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Head of the Department
Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences



Address: 9/7, Studentilor str., block of study nr. 3
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The Department of Social and Human Sciences was created as a result of the merging of three Departments – “The History of Romanians”, “Philosophy” and “Political Science” – in 1994, with S. Ţaranov, N. Vasiliev and V. Aculai as its founding heads. It has become one of the departments of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics. Among the pedagogues-humanists who cultivated in the personality of many generations of engineers, values ​​and general-human principles were: C. Stratievschi, V. Toncovidov, N. Şaşcov, I. Gumeniuc, N Şavelschi, V. Gamov, V. Saca , C. Zavtur, D. Borş, O. Adamov, I. Malicov, A. Cojocaru, E. Zatâşneac, A. Cuconescu, A. Apostu, N. Şevţov, C. Bronici, G. Pancenco, M. Popovitcenco, N Malicov, F. Doroganici, I. Buga, P. Andrieş, A. Alexa, N. Piotrovschi, E. Stanev, Z. Chitoroagă, R. Samoteev, I. Liuminarschi, V. Canicovschi, T. Vârţanu, L. Ijiţchi , A. Buşman, P. Popescu, G. Slabu, S. Tihun, T. Roman, M. Guzgan, C. Lozovanu, V. Vasilos, M. Cartofeanu, V. Gadarag, L. Coțaga, C. Cheianu, V Buzu, A. Glazing.

Starting with 1994, the new department was led by Tudor M. Vărţanu, prof., PhD. (1994-1996), Ion Vangheli associate professor, PhD (1996-1999) and M. Braga associate professor, PhD (1999-2019). Starting with November 2019 it is headed by E. Lozovanu associate professor, PhD.


No Name Position, title E-mail
1 Ecaterina Lozovanu

Head of the Department, dr., associate professor

2 Mihail Braga Dr., associate professor
3 Ion Vangheli Dr., associate professor

4 Viorelia Lungu Dr., associate professor

5 Dan Simion univ. lecturer
6 Cristina Lazariuc univ. lecturer
7 Natalia Cărbune univ. lecturer
8 Vitalie Maftei univ. lecturer
9 Veronica Roșca univ. lecturer
Non-teaching staff

Cristina Lazariuc

specialist documentation studies, cum


The mission of the Department of Social and Human Sciences is to form, in students, social consciousness, civic culture and social responsibility in relation to engineering and technical creations, to refine the behavior of young people through a system of principles and moral values ​​and, last but not least. to form a general understanding of nature, society, and human life. The objectives of the Department emerge, first of all, from the specifics of the disciplines that are taught: Philosophy, Professional Ethics and Culture of Speech, Ethics, Communication and Law, Basics of Communication, Communication Techniques.

Since the establishment of the department, a significant number of monographs, course materials and other methodical materials have been published, which are necessary for the efficient development of the educational process, being subsequently posted on the TUM e-learning platform, for the use of students. Thus, over the years the following cycles of lectures have been published:

  1. LOZOVANU E. Philosophy of Science”.
  2. LOZOVANU E., LAZARIUC C. The history of philosophical thought”.
  3. VANGELI I., LOZOVANU E., LAZARIUC C., MAFTEI V., ROŞCA V. „Theory and Practice of European Integration”;
  4. LUNGU V. “Theory and Methodology of Prospective Education”
  5. SIMION D., LAZARIUC C., MAFTEI V., CĂRBUNE N. and others. “Professional Ethics”.
  6. SIMION D. “Basis of Communication”
  7. BRAGA M., LOZOVANU C., LOZOVANU E. “Philosophical Fragmentarium”
  8. BRAGA M., LOZOVANU C., LOZOVANU E. and others. “History of Philosophy.” Part I and II.
  9. VASILOS V. „History of the Romanians”;
  10. VANGHELI I., GUZGAN M., TIHUN S. „ Culturology”;
  11. LOZOVANU C. „Philosophy of Law”;
  12. VANGHELI I., GUZGAN M., ROŞCA V., PALII V., MAFTEI V. „Political Science”.

Within the Department there is a methodological-scientific seminar, in which are analyzed the methodical works and textbooks developed by the teaching staff of the Department. The didactic-methodical activity of the staff is evaluated annually, in order to highlight the progress and identify the development perspectives. Also, annually are analyzed the content of the subjects taught, in order to adapt the teaching-learning process to the requirements of the knowledge-based society.


Within the Department of Social Human Sciences, scientific research is carried out in the following directions:

  1. History of Philosophy and Philosophy
  2. Philosophy and Methodology of Science
  3. History of the Development of Science and Technology
  4. Philosophical Foundations of Engineering Thinking
  5. Current Issues of Political Science
  6. Global Democracy
  7. Theory and Practice of European Integration.
  8. Sociology of social minorities
  9. Theory of Education
  10. Engineering Psychology
  11. Global Ethics
  12. Applied Ethics
  13. Engineering Ethics
  14. Professional Ethics
  15. Emotional intelligence

Since 2000, our Department organizes annually the Interuniversity Scientific Conference attended by professors from all university institutions of the Republic of Moldova, researchers from the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and university professors from abroad, concerned with the humanities issues. The Conferences are dedicated to the challenges launched by technical-scientific progress, the impact of science and technology on human development, issues affecting the intellectuals of the Republic of Moldova. The main editions of the conferences took place with the title: “Mihai Eminescu and contemporaneity (2000); “Spirituality at the intersection of millennia. (2001); “Spirituality. Technical Science.” (2002); “Spiritual values in the process of education.” (2003); „Scientific seminar dedicated to the Kantian philosophical work„ Im. Kant and contemporary science.” (2005) „The intellectuality of the Republic of Moldova in the transition period. (end of the 20th century – beginning of the 21st century) (2007); “Socio-humanities and technical-scientific progress.” (2008-2019);Research, Development and Innovation in the Context of Global Ethics.” (2020).

The Department also contributes to the cultivation of scientific research skills among students. In this sense, it organizes annually the Socio-Human Sciences Section of the Technical-Scientific Conference of Students, Master and Doctoral Students (UTM), which starting with 2020 is carried out with the motto “The future belongs to young researchers”. Starting with 2015, our Department organizes annually on May 8-9 the Student Scientific Conference dedicated to Europe Day, in which young people express, in communications, their identity with European values, with the principles of the rule of law and with the common objectives of the Republic of Moldova.


An important objective of our department is to initiate cooperative relations with new social partners at national and international level. As a result, our department collaborates with the following partners:

Center for Research in Applied Ethics within the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest

– Ryazan Institute (branch) of the Moscow Polytechnic University

– Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova;

– State University of Moldova;

– University of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals „N. Testemințanu” from Moldova;

-The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova;

– Free International University of Moldova;