Head of the department
Associate professor, doctor engineer



Address: 41, Dacia bd., block of study nr. 10
Tel: +373 22 77-35-77
E-mail:  anatolie.taranenco@cms.utm.md




Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy (DCEG) provides teaching of the disciplines related to the calculation and design of buildings and engineering buildings: ” Mechanics of Structures “, “Theory of elasticity”, “Ferroconcrete Constructions”, “Metal constructions”, “Wooden and Plastic Constructions”, “The Finite and Border Elements Method”, “Computer Aided Design”, “Seismic Engineering”etc.

Chronological highlights

1963 – establishment of the Department of Architecture and Construction Elements within the Faculty of Engineering of the State University of Moldova (head of the department: assoc. prof., dr. Victor SMIRNOV);

1964 –  the establishment of the Faculty Constructions within Chisinau Polytechnic Institute;

1966 –  establishment of the Department of Construction Elements by dividing the Department of Architecture and Construction Elements. The first head of the department was assoc. prof., dr. Eugen LIVOVSCHI, today – univ prof.., dr. hab., c. m. ASM;

1972 –  establishment of the Department Theory of Structures and Constructions Technology (head of the department: assoc. prof., dr. Gleb COLCIN, today – univ prof.., dr. hab.).

1974 –  foundation of the Department Mechanics of Structures by dividing the Department Theory of Structures and Constructions Technology (head of the department: assoc. prof., dr. Gleb COLCIN).

1999 –  establishment of the Department of Constructions and Mechanics of Structures by merging the Department of Elements of Construction and the Department of Mechanics of Structures  (head of the department: univ. prof., dr. hab. Gheorghe MORARU).

2017 – foundation of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy by union the Department of Constructions’ Technology, the Department  of Construction and Mechanics of Structeres and the Department of Vital Activity Safety (head of the department: assoc. prof., dr. engineer Anatolie TARANENCO).



The DCEG has the following  didactical-scientific subdivisions:

  • The team „Mechanics of Structures”,
  • The team „Ferroconcrete Constructions”,
  • The team „Metal constructions”,
  • The team „Wooden Constructions”,
  • Laboratory „Constructions Testing”,
  • Laboratory „Tensometry”.



The DCEG consistes of 78 people, among whom 32% – with scientific degree.

