Head of the department
Associate Professor, Doctor of Science



Address: 78, 31 August 1989 str., block of study nr. 2
Tel: +373 22 23-75-05
E-mail: tatiana.sestacova@sde.utm.md



Department of Electronic Systems and Devices (ESD) was created in 1972 within the Faculty of Electrophysics (ETP), initially called the Department of Construction and Production of Radio Apparatus (CPRA). This department had a very important role in the training of qualified engineers in the field radioelectronics and computing technics. Initially, the Department had the task to prepare engineers in the specialty “Construction and Production of Radio Apparatus” (CPRA) – one of the most requested at that time at TUM. The training at specialty began in 1968. In 1977 there was initiated the training of engineers also at the specialty “Construction and Production of Computing Electronic Devices” (CPCED). In 2013 the department CPEA was renamed into Electronic Systems and Devices (ESD), and this year the department suffered another name modification – Construction and Production of Electronic Devices (CPED).

Between 1973-1987 at the Department there were trained 937 engineers: 649 at specialty CPRA and 288 at the specialty CPCED.

In 1987, by the decision of Supreme Attestation Commission of the USSR it was created at department the Scientific Council for defending of doctor and the doctor habilitate theses at 4 specialties in the field of Information Systems for measurement, Command Elements and Device Systems. At this Counsil the department staff have defended 2 doctor habilitate theses and 23 doctoral theses in technical sciences.

From 1998 the department trains engineers at specialty “Radioelectronic Systems” and from 2011 – at specialty “Electronics”.

During 44 years of activity the department has trained over 2,000 engineers, 23 doctors in technical sciences, and 4 doctors habilitate.



The Department of ESD provides educational process at the specialty 525.1 Electronics and the is responsible for the following specialty disciplines:

  • Computer programming and programming languages;
  • Materials and components in electronics;
  • Computer Graphics;
  • Applied Information Technologies;
  • Electrotechnics;
  • Electronic Devices;
  • Applied Analog Electronics;
  • Theory of information transmission;
  • Digital Electronics;
  • Signals and Circuits;
  • Radiotechnics;
  • Communications Networks;
  • Microprocessors;
  • Microcontrollers;                              
  • Television;
  • Security of information systems;
  • SOFT Engineering;                               
  • Electronics in transport;
  • Peripheral equipment in microprocessor systems;
  • Modern audio-video systems;
  • Design and testing of electronic systems;
  • Robotics.

Theoretical knowledge of students of specialty Electronics are developed in practical classes carried out in laboratories of the Department.






Scientific and Didactic Title

Publications Tel. E-mail
Serghei ANDRONIC vice-rector for didactic activity,  assoc. prof., dr. 90, including 11 patents and 27 methodical guidance 022-23-54-00 serghei.andronic@adm.utm.md
Tatiana SESTACOVA Head of the depart. ESD, assoc. prof., dr. 105, including 2 monographs,

12 methodical guidance, 3 patents

022-23-75-05 tatiana.sestacova@sde.utm.md
Boris CHIRILENCO assoc. prof., dr. 42, including 2 monographs and textbooks,

8 methodical guidance, 2 patents

022-23-75-05 boris.chirilenco@sde.utm.md
Vladimir JDANOV assoc. prof., dr. vladimir.jdanov@sde.utm.md


assoc. prof., dr. 65, including 4 monographs and textbooks,

12 methodological guidance,

3 patents

022-23-75-05 ion.cornea@sde.utm.md


assoc. prof., dr. 98, including 2 monographs, 17     methodical guidance, 1 patent 022-23-75-05 gherman.sorochin@sde.utm.md


assoc. prof., dr. 70 including 3 monographs and textbooks,

7 methodical guidance, 2 patents

022-23-75-05 veaceslav.nastasenco@sde.utm.md
Constantin TURCAN university lect. 19, including 1 manual, 3 methodical guidance, 1 patent 022-23-75-05 constantin.turcan@sde.utm.md
Serghei TINCOVAN senior lect. 19, including 1 manual, 9 methodical guidance, 1 patent 022-23-75-05 serghei.tincovan@sde.utm.md


senior lect. 8 including 2 textbooks, 6 methodical guidance 022-23-75-05 iurie.soroceanu@sde.utm.md


