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The Department Thermotechnics and Management in Energetics (TME) was formed in September 2004 after merging the Department of Thermotechnics and Department of Engineering and Management in Energetics. Since the creation of the new department the post of head of the departments is occupied by: univ. prof., dr. hab. Valentin ARION (2004-2016); associate professor, Ph.D. in technical sciences Corina CHELMENCIUC (2016-2017);  univ. lecturer  Dumitru BRAGA (2017 – present).

The Department of Thermotechnics was developed beginning with 1964, based on the teaching staff, that had courses of Thermotechnics at all faculties of Chisinau Polytechnic Institute: professors V. ERESICO, I. MOSCALIUC, G. LEVIN, A. MOSIAC, V. POPOVCI, contributed significantly to the development of material and didactical base of the department. Later, began their didactic and scientific activity the teachers E. VARLAN, V. VESELOV, D. GASCA, L. POPOVICI, N. BUTENCO, IU. TETELEA, V. TIURIN, V. SKILEOV, A. LUPASCO, I. MARTA, G. BALAN  L. TCACI, S. PALAS, N. BEGLET, C.CHELMENCIUC, D.BRAGA, D.BOSTAN,  A.TVERDOHLEB. Heads of department were: university professor, corresponding member of the ASM V. MUSTATA (1975-1980, 1988-2004), professor N. BABOI (1980-1984) and professor A. GUTU (1985-1988). In 1981, the Department obtained the status of profile department and started the preparation of engineers in the specialty 1902 “thermoenergetics”.

The Department of Economics and Management in Energetics activated in the years 1996-2004 as department of profile for training the engineering staff at specialty “Engineering and Management in Energetics” as well as for teaching subjects of economic profile at all specialties of energetics. Here have activated the teachers  V. ARION, I. KRASOVSCHII, P. PASINCOVSCHII, S. CODREANU, I. TIMOFTE, L. LUPAN, A. CIOBANU, M. PUNTEA, V. APREUTESII, C.GHERMAN, S. UNGUREANU. The post of the head of the department was occupied by university professor Valentin ARION.

Currently DTPEEM (CTME) carries out training of engineers in the following specialties:

Thermoenergetics, cycle I License

Thermoenergetics specialty graduates competences are aimed at designing and research activities in the field of thermal systems, ventilation and heating of technological production, processing and consumption of electrical and thermal energy in order to maximize the technical and economic effectiveness. The specialty provides a thorough training in the areas of current problems of energy, new technologies for generation and sustainable use of energy, including renewable energy sources. A special attention is paid to the economic and energy policies and methods of mitigating the negative impact on the environment into energy systems.

Engineering and Management in Energetics, License Cycle

The qualification Engineering and Management in Energetic offers a comprehensive view of the entire energy sector – from primary energy resources and technologies for their conversion in final energy to energy management and energy systems, careful preparation in terms of economy energy targets, energy entities and management training policy and energy legislation and energy market, natural gas and heat.

Energy and Environment, Cycle II, Master

Energy and Environment program provides a thorough training, of scientific and creativity character in engineering, economics and management in the energy, ensured by the teaching of basic subjects and specialty as well as completion of a period of practice and developing the master thesis. The program provides capacity development of scientific research as a mandatory condition for doctoral studies.

The Department TME is proud of its graduates who have obtained outstanding achievements in the professional: Calin NEGURA, Mihai LUPU, Mihai GADEI, Adrian PRITULA, Ion GARSTEA, Nicolae PEICOV, Dumitru MUNTEANU, Anatol DIMOV, Veaceaslav HELBETI, Ilarion POPA, Alexandru CHETRARI, Silvia CEBANU, Vitalie CERNAT, Olga MAJAROVA, Victor DUBALARU.

Oportunităţi de angajare în câmpul muncii a absolvenţilor CTME:

  • Power sector (power plants – CET-1 and CET-2 Chisinau, CET North, CHE-Costesti; transport enterprise “Moldelectrica” and electricity distribution companies – GasNatural Fenosa, RED Nord, RED Nord-Vest);
  • The thermal power sector (enterprises of generation, transmission and distribution of thermal energy in the country: SATermocom-Chisinau, Comgaz-Ungheni etc..);
  • Gas supply (Moldova-gaz and its territorial branches);
  • Industrial enterprises (sugar factories, agricultural products processing, glass, plant for the production of building materials, steel factory from Ribnita);
  • State authorities of the energy sector managing (Energy Efficiency Agency, ANRE, NECA etc.).

