Head of the department
Associate prof., Dr.



Address: 41, Dacia bd., block of study nr. 10
Tel: +373 22 56-76-74



History of the Department

The department was founded in 1964 as the Department of “Political Economics” and since 1993 it is called the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing (DETM).

During 1964-1968 the department was led by acad. Nicolae FROLOV, and in 1968-2005 –  by univ. prof., dr. hab. Andrei COJUHARI. In 2005-2012 the head of the department was the assoc. prof., dr. Andrei GANGAN. Since February 2012 the head of the department is the assoc. prof., dr. Veaceslav BARDAN.

The Department serves the students of all faculties of Technical University of Moldova.

The mission of the department

The formation of highly skilled specialists of technical and economic profile, competitive on labor market, able to analyze and think critically on aspects of marketing and logistics,, to solve pertinently problems and develop specific decisions of this career.



Within DETM activate 20 teachers, including 6 cumulards, including: 1 university professor, doctor hab.,, 12 doctors and 8 university lecturers.

DETM provides all the faculties with the courses “Economic Theory”, “Economic Doctrines”, “Economic Integration and European Economy”, “Marketing” and others, and within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business it tutors the disciplines “Economic Theory”, “Marketing “” Economic Integration and European Economy “at all economic specialties, in addition, the department ensures all specialty disciplines for training the licensees in Economics Specialty” Marketing and Logistics “.

DETM is responsible for the preparation of Masters in the program “Industrial Marketing” (120 credits).

Within the department in the last 10 years there were developed several manuals for the disciplines “Economic Theory”, “Economic Doctrines”, “Industrial Marketing”, “Theory of Consumer Behavior”, “Economic Integration and European Economy” and others.

Within the department, activate two scientific-methodological seminars:

  1. „The European Economic Integration – Moldova’s National Priority and the Main Vector of Development”;
  2. „Peculiarities of the Contemporary Marketing”.

The meetings of these methodical seminars are public and take place regularly on the last Thursday of each month.

Description of the specialties

Cycle I, License

To meet the current and future demands of the national and international labor force market, marketing and logistics field of professional training has as specific objectives:

  1. Ensuring the graduates with theoretical and practical detailed knowledge specific to professional training of marketing and logistics;
  2. Formation of skills to enable the specialist in field of marketing and logistics the development of strategic approaches by applying professional knowledge;
  3. Formation of personal and professional competences;
  4. Development of skills in marketing and logistics for enhancing possibilities of succeeding on rapid integration into European structures and economy.

The Concept of specialist training in marketing and logistics derives from the company’s marketing activities: organizing and developing the marketing department; marketing research; marketing policy development; application of the promotional techniques; planning and implementation of logistics operations.

Employment possibilities of graduates in the domain of marketing and logistics are multiple, regardless of the company’s activity field. To be competitive, the specialist in marketing and logistics must have a set of social skills and professional competencies that allow the opening of some working perspectives in different branches of national economy: industry, services, trade, banking, agriculture, etc. The field of professional training in marketing and logistics is required on the labor market, preparing specialists that can activate as marketer, economist, marketing and sales specialist, purchasing agent, marchandiser responsible for logistics, commercial agent, logistics specialist, communications specialist.

For professional training in the specialty “Marketing and Logistics” are taught the following subjects:

  • Economic Theory
  • Marketing Basics
  • Logistics Bases
  • Science of Commodities
  • Marketing Research
  • The theory of Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Services Marketing
  • International Trade
  • Merchandising
  • Logistics of Production
  • Logistics of stocks
  • International Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Promotional Techniques
  • Logistics of Supply
  • Logistics of Distribution
  • Logistics of Storage
  • Marketing agrifood
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Selling Techniques



The main research direction of the department is gait analysis of economic reforms in the Republic of Moldova. In recent years at the department there were elaborated and sustained 25 doctoral thesis and 4 doctor habilitat in Economics theses. At the Department functions doctoral studies at the specialty 08.00.01 “Political Economy; Economic Doctrines “.



For the purposes of of the didactic process Economic Theory and marketing department possesses three well furnished rooms situated in block of study Nr. 10 (405, 407, 410). equipped with computers, printers, copier, projectors, a small library, various didactic materials etc..



The Department collaborates with specialized departments of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova,  Moldova State University, Cooperatist Comercial University of Moldova, National School of Political and Administrative Studies (Bucharest, Romania), University “Piri Reis” (Istanbul, Turkey) , Naval Academy “Mircea cel Batran” (Constanta, Romania), National Maritime Academy, Odessa (Ukraine), National Academy of Municipal Economics (Harkov, Ukraine), University of Technology (Tallinn, Estonia) and other similar institutions on the exchange of staff, analytical programs and didactical and scientific literature, as well as common participation in international research projects.

For a better practical training of students the department collaborates with various institutions, businesses and other entities, both public and private (ie European Business Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, different networks of shops and so on).



In DETM states are engaged in a total of 20 teachers of whom 6 people – cumulards, including those with scientific degree – 54.54%.

Name, Surname Function  Scientific and Didactic Title
Bardan Veaceslav Head of the department, associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Hohlov Valeriu associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Bogdanas Alexandru associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Gangan Andrei associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Grunzu Tatiana associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Childescu Valentina Vice dean, associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Munteanu Tatiana associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Cazacu Vitalie associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Chiriac Lilia associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Capsizu Valeriu associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Bulat Veronica univ. lect. Assoc. prof., Dr.
Stucalova Tatiana univ. lect.
Carp Elena senior lecturer
Crijanovschi Stela univ. lect.
Bogdanova Svetlana univ. lect.
Goian Mariana univ. lect.
Surunceanu Alexandru univ. lect.
Grigoras Maria associate prof. Assoc. prof., Dr.  
Non-teaching staff
Lesnic Alina engineer cat. I