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The Department of Evaluation and Management of Real Estate (DEMRE) was created in 2004 as a result of division of the Department of Evaluation of  Real Estate, Economics and Management, the successor of the Department of economy and constructions organization, founded in 1969. Currently the department is responsible for teaching of two specialties.

Specialty “Evaluation of real estate” appeared in Moldova in 1997, the need for the respective specialists being dictated by the transition from planned economy to market economy. The first promotion of real estate evaluators was released in 2002 and in 2005 the specialty was accredited.

With the accession of RM to the Bologna Process in 2006, training of specialists was divided into two levels: license and master. The graduates of specialty “Evaluation of Real Estate” were given two options: training on technical profile within the program “Cadastre and Real Estate Development” (duration 1.5 years) or economic profile – “The Economics of Real Estate Business” (2 years).

In 2006, in order to restore the specialty “Economics and Organization of Construction” was established the specialty “Engineering and Construction Management”, the first promotion being in 2010.

In order to ensure the continuous training and training of specialists in Evaluation of Real Estate domain,  the department organizes refresher courses lasting 90 hours. The training program was developed in cooperation with the National Chamber of Real Estate from Republic of Moldova. At the department are organized periodically round table discussions and master-classes for practitioners.

2017 – foundation of the Department of the Engineering, Management and Evaluation of Real Estate (DEMERE) by union the Department of Constructions’ Technology and the Department of the Evaluation and Management of Real Estate (head of the department: dr. hab., assoc. prof. Svetlana ALBU).


Nr.Name, surnameTitle, grade, occupied positionHolder of qualification certificate of the evaluatorE-mail Remark
1Svetlana ALBUHead of the department dr. hab., univ. prof.; bas./cum.Immovable assets,

intellectual property

svetlana.albu@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator; Qualified assessor of Intellectual Property; Vice-president of the association of evaluators “Moldovan National Chamber of Real Estate”; PhD Coordinator at the specialty 521.03.
2Tatiana SANDUTAdr. in tech., assoc. prof.; bas./cum.Immovable assetstatiana.sanduta@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator; Member of the Commission for certification of Evaluators, ALRC.
3Evsei SAMISdr. in tech., assoc. prof.; bas.evsei.samis@emi.utm.mdDuring the last 10 years the author of 6 patents inventions; 8 registrated copyright certificates; 8 monographs
4Ion ALBUdr. in economy, assoc. prof.; cum.ion.albu@fcgc.utm.mdQualified in Financial Management in Local Public  Administration; Specialized in constructions technical expertise in purpose of evaluation; managing and coordinating the process of construction
5Victor TOPOREȚdr, associate professor;
6Liubov USTUROIsenior lecturer, bas.liubov.usturoi@emi.utm.mdDuring the last 15 years: author of 1 manual, 3 university courses, about 20 methodical works.
7Tamara ȚMOCALIUCuniversity lecturer,
8Liudmila CARAuniversity lecturer,
9Maria-Liliana MARIANsenior lecturer, bas.marialiliana.marian@emi.utm.mdDuring the last 15 years: author of 3 university courses, about 15 methodical works.
10Mariana BEJENARUsenior lecturer, bas.Immovable assetsmariana.bejenaru@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator
11Liliana JITARIsenior lecturer, bas.Immovable assetsliliana.jitari@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator
12Emilia RENITAuniversity lecturer, bas.Immovable assetsemilia.renita@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator
13Natalia CALINuniversity lecturer, bas.natalia.calin@emi.utm.mdMaster in evaluation
14Irina BULATuniversity lecturer, bas.irina.bulat@emi.utm.mdMaster in evaluation
15Carolina VOLOSATÎIuniversity assistant,
16Alexandru VITANOVuniversity lecturer, external cum.Immovable assets, intellectual propertyalexandru.vitanov@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator; Qualified assessor of Intellectual Property; President of the association of evaluators’ Chamber of Moldovan National Real Estate
17Angela MORARUdr. in economy, assoc. prof., external cum.angela.moraru@emi.utm.mdHead of the Section Compiling the Balance of Payments BNM, Reports and Statistics Department.
18Olga BUZUdr. hab., assoc. prof., external cum.Immovable assetsolga.buzu@emi.utm.mdQualified immovable assets Evaluator; Head of the section Evaluation Real Estate ALRC Member of the Commission for certification of Evaluators, ALRC; PhD Coordinator at the specialty 521.03
19Valeriu CAPSIZUdr. in economy, assoc. prof.,
20Gheorghe CROITORUdr. in tech, assoc. prof.,
21Tatiana STRATuniversity lecturer,
22Alina STRATILA dr. in economy, assoc. prof.,
23Ludmila TIMOTINsenior lecturer,
24Grigore VASCANdr., assoc. prof.,
25Iuliu TURCANdr. in economy, assoc. prof.,
26Rina TURCANdr. in economy, assoc. prof.,
27Nicolae TURCANUdr. in economy, assoc. prof., cum.
Non didactic staff
1Augustina MINZATUsenior engineer,
2Anna LEȘANengineer cat. I,



  1. License (cycle I)
    1. 584.3 Specialty “Evaluation of real estate” – 240 credits, 4 years (the full-time studies and reduced attendance);
    2. 521.8.1 Specialty “Engineering and Management in Constructions” – 240 credits, 4 years (the full-time studies and reduced attendance).
  2. Master (cycle II)
    • Specialty “Cadastre and Real Estate Development”, 90 de credits, 1,5 years (the full-time studies).
  3. Doctorate (cycle III)
    • Specialty “Economics, Finance and Management” – 180 de credits, 3 years.
  4. Continuing education
    • Specialty “Evaluation of real estate” – 90 hours.



SpecialtyReal Estate EvaluationEngineering and Management in Constructions
Budget, %Contract, %Budget, %Contract, %
I Year41595446
II Year64365248
III Year51494753
IV Year46542575

Annually in national and international scientific conferences participate about 14 – 25 students levels I and II of study. Cycle III, doctorate students, annually participate in national and international profile conferences with reports both in Moldova and abroad.



Directions of research within the Department:

  • Real Estate Management,
  • Real estate Evaluation,
  • The Patrimony Evaluation,
  • Investment Efficiency in Constructions.

The Department collaborates with:

  1. Association of Evaluators from Moldova – National Chamber of Real Estate.
  2. Land Relations and Cadastre Agency.
  3. State Enterprise „Cadastru”.
  4. Enterprises of Assessment from Republic of Moldova.
  5. Commercial Banks from Republic of Moldova.



Year of promotionNr. of ERE specialty graduatesNr. of  EMC specialty graduates

Graduates of the ERE specialty are employed according to their specialty in real estate agencies, SE “Cadastru” Moldovan, commercial banks and in related fields as project managers, realtors, experts in marketing departments of construction companies etc..

EMC specialty Graduates of the are employed at construction enterprises in various positions: assistant project supervisor, production manager, supply manager, project managers, senior condition monitoring technicians, consultants. Also, graduates are employed in related fields: construction materials production or trade items on construction materials as consultants.