Ion Fiodorov

Head of the department
associate professor, doctor of technics



Address: 9/7, Studentilor str., study of study nr. 3
Tel: +373 22 50-99-08



In 1964 with the foundation of CPI there was opened The Department of Automatics and Computing (ATC). The Department ATC was preparing engineers at specialty “Automatics and Telemechanics” (first admission 1959 within the State University of Moldova and the first promotion in 1964) and taught initiating courses in computer science at all faculties of CPI. In 1974 the Department ATC is divided into Department of Automatics and the Department of computing. In 1979 at the Department of Automatics is launched the specialty “Systems of Automated Driving” (SAD), which in 1988 would generate a new division and would be created The Department of „Systems of Automated Information Processing and Driving” (SAIPD). In 1990 began the reshaping of SAIPD and its transformation(1992)  in the Department with specialization in informational technologies, The Department of “Informational Technologies” (IT). The Department of AIT was created in 2006 by merging the Department of Automatics with the Department of Informational Technologies. The Department of Software Engineering and Automatics was created in 2016 by merging the Department of Automation and Informational Technologies, the Francophone Branch “Informatique” and the Anglophone Branch “Computer Science”. Heads of the departments were: Catedra ATC – L. KRASNOV, assoc. prof., dr. (1964), B. LADVISCENKO, int. assoc. prof. (1965), Iu. MAXIMOV, assoc. prof., dr. (1966-1975), V. MARASANOV, univ. prof., dr. hab. (1975-1988); The Department of automatics – S. IDRICEANU, assoc. prof., dr. (1988-1990), V. GUTU, assoc. prof., dr. (1990-1992), B. IZVOREANU, assoc. prof., dr. (1992-1993, 1999-2006), A. GREMALSCHI, univ. prof., dr. hab. (1993-1999), the Department SAIPD – Vladimir MARASANOV, univ. prof., dr. hab. (1988-1990), Victor BESLIU, assoc. prof., dr. (1990-1991, ITC 1992-2006; AITC 2006-2016). From 2016 the Head of Department AIT is assoc. prof., dr.  Dumitru CIORBA.  


From 1964 up to 1992 The Department prepared specialists in ATM specialty and from 1979 in SAIPD specialty  only in Russian, according to the educational plans developed by Moscow. Admission was of 50 graduates of secondary schools at each specialty, competition for admission being very high. In the period 1991-1992 it was elaborated the first educational plan for specialties AI and IT with teaching in Romanian language. The first admission to specialty IT occurred in the summer of 1992. There were created two groups of 25 students with education in Romanian language. The first promotion was in 1997. Over the years at the specialty IT there were created groups with studying in English (1998), French (1996) and Russian (1993). In 1992 it was introduced the admission to studies on fee (without limiting the number of places). The maximum number of students admitted at the specialty IT exceeded 250. In 1997 there were launched one year-long master studies at the specialties IT and AI. In 2005 there was developed and introduced the first educational plan according to Stipulations of Bolgna Process: Cycle 1 license – 4 years (240 ECTS credits) and Cycle 2 Master – 1.5 years (90 ECTS credits) at the specialties 526.2″ Informational Technologies” (IT ) and 526.3 “Automatics and Informatics” (AI). In 2011 there was launched the specialty 526.5 “Informational Security” (IS) cycle I, License (240 credits) with teaching in Romanian language. The majority of the AIT staff was always formed from its former graduates, who grew up along with the Department. At the department activate 3 doctors habilitate, university professors and over 20 doctors, associate professors, formed by TUM Doctorate or by institutions of higher education in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Many former teachers of the department currently activate in universities or IT companies in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia. Former head of the Department of automatics, Mr Anatol GREMALSCHI, TUM graduate, ex-deputy minister (1992), Minister of Education and Science of RM (1998-1999). The founder of specialties IT and IS, Victor BESLIU (PhD Student-collaborator of the Moscow Aviation Institute during 1967-1982, including license in 1973 and doctorate in 1980), has been involved in several projects of national importance (Development of the Strategy of Building the Information Society, development of the Concept of Electronic Government, creating SIA “e-statements”) and international (USAID, UNDP, ISOC World Summit Awards etc.). A. Balabanov is the Academician of the Russian Academy of Real Sciences.  


The first scientific researches on budgetary topics are opened in 1967 and the first scientific researches on economic contracts were launched in 1968. The research directions were always correlated with development problems of science and systems engineering and of computers and information technology. In the years 1967-2016 the Department AIT carried out scientific researches on 53 themes, including 21 budgetary and 32 on economic contracts. The scientific research was attended by teachers, engineers, PhD students and students. During the scientific activity there were published over 2,000 scientific and didactic works  and more than 35 inventions. In 1965 are opened doctoral studies at the Department ATC. Over the years many people have studied at the Doctorate,  of them have developed and defended 20 theses (dr. hab. – 4 and doctor – 16). Scientific research results are integrated at the department in the process of studies at three specialties of the department, in the perspective of implementing of an education based on research. In this context, within the department were founded various scientific and didactic laboratories: „Mobile Technologies”, „Knowledge Management”, „Informational Security”, „Integrated, Analog and Digital Circuits”, „Internet of things”, „Microprocessor Systems and Industrial Communications”, „Automated Management Engineering”.  