Higher technical education institutions and of scientific research.



Educational process is carried out by 18 teachers, 9 people activate part time. Five teachers have scientific degrees, including two people who are doctors habilitate in technique.

They hold courses at 25 the disciplines of thermoenergetic profile and 22 of economics, covering key areas, specialty, compulsory and optional. At the department is developed a methodical complex for the specialty 1902 “Thermoenergetics” containing all the educational programs.

At the Department TPEEM activate two teachers with the right to conduct the doctorate:

  1. prof., dr. hab. Valentin MUSTEATA, correspondent member of ASM, specialty 05.14.05 “Theoretical Basis of Thermotechnics”;
  2. prof., dr. hab. Valentin ARION, specialty 221.01 „Energy systems and technologies” (05.14.02 “Power stations” (electric parts), networks, electric power systems and their control.



Over the years at TPEEM Department was carried on an intense scientific activity in more than 40 research and development projects. The theme of scientific research is closely related to the accomplished field of training: energy policy, energy efficiency, conventional and unconventional energy technologies, energy sector environmental impact, heat and mass transfer.

Areas of scientific research:

  • modern technologies and installations of production, transport and distribution of energy,
  • energy conservation and efficiency of technological processes,
  • technological, economic and environmental feasibility of energy projects,
  • energy cost calculation and of regulated tariffs for energy,
  • sustainable energy systems, energy security, energetic policy and legislation.



The department disposes of a material and technical basis needed to carry out practical work, laboratory and scientific research: 4 laboratories for scientific study and  a computing center.



The department maintains vast collaboration relationships with a number of similar departments at Technical Universities of Bucharest, Kiev, Odessa, Iasi, Galati and others, as well as Energetics Institutions in the country: Agency for Efficiency in Energy, Fund for Energy Efficiency, Institute of Applied Physics of the ASM, SA “Termoelectrica”. Specialists from organizations hold courses within the department, participate in the activity of State Commissions for Examination.



NoName, surnameFunctionE-mail
1Arion Valentinuniv. prof., dr. hab.; bas.valentin.arion@tme.utm.md
2Guţu Aureldr., associate professor; bas. and cum.aurel.gutu@tme.utm.md
3Tîrşu Mihaildr., associate professor, cum. externalmihail.tirsu@tme.utm.md
4Hlusov Vioricadr., associate professor; bas.viorica.hlusov@tme.utm.md
5Chelmenciuc Corina associate professor, Ph.D. in technical sciences; cum.corina.chelmenciuc@tme.utm.md
6Ababii Sergiuuniv. lecturer, cum. externalsergiu.ababii@tme.utm.md
7Braga Dumitruhead of the department, univ. lecturer; bas. and cum.dumitru.braga@tme.utm.md
8Berzan Vladimiruniv. prof., dr. hab.; cum.vladimir.berzan@ee.utm.md
9Ciobanu Andreiuniv. assistant, bas.andrei.ciobanu@tme.utm.md
10Gropa Victorprodean, lecturer sup., cum.victor.gropa@ee.utm.md
11Guţu-Chetruşca Corinauniv. lecturercorina.gutu@tme.utm.md
12Tcaci Larisauniv. lecturer, cum. externallarisa.tcaci@tme.utm.md
13Tverdohleb Alauniv. lecturer, cumulala.tverdohleb@tme.utm.md
14Lomov Oleguniv. assistant, cum. externaloleg.lomov@tme.utm.md
15Tverdohleb Alauniv. lecturer, cum.ala.tverdohleb@tme.utm.md

Non-teaching staff

1Tverdohleb Alașef laborator, bas.ala.tverdohleb@tme.utm.md
2Ababii Sergiuengineer cat. II, cum.sergiu.ababii@tme.utm.md
3Ciobanu Andreiengineer cat. I, cum.andrei.ciobanu@tme.utm.md
4Tverdohleb Carolinaspecialist documentation studies cat. I