NoName, surnameFunction, scientific-didactical titleE-mail
1Anatolie TARANENCOhead of the department, assoc. prof., dr. in tech., technical expert; bas./cum.anatolie.taranenco@cms.utm.md
2Olesea BURUIANĂuniv. lect., ms. in informatics; bas.olesea.buruiana@cms.utm.md
3Oleg CEBANuniv. lect., ms. in constr., PhD student; bas.oleg.ceban@cms.utm.md
4Vladimir CORNEEVassoc. prof., dr. in tech.; bas.vladimir.corneev@cms.utm.md
5Vasile COTOROBAIassoc. prof., dr. in tech.; bas./cum.vasile.cotorobai@cms.utm.md
6Ion CREŢUuniv. lect., ms. in constr.; bas.ion.cretu@cms.utm.md
7Daniela DIGORIuniv. assist., ms. in constr.; bas.daniela.digori@cms.utm.md
8Sergiu GALBINEANuniv. lect., ms. in constr.; bas.segiu.galbinean@cms.utm.md
9Ion GÂRLACUassoc. prof., dr. in tech., technical expert; bas.ion.garlacu@cms.utm.md
10Mihail BÎRCĂassoc. prof., dr. in tech., technical expert; bas.mihail.birca@cms.utm.md
11Teodor SÂRBUassoc. prof., dr. in tech., technical expert; bas./cum.teodor.sarbu@cms.utm.md
12Elena SIDORENCOassoc. prof., dr. in tech.; bas.elena.sidorenco@cms.utm.md
13Oleg CAZACassoc. prof., dr. in tech.; bas.oleg.cazac@tc.utm.md
14Mihail TURCULEŢassoc. prof., dr. in tech.; cum.mihail.turculet@cms.utm.md
15Viorica ŢIBICHIassoc. prof., dr. in tech.; bas./cum.viorica.tibichi@cms.utm.md
16Mihail URSUsenior lect., ms. in tech., designer; bas.mihail.ursu@cms.utm.md
17Iulia VOSKRESENSKAIAuniv. senior lect., designer; bas.iulia.voskresenskaia@cms.utm.md
18Mihail POTÂRCĂassoc. prof., dr. in tech., technical expert, designer, exter. cum.mihail.potarca@cms.utm.md
19Eduard BALANuniv., assist. ms. in constr.; cum.eduard.balan@cms.utm.md
20Alexandru CÎRLANuniv., assist. ms. in constr., PhD student; bas.alexandru.cirlan@cms.utm.md
21Alexandru FRUNZAuniv., assist., cumul.alexandru.frunza@cms.utm.md
22Oleg CUCUdr. in tech., associate professor; bas./cum.oleg.cucu@tc.utm.md
23Iurie DOHMILĂdr. in tech., associate professor; bas.iurie.dohmila@tc.utm.md
24Visarion PLĂMĂDEALĂdr. in tech., associate professor; bas.visarion.plamadeala@tc.utm.md
25Ion ROTARUdr. in tech, associate professor; bas.ion.rotaru@tc.utm.md
26Efim OLARUdr. in tech., associate professor; bas./cum.efim.olaru@sav.utm.md
27Tamara POPOVdr. in chim., associate professor; bas.tamara.popov@sav.utm.md
28Ion COBUȘCEANdr. in tech., associate professor; bas./cum.ion.cobuscean@sav.utm.md
29Vasile GRAMAdr. in tech., associate professor; bas./cum.vasile.grama@gcg.utm.md
30Vladimir POLCANOVdr. in tech., associate professor; bas.vladimir.polcanov@gcg.utm.md
31Vasile CHIRIACdr. in tech., associate professor; bas./cum.vasile.chiriac@gcg.utm.md
32Livia NISTOR_LOPATENCOdean, dr. in tech., associate professor; bas./cum.livia.nistor-lopatenco@fcgc.utm.md
33Carolina TIMCOdr of econ. sc., associate prof., exter. cum.carolina.timco@ie.utm.md
34Mihai BENCHECIdr of ped. sc., associate professor, exter. cum.mihai.bencheci@sav.utm.md
35Ilie TEACĂdr of law, associate professor, exter. cum.ilie.teaca@gcg.utm.md
36Alexandru RÂȘCOVOIsenior lecturer, bas.alexandru.rascovoi@tc.utm.md
37Iurie MOISEEVsenior lecturer, bas.iurie.moiseev@tc.utm.md
38Mihail CAPRĂuniv. lecturer, bas./cum.mihail.capra@sav.utm.md
39Adriana DANDARAsenior lecturer, bas.adriana.dandara@sav.utm.md
40Svetlana UNCIULENCOsenior lecturer, bas.svetlana.unciulenco@sav.utm.md
41Ala COȘCODANsenior lecturer, bas.ala.coscodan@sav.utm.md
42Ludmila EȘANUuniv. lecturer, bas.ludmila.esanu@sav.utm.md
43Natalia FUNIERUsenior lecturer, bas.natalia.funieru@gcg.utm.md
44Ion BOICUuniv. lecturer, bas.ion.boicu@gcg.utm.md
45Sofia CZEAPEKuniv. lecturer, bas.sofia.czeapek@gcg.utm.md
46Ana VLASENCOuniv. lecturer, bas.ana.vlasenco@gcg.utm.md
47Constantin CEMURTANuniversity lecturer, bas.constantin.cemurtan@tc.utm.md
48Rodislav GOREAuniversity lecturer, bas.rodislav.gorea@sav.utm.md
49Galina CAPRĂuniversity lecturer, bas.galina.capra@sav.utm.md
50Mariana CIOBANUuniversity lecturer, bas.mariana.ciobanu@sav.utm.md
51Liliana GANGANuniversity lecturer, bas.liliana.gangan@sav.utm.md
52Alexandru PANTAZuniversity lecturer, bas.alexandru.pantaz@fcgc.utm.md
53Nicolae BEȚuniversity lecturer, bas.nicolae.bet@gcg.utm.md
54Dumitru BOTNARUuniversity lecturer, bas.dumitru.botnaru@gcg.utm.md
55Victor CEBOTARIuniversity lecturer, bas.victor.cebotari@tc.utm.md
56Nicolae LUCAȘENCOuniversity lecturer, cumul.nicolae.lucasenco@tc.utm.md
57Elena BEJANuniversity lecturer, bas.elena.bejan@gcg.utm.md
58Ion ȘUMLEANSCHIuniversity asistant, cumul.ion.sumleanschi@gcg.utm.md
59Diana GAVRILOVassociate professor, exter. cum.diana.gavrilov@gcg.utm.md
60Angela MNOGODETNÂIuniversity lecturer, exter. cum.angela.mnogodetnai@gcg.utm.md
61Serghei RUSSUuniversity assistant, cumul.serghei.russu@sav.utm.md
62Evgheni CUTIAuniversity assistant, cumul.evgheni.cutia@cms.utm.md
63Vadim ȚURCANuniversity assistant, cumul.vadim.turcan@cms.utm.md
64Ion ALBUdr of econ. sc., associate prof.; bas./cum.ion.albu@fcgc.utm.md
65Mihail BRAGAdr of philosophy, associate professor, cumul.mihail.braga@ssu.utm.md
66Ion RUSUuniversity professor, dr hab. in tech. sc.; bas./cum.ion.rusu@dmmc.utm.md
67Ion VALUŢĂuniversity professor, dr of physics and mathematics; cumul.ion.valuta@mate.utm.md
68Petru ZESTREAsenior lecturer, cumul.petru.zestrea@fua.utm.md
69Lucia NOUR-PARFENTIEVuniversity assistant, bas.lucia.parfentiev@sav.utm.md
70Mariana Savitchi-Ciobanuuniversity lecturer, bas.mariana.ciobanu@sav.utm.md