IV. COLLABORATIONS The Department of Automation and Informational Technologies, prepares, starting with 1993, licensed engineers in IT, providing current studying programs appreciated in consultations with partners (public institutions, private companies, students). Among enterprises and state institutions, departments, ministries and private companies that actively collaborated in consultation or support partnerships are: Center for Electronic Governance, SE “Center for Special Telecommunications”, Institute for Information Society Development, SE “Fiscservinform” Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, JSC “Orange”, LLC “Starnet” ISMP “Deeplace”, LLC “AlliedTesting”, LLC “Pentalog”, LLC “Endava” “JMD Planet”, “Winify” “Evisoft” SRL “TenerLab” “Dekart” LLC “EST Computer” SRL “FFW”. The profile of specialty “Automatics and Informatics” defines collaboration relationships with specific for the field enterprise: Institute of Power Engineering, ASM; Science and Engineering Center “Informinstrument” SA; Institute for research in non-destructive control domain, JV “Steinel Electronic”; “Bucuria” SA; “CET-2” JSC, “Electrotehnoimport” LLC, “Salonix-Teh” Ltd., “Moldtelecom” etc.   


No Name, surname Function E-mail
1 Balabanov Anatolii univ. associate professor, dr. hab.
2 Leahu Alexei univ. professor, dr. hab.
3 Ciorbă Dumitru head of the department, associate professor, dr.
4 Cotelea Vitalie associate professor., dr., hab., cum.
5 Beşliu Victor associate professor, dr.
6 Chirev Pavel associate professor, dr.
7 Ciubotaru Constantin associate professor, dr., cum.
8 Cojuhari Irina associate professor, dr.
9 Dragoner Valeriu associate professor, dr.
10 Fiodorov Ion associate professor, dr.
11 Izvoreanu Bartolomeu associate professor, dr.
12 Romanenco Alexandru associate professor, dr.
13 Marusic Galina associate professor, dr., cum.
14 Mocanu Veronica univ. lecturer, dr., cum.
15 Coşuleanu Ion associate professor, cum.
16 Putere Alexandru associate professor, cum.
17 Botnaru Raisa associate professor, dr.
18 Stratan Ion associate professor, dr.
19 Andrievschi-Bagrin Veronica senior lecturer
20 Bulai Rodica univ. lecturer
21 Catruc Mariana senior lecturer
22 Călin Rostislav univ. lecturer
23 Colesnic Victor univ. lecturer
24 Duca Ludmila univ. lecturer
25 Melnic Radu univ. lecturer
26 Poştaru Andrei senior lecturer
27 Saranciuc Dorian univ. lecturer
28 Sava Nina univ. lecturer
29 Ţurcanu Dinu senior lecturer, cum.
30 Rusu Mariana senior lecturer
31 Rusu Viorel univ. lecturer
32 Ceban Gheorghi univ. lecturer
33 Scorohodova Tatiana univ. lecturer
34 Podduchin Vladimir univ. lecturer, cum.  
35 Antohi Ionel univ. lecturer
36 Cojocaru Svetlana univ. lecturer
37 Lisnic Inga univ. lecturer
38 Moraru Dumitru univ. lecturer
39 Secrieru Adrian univ. lecturer, cum.
40 Cazac Marin univ. lecturer, cum.
41 Tiholaz Tamara univ. asistant
42 Potlog Mihail univ. lecturer, cum.
43 Bodoga Cristina univ. asistant
44 Ciudin Sergiu univ. asistant
45 Scrob Sergiu univ. asistant
46 Cojanu Irina univ. asistant, cum.
47 Chetruşca Ecaterina univ. asistant, cum.
48 Gavrişco Alexandr univ. asistant, cum.  
49 Şerşun Anastasia univ. asistant, cum.
50 Ababii Victor associate professor, dr.
51 Balmuş Ion associate professor, dr.
52 Bostan Viorel univ. professor, dr. hab., cum.
53 Botez Alexei associate professor, dr.
54 Botnaru Sorin univ. asistant
55 Braga Vasili univ. lecturer, cum.
56 Bragarenco Andrei senior lecturer
57 Carcea Liviu associate professor
58 Chilimari Dumitru univ. asistant, cum.
59 Ciloci Rafael associate professor, dr., cum.
60 Ciuru Tudor associate professor, dr., cum.
61 Cojuhari Elena associate professor, dr.
62 Costaş Svetlana senior lecturer, cum.
63 Costiuc Irina univ. asistant
64 Coşleţ Mihai univ. asistant, cum.
65 Cunev Veaceslav associate professor, cum.  
66 Dohotaru Leonid associate professor, dr., cum.
67 Dîrul Dumitru univ. asistant, cum.  
68 Falico Nicolae associate professor, cum.
69 Gavriliţa Mihail univ. asistant
70 Geru Ion univ. professor, dr. hab., cum.  
71 Gogoi Elena senior lecturer
72 Istrati Daniela senior lecturer, cum.
73 Izman Maria associate professor, dr., cum.
74 Kulev Mihail associate professor, dr., cum.
75 Lupan Oleg univ. professor, dr. hab., cum.
76 Marian Constantin univ. asistant, cum.
77 Mironov Bettin associate professor, dr., cum.
78 Moraru Vasile associate professor, dr., cum.
79 Moraru Victor associate professor, dr., cum.
80 Pecari Mihail univ. asistant, cum.
81 Plugaru Tudor univ. asistant, cum.
82 Postovan Dumitru associate professor, dr.
83 Rusu Cristian univ. asistant
84 Sacenco Alexandru univ. asistant, cum.
85 Sudacevschi Viorica associate professor, dr., cum.
86 Tolocica Doina univ. asistant, cum.  
87 Zaleşciuc Maxim univ. asistant, cum.
Non-teaching staff
1 Secrieru Adrian head of lab.
2 Potlog Mihail head of lab.
3 Railean Serghei associate professor, dr., cum.
4 Cebotari Daria engineer cat. I
5 Chiu Sandu engineer cat. I, 0.5
6 Grama Marcel engineer cat. II, 0.5
7 Sacenco Alexandru engineer cat. I
8 Tolocica Doina engineer cat. I