senior lect. 19, including 9 methodical guidance 022-23-51-84 sergiu.finciuc@sde.utm.md
Valentin POCOTILENCO senior lect., cum. 11, including 4 methodological guidance 022-23-52-37 valentin.pocotilenco@sde.utm.md


univ. lect. 8, including 4 methodological guidance 022-23-75-05 oleg.dergaci@sde.utm.md


univ. lect. 6, including 3 guides for the performance of laboratory works 022-23-75-05 ion.capcanari@sde.utm.md
Nicolae SECRIERU assoc. prof., dr., cum. 125, including 1 monograph, 3 textbooks, 25 methodical guidance, 1 patent 022-50-99-82 nicolae.secrieru@cnts.utm.md
Rodion CIUPERCĂ assoc. prof., dr., cum. rodion.ciuperca@tcm.utm.md
Silvia GANGAN assoc. prof., dr., cum. silvia.gangan@tlc.utm.md
Maria VASILIEV assoc. prof., dr., cum. maria.vasiliev@cfc.utm.md
Serghei GRITCOV univ. lect., external cum. 25, including 4 methodical guidance 022-23-75-05 serghei.gritcov@sde.utm.md
Vasile DEREVLENCO univ. lect, cum. 022-23-51-92 vasile.derevlenco@adm.utm.md


univ. lect., cum. 022-23-51-92 ion.ichim@adm.utm.md
Vasile CHETROI univ. asistant, cum. 022-23-51-92 vasile.chetroi@adm.utm.md
Aurelia BALMUȘ univ. asistant, cum. aurelia.balmus@tlc.utm.md
Pavel BUDĂÎ univ. asistant, cum. pavel.budai@tlc.utm.md
Iurie PUȘNEAC assoc. prof., dr., external cum. iurie.pusneac@sde.utm.md
Tudor DURBAILO chief of the laboratory, cum. 022-23-76-13 tudor.durbailo@adm.utm.md
Ludmila BACANOVA engineer cat. I 022-23-75-05 balu_47@mail.ru


engineer. cat. I 4 including 2 methodical guidance 022-23-75-05 oxana.st26@mail.ru
Elena BOGOS engineer. cat. I
Aurelia    BALMUȘ engineer. cat. I 10 including 2 methodical guidance 022-23-75-05 aurelia.balmus@sde.utm.md
Ludmila BRADU engineer. cat. I ludmila.bradu@srco.utm.md
Maia BILEVICI technician cat.I, 0,5 cum. 9, including 4 methodical guidance 022-23-23-00 maia.bilevici@fimet.utm.md
Hristina CAPTARI technician cat.I, 0,5 cum. hristina.captari@sde.utm.md

Collaborators of the Department of Electronic Systems and Devices


Absolvenţi şi membri ai Catedrei SDE (CPAE) în cadrul unei întâlniri, anul 2016 De la stânga, rândul I: Vitalie GUŞAN (Canada); Constantin ŢURCAN; Natalia MAISTRU; Elena LITOVCENCO; conf. univ., dr. Zinaida GULCA; Ludmila GREMALSCHI; conf. univ., dr., şef Catedră SDE Tatiana ŞESTACOV. Rândul II: conf. univ., dr. Gherman SOROCHIN; Iurie COSTIN; prof., dr. hab. Victor BORŞEVICI; prof., dr. hab. Anatol GREMALSCHI; conf. univ., dr. Boris CHIRILENCO; dr. Tudor JUGANARU; conf. univ., dr., şef. Catedră RC Ion AVRAM; conf. univ., dr. Alexandru SAVIN; dr. Vladimir CICLICCI; l. sup. Sergiu TINCOVAN

Graduates and members of the of the Department ESD (CPED) during a meeting, 2016 From the, left row I: Vitalie GUSAN (Canada); Constantin TURCAN; Natalia MAISTRU; Elena LITOVCENCO; assoc. prof., dr. Zinaida GULCA; Ludmila GREMALSCHI; assoc. prof., dr., head of the department ESD Tatiana SESTACOV. Row II: assoc. prof., dr. Gherman SOROCHIN; Iurie COSTIN; prof., dr. hab. Victor BORSEVICI; prof., dr. hab. Anatol GREMALSCHI; assoc. prof., dr. Boris CHIRILENCO; dr. Tudor JUGANARU; assoc. prof., dr., head of the department RC Ion AVRAM; assoc. prof., dr. Alexandru SAVIN; dr. Vladimir CICLICCI; senior lect. Sergiu TINCOVAN