Non didactic staff

1Pavel LEPȘIIcoordinating engineer, bas.
2Lilia GUSEVengineer cat. I, bas.
3Evghenii CUTIAengineer cat. I, bas.evghenii.cutia@cms.utm.md
4Tatiana MADANengineer cat. I, bas.tatiana.madan@ia.utm.md
5Nicolae ALBUengineer cat. I, bas.nicolae.albu@gpps.utm.md
6Ludmila OLARUengineer cat. I, bas.ludmila.olaru@adm.utm.md
7Ana UZUMengineer cat. I, bas.ana.uzum@gcg.utm.md
8Mariana FLORICĂengineer cat. I, bas.
9Natalia BULATOVAtechnician cat. I, bas.
10Ana-Maria TOPOREŢhead of lab., bas.



License (cycle I)

Specialty “industrial and civil construction” – 240 ECTS, 4 years of study (the full-time education); 5 years of study (reduced attendance education).

Master (cycle II)

Specialty “Structural engineering” – 90 ECTS, 1.5 years of study (the full-time education).

Doctorate (cycle III)

Specialty “Construction materials, elements and edifices” – 180 ECTS, 3 years of study (the full-time education); 4 years of study (reduced attendance education).

Specialty ” Mechanics of Solid Body ” – 180 ECTS, 3 years of study (the full-time education); 4 years of study (reduced attendance education).




  1. Research and modeling of concrete mechanical properties (scientific coordinator: c. m. ASM dr. hab., univ. prof. E. LIVOVSCHI). On this theme there were defended 9 doctoral thesis and 1 of doctor habilitate (I. CIUPAC, GR. BORDEIANU, A. SCRIPNIC, L. OLHOVOI, S. COREIBA, T. SIRBU, E. OLARU, IU. LIUNENCO, N. GUZUN).
  2. Mechanics of inhomogeneous solids (scientific coordinator: dr. hab., univ. prof. G. COLCIN). On this theme there were defended 6 doctoral thesis and 1 of doctor habilitate (S. CLOVANICI, M. BIRCA, V. CORNEEV, S. COJEMEACHIN, A. GUSEATNICOV, V. SPAC).
  3. Method of discontinuous solutions in deformable solid mechanics (scientific coordinator dr. hab., univ. prof. Gh. MORARU). On this theme there were defended 3 doctoral thesis and 1 of doctor habilitate (Gh. MORARU, T. CIBOTARU, S. BILCIUC, A. TARANENCO).