Dean of the faculty
Associate prof, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences


Address:  78, 31 August 1989 str., nr. 2 block of study
Tel: +373 22 234-187, Mob: +373 79 284-496

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The Faculty was founded in 1963 (1963-1967 – Faculty of Electrotechnics from which the years 1963-1964 in the State University and the years 1964-1967 at the Polytechnic Institute “S. Lazo”, in the years 1967-2014 – Faculty of Energetics and from 2014 – Faculty of Energetics and Electrical Engineering).

The first promotion of the faculty (1964) numbered 66 graduates, and the 51st promotion ( 2014 year) – 137 graduates. The opening of the faculty coincided with the intense electrification of all the branches of national economy: construction of large thermal power plants (Chisinau, Balti, Cuciurgan), new transmission and distribution of electricity, electrification of rural areas, transport, industrial and construction units and the opening of several enterprises with electrotechnical character – “Electromasina”, “Hidropompa”, “Vibroaparat” etc.



Faculty possesses 33 specialized laboratories, 6 computer rooms; two research, design and consultancy centers, , a didactic-methodical center and a center for students’ creativity.



At the faculty activate 59 teachers, including a corresponding member of ASRM, five doctors habilitate and university professors 15 PhDs, associate professors. In the last five years there have been sustained three PhD thesis in technics.

For many years at the Faculty departments it is practiced the part time hiring of the best graduates of the faculty as teachers, those employed in enterprises and companies, design organizations and others in this field, which is very important as it ensures an effective cooperation between the academic area and that of production and design.



Cycle I, License:

4 years – full-time

5 years – redused attendancy





Engineering and Quality Management

Engineering and Management in Energetics.

Cycle II, Master

(1,5 years)


Energy and Environment


Electrical Engineering

Engineering and Quality Management

Innovational Management and Technologic Transfer.

Cycle III, PhD Studies


Energy Systems and Technologies

Energy Conversion Technologies and Renewable Resources (with their specification)

Electrotechnical devices and equipment

Electrotechnical Technologies.

Metrology, Standardization and Conformity

Methods and Systems of Control in Commodities Science.



For over 50 years of activity there have been trained about 9,000 engineers. Currently at the faculty are studying 430 full-time students, 273 students of reduced attendancy, 92 masters and 9 PhD students.

An important tradition in the activity of the faculty is student participation with reports at student’s conferences, organized within TUM and Romania in the fields of Energetics, Electrotechnics and Economics in Energetics. Students also have the opportunity to undertake internships and to continue their master education in Romania, France, Sweden.




National Projects

  • Institutional project 118 b / s – Innovative Drive Systems with Reluctant Engines and Command Equipment for Urban Electric Vehicles
  • Institutional Project nr. 11.817.06.05A “Research and design for low speed synchronous generators of hydraulic and wind systems”
  • Institutional Project nr. 11.817.06.04A “Efficiency of Electroenergetics System of the Republic of Moldova”
  • Institutional project nr. 11.817.06.03A “Development of Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the Republic of Moldova (AREE)”
  • TecTNET Tempus project – technological transfer
  • QUAEM Tempus Project – Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Moldova
  • CRUNT Tempus Project –e-learning study
  • Project within the state program 108 b/s – “Development of relations between university and economic areas “
  • Project within state programs “Electric Energy Supply System of Microsatellite”

Institutional Project: Towards an Energy Autonomy of Moldova Republic


International Projects

  • Tempus Project Enhancing University Autonomy in Moldova


Participation in the TUM exhibition “Creation opens the universe”

  • Stand Energy Efficiency of Adjustable Electro-Mechanical System – developed by students
  • Robotic Arm with Electric Drive – developed by students
  • Simulator automated system for adjusting PID controllers


Scientific Conferences Organization

National Technical-Scientific Conference Contributors, PhD candidates and students.


Participation in the exhibition organized by the Energy Efficiency Agency under the “European Sustainable Energy Week”

  • Autonomous Photovoltaic System
  • Thermogenerator with eddy current



National Projects

Institutional Project “Towards an Energy Autonomy of Moldova Republic” (2015-2018).


Round tables

  • “Key-challenges concerning the promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Moldova Republic”
  • “Promoting Renewable Energy Sources and Related Investment Opportunities”
  • “Balanced and Affordable Energy Tariffs”.
  • “Towards a Local Energy Autonomy”
  • “Aspects of the Development of Energy Cooperation between Romania and Moldova”



Throughout the whole period of activity within the faculty there were presented PhD theses and Doctor Habilitat theses, there were carried out research projects in collaboration with several universities in Moldova and abroad (Romania, France, Ukraine, USA, Russian Federation , Belgium, etc.).

Based on these collaborations and projects there were organized a series of conferences and national and international symposiums such as:

  • National Technical-Scientific Conference of Contributors, PhD candidates and students, held annually;
  • SIELMEN International Conference, held every two years since 1997.

In 2015  the 10th edition (jubilee) SIELMEN conference carried out its work.



Our graduates are in high demand because they possess a high level of training that allows them to activate successfully in various fields. Some graduates  manifested themselves as manufacture organizers, as leaders of large collectives. Others have become scientists, inventors, or simply good specialists at workplace.

In the Energetics and Electrical Engineering Faculty there were formed the following personalities:

  • Ghenadie Dimov, General Director of SE “Moldelectrica”;
  • Igor Savin, former General Director JSC RED Nord;
  • Mihai Cernei, former General Director JSC „Termocom”;
  • Petru Chiriac, Vice President of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of R.M.;
  • Calin Negura, Directorate General Chief og Energetics, Ministry of Economy;
  • Valentin Gherih, Head of Department Интер РАО ЕЭС;
  • Oleg Teresco, hab.dr.,, Director of Training Institute of State Officials in Russia;
  • Ion Dosca, former world champion in checkers;
  • Serghei Andros, Deputy General Director of Energy Company ОАО “МРСК Центра и Приволжья” (Russia);
  • Viorel Petelca, Director of the Company „TEHELECTRO-SV”;
  • Alexandru Braileanu, Director of Network Management ICS “RED Union Fenosa” JSC;
  • Iurii Ghies, Director of Institute ”Energoproiect”;
  • Adrian Pritula, Interim General Director of JSC Energocom.

Over the years we have established close working relationships with SE Moldelectrica, Î.C.S. “RED Union Fenosa” JSC, JSC RED-Nord, Termoelectrica JSC, Energy Efficiency Agency, JSC RED Nord-Vest, ASM Energy Institute, design institute “Energoproiect” Companies InterElectroComplect, VOLTA, InformBusines, and TehelectroSV and others.