Current scientific Schools at the Department ESD:

  1. Design and implementation of digital systems based on programmable logic circuits (CPLD, FPGA). Founder: BODEAN, dr., assoc. prof.
  2. Spectral analysis and the digital signal processing, development of methods and devices for reception-transmission of digital channels. Coordinator: Gh. Sorochin, dr., assoc. prof.
  3. Research of methods and procedures for communication of microsatellites with ground stations for images capture and broadcast in real time (university project SATUM). Coordinator: Secrieru, dr., assoc. prof.

Based on scientific investigations carried out and the results obtained, there were published about 250 scientific works, over 20 patents and 75 cycles of lectures and methodical guidance.

The training of scientific staff at the department is organized within a scientific profile Computers and Informational Technologies, at scientific specialty ” Command Systems. Computers and Informational Networks “.

Colaboratorii proiectului SATUM: lect. super. V. POCOTILENCO; doctorand S. GRIŢCOV; lect. univ., doctorand I. CAPCANARI; conf. univ., dr. Gh. SOROCHIN; masterandul V. UNGUREAN; masteranda D. LAZĂR; lect. super. S. TINCOVAN; studentul D. MALENDA.

Collaborators of SATUM Project: senior lect. V. POCOTILENCO; doctorand st. S. GRITCOV; univ. lect., doctorand I. CAPCANARI; assoc. prof., dr. Gh. SOROCHIN; master st. V. UNGUREAN; master st. D. LAZAR; senior lect. S. TINCOVAN; student D. MALENDA.



The Department collaborates in the field of scientific research and education process development with the following institutions and enterprises in the field:

  • Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain (assistant professor Larisa DUNAI);
  • University of SIEGEN, Institute for Data Communications Systems, Departament of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Germany (univ. prof., dr. Christoph RULAND);
  • Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics (BSUIR), Minsk (prof., Dr. of Tech.Sc. V. Yarmolik);
  • Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Department of Biomedical and semiconductor electronics, Russia (prof., Dr. T. HOLOMINA);
  • Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Iasi, Faculty Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology;
  • Technical University of Cluj Napoca;
  • Academy of Sciences of Moldova <Institute of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory (dr. A. Marftuleac).
  • JSC “TOPAZ”, LLC “ComelPRO”, Company ADD Grup, SE “Radiocommunications”;
  • SE National Center for Radio Frequency, SA Moldtelecom, Orange JSC, JV Moldcell JSC, Starnet SRL, Sun Communications LLC and others.



Graduates of the Department of ESD at the specialty Electronics are proficient in the fields:

  • design of electronic devices and systems in different fields of application;
  • implementation and testing of analog and digital integrated circuits;
  • designing and developing of software applications for communication and industrial electronics using microcontrollers;
  • analog and digital signal processing (images, sound, data, text);
  • management of information systems and communications networks;
  • servicing and repair of electronic equipment, TV equipment, computing and mobile communications.

The graduates trained in the study program year after year are increasingly requested, which is confirmed by the number of requests behalf of economic agents. Respectively, they easily find job in the following directions:

  • Engineer in the field of design and production of electronic equipment (S.A. “TOPAZ”, LLC “ComelPRO” ADD Grup Company and others)
  • Radio Stations, studios and TV and radio centers (SRL DVLab, TV Moldova and others);
  • Banks and trading firms equipped with information systems (National Bank of Moldova, MICB, AIB Centre of State Information Resources “Register” etc.);
  • Companies specialized in the installation and maintenance of electronic communications equipment (SE National Center for Radio Frequency, State Radio, SRL Starnet, Sun Communications SRL, SRL SATELLITE etc..);
  • Activities in the areas of maintenance, service, operation and development of electronic systems and telecommunications (SE “Guard Service of MIA”, LLC GSS – Security);
  • Communications services for businesses in other areas (for ex., Network administration);
  • Companies carrying out their activities in ICT.