatus for impedance measurement by the method of simulated resonance”.Official catalog of the International Exhibition of Inventions “PRO-INVENT”, ed. VIII, pp. 321-322, Cluj-Napoca 2010.Excellence Diploma and Gold medal
17Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Apparatus for impedance measurement”.Official catalog of the International Exhibition of Inventions “EUROINVENT 2010”, Iaşi, 2010Bronze medal
18Sirbu N., Dorogan A., Nemerenco L. “The determination of the refractive index in planar waveguides.”International Salon of Inventions “EUROINVENT 2012”, Iasi, 2012Silver medal
19Sirbu N., Dorogan A., Nemerenco L. “Method of determining the quality of nanosrtructures”.International Salon of Inventions “EUROINVENT 2012”, Iasi, 2012Gold medal
20Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Cartesian and polar-coordinates meters of impedance”.International Salon of Inventions “EUROINVENT 2012”, Iasi, 2012Gold medal


Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Metods and devices with simulated resonated for impedance measurement”.International Salon of Inventions “EUROINVENT 2013”, Iasi, 2013Bronze medal
22Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Cartesian and polar-coordinates meters of impedance”.International Salon of Inventions “PRO-INVENT 2013”, Cluj-Napoca, 2013Gold medal
23Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Measurement of impedance and admittance with simulated resonance “.International Salon of Inventions “PRO-INVENT 2014”, Cluj-Napoca, 2014Bronze medal
24Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Measurements Methodology Based on Simulated Resonance Effect”.International Invention INOVA39 Croatia, Zagreb, 2014Gold medal
25Nastas V., Nicolaev P. “Admitance and impewdance meters with simulated resonance”.International Salon of Inventions “EUROINVENT 2014”, Iaşi, 2014Silver medal
26Nastas V., Dorogan V., Nicolaev P., Zaporojan S., Munteanu E. Impedance measurement method and devices for liquid products,International Specialized Exhibition INFOINVENT 2015, Chisinau, 2015Silver medal



Department collaborates with the Academy of Sciences, Moldova State University, “Moldtelecom” S, SE “Radio”, “Orange” JSC, JV “Moldcell” JSC, “Starnet” LLC, Academy of Telecommunications (Ukraine, Odessa), “Sun Communications LLC, JV “Plant TOPAZ” JSC etc. Simultaneously Department fulfills orders for different laboratories of the Academy of Sciences. This collaboration is reflected in the published scientific works in common with collaborators of the Research Centers in Europe, such as:

  • Faculty of Physics, University of Leipzig, Germany (prof. H. Neuman, H. Sobbota, V. Riede);
  • N672RD University of Nottingham, UK, Britain, (prof. A. B. Seddon, D. Furnis);
  • Laboratorium voor Halfgeleiderfzsica, K. U. Leuven, B3001 Heverlee Leuven, Belgium (prof. P. Hertogen, G. J. Andriansens);
  • FA Department, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain (J. M. Merino, M. Leon);
  • Institute of Physics ScAc Prague, Czechoslovakia, CSRF (S. Kamba, R. Dreling);
  • Université de Paris, France (prof. A. Revcalevsky);
  • Institute of Physics and Technology, St. Petersburg, Russia (A. Selkin, A. Pevtov);
  • ISTOC Institute, Moscow, Russia (A. Kamertel, G. Kudinteva);
  • University of Uzhgorod, Ukraine (prof. M. Golovei, D. M. Berca, acad. V. Slivca, I. Nebola);
  • University of Belarus, Minsk (I.Bodnari, I.Smolearenco);
  • Institute of Optoelectronics, Bucharest, Romania (T.Nicsoiu);
  • National Research Institute, Bucharest, Romania, (T. Zisu, S. Miclos, B. Robea);
  • Institute of Condesed Matter, Timisoara, Romania, (I. Mushcutariu, T. Nairy);
  • Institute of Physics and Technology of Materials, Bucharest, Romania (V. Topa);
  • IFA, Academy of Sciences of Moldova (V. E. Tezlevan, E. Arusanov, V. Ursaki, I. Tigineanu, S. Levcenco, A. Nateprov);
  • Optoelectronics Center of the Academy of Sciences (A. M. Andries, S. D. Shutov, M. Iovu, P. Prunich).



Efficient use of electronic equipment and communications networks is determined by the training of highly qualified engineering in electronics and communications. The graduates of the department every year are becoming more requested and find easy workplace in enterprises and of state and private organizations of Moldova Republic such as “Moldtelecom” JSC, “Register” SE, “Radiocommunications”SE,  Ministry of Internal Affairs , Guard Service of MIA,  National Center for radio frequencies, “Orange” JSC, JV “Moldcell”, “Sun Communications” SRL,  SRL “SATELLITE” etc.