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Address: 39, Dacia bd., block of study nr. 9
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The Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Moldova was created in 1964 with the foundation of the Polytechnical Institute (now Technical University of Moldova). On 17 August 1964 according to order nr. 28, issued by the Rector of the Institute, as head of the Department of Architecture and Architectonic Constructions within the Faculty of Engineering was appointed the architect Viktor SMIRNOV.

Over the years, the name of the Department has suffered several changes. As department heads activated: Victor SMIRNOV, dr. arh., univ. prof. (1964-1975); Arsavir TORAMANIAN, dr. arh., univ. prof. (1975-1978); Bronislav MORGUN, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1978-1992); Evgheni BOGNIBOV, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1992-1993); Adriana IANOVICI, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1992-1993); Adriana IANOVICI, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1993-1995); Alexandru ZOLOTUHIN, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1995-1999); Vladimir GAIDAS, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1999-2009); Svetlana OLEINIC, arh., senior lecturer (2009-2010); Valeriu LUPAŞCU, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (2010 – 2014); Aurelia CARPOV, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (2014 – present).

To ensure a multilateral training of the specialists since 1974 there were created specialized departments, subsequently included in the composition the Department of Architecture:

  • The Department „Bases of Architecture”: head – dr. arh., assoc. prof. Nicolai BOLISACOV (1974-1988);
  • The Department of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture: head – Alexandr PETRICENCO, dr. arh., assoc. prof. (1982-1988);
  • The Department „History of Architecture”: head – Valentin VOITEHOVSKI, dr. arh., prof. univ. (1968-1974);
  • The Department of Automated Design Systems in Construction: head – Mihail SARGORODSCHII, dr. in eng., assoc. prof. (1993-1976).

By order Nr. 235 from 10.06.2015, the Department was transformed into the Section of Architecture. The mission of the Section is to provide the highest quality of education in architecture, but beyond the baggage of knowledge teachers consider necessary the intellectuals education of a high artistic culture, future leaders of opinion and promoters of innovative ideas.

This requires a permanent adaptation of the study programs to the demands of of scientific progress, but also to the realities of society and the environment. The educational process is supported by a series of complementary activities – internships (of initiation, surveying, restoration, design) deployed in the country and abroad, trips, participation in national and international exhibitions. Among the activities of the Section there are also collaboration with specialized magazines, TV stations – to familiarize the public with national architectural treasure, outstanding personalities in the field, current trends in universal and local architecture. The Section supports the mobility of students and teachers for the exchange of experience. At the same time, it aims to continuing training of the teaching staff. The collective of the Section actively participates in the real design and scientific research, which offers the students a broad vision of the future profession.

Graduates of the Section successfully carry out theoretical and practical activities in areas such as:

  • The design of public, residential and industrial buildings,
  • Urbanistic Design,
  • Urban Design,
  • Restoration of monuments and architectural heritage preservation,
  • Landscape Design,
  • Interior architecture,
  • Furnishing (including urban),
  • Graphic design,
  • Layout,
  • Computer-aided design,
  • Research in architecture, history and theory of architectural, urban planning, art and design.

Training programs:

  • CYCLE I / CYCLE II – LICENCE / MASTER (6 years).
  • CYCLE III – DOCTORATE (full-time – 3 years, reduced attendace – 4 years).
    • 651.02 Theory and History of Architecture,
    • 212.01 The architecture of buildings and edifices,
    • 212.02 Urbanism and spatial planning.



The educational offer of the Section includes the following subjects:

Architectural designdr. arh., assoc. prof.: Evgheni BOGNIBOV, Anatoli KUZI; Senior Lecturers: Nina IAMSCICOVA, Svetlana OLEINIC, Anatolie BOGNIBOV, Sergiu BOROZAN, Diana ANDRONOVICI, Igor NEGRUTA, Sergiu TRONCIU, Radu ANDRONIC, Evgheni SMOLIN, Ion MORARU;

university lecturers: Silvia TROFIMOV, Elena CALMIS, Andrei SESTACOVSCHI, Anastasia SESTACOVSCHI, Alexandru RUSU;

assistant lecturers: Sorina-Nicoleta GRATI

History of Moldova architecturedr. arh., assoc. prof. Tamara NESTEROV
The history of ancient architecturedr. arh., assoc. prof. Tamara NESTEROV,

Senior Lecturer Svetlana OLEINIC

The history of medieval architecturedr., assoc. prof. Tamara NESTEROV
The history of contemporary architecturedr. arh., assoc. prof. Aurelia CARPOV
Composition BasicsSenior Lecturer Svetlana OLEINIC
Architectural design methodologySenior Lecturer Sergiu BOROZAN
Architectural aestheticsdr.arh., assoc. prof. Aurelia CARPOV
Landscape architectureSenior Lecturer Natalia IACHIMOV
Organisation of architectural designSenior Lecturer Sergiu BOROZAN
Fine arts: Drawing. Painting. SculptureSenior Lecturer Mariana HADJI-BANDALAC,

Senior Lecturer Svetlana MELNIC,

Senior Lecturer Angela MUNTEANU

Senior Lecturer Victor DREBOT

The typology of buildingsSenior Lecturer Diana ANDRONOVICI,

Senior Lecturer Sergiu TRONCIU

The history of urbanismuniversity lecturer Elena CALMIS,

Senior Lecturer Nina IAMSCICOVA

ColoristicsSenior Lecturer Mariana HADJI-BANDALAC,

dr. arh, assoc. prof. Tatiana BUIMISTRU

Interior architectureSenior Lecturer Angela MUNTEANU
The buildings physicsSenior Lecturer Valeriu IVANOV,

Senior Lecturer Ludmila IVANOV

Architectural stylesSenior Lecturer Diana ANDRONOVICI
Urban theorySenior Lecturer Igor NEGRUTA
Urban doctrinesSenior Lecturer Nina IAMSCICOVA,

Senior Lecturer Natalia IACHIMOV

Computer aided designuniversity lecturer Viorica NITI,

university lecturer Andrei SESTACOVSCHI

RestorationsSenior Lecturer Rita GARCONITA
Informational technologies and architectural videomodelingSenior Lecturer Radu ANDRONIC



Located on the border between art and science, architecture acts as a specific form of research. Throughout history the architectural environment has generated, experienced and promoted ideas and new theories. Just research raises the architecture from the practical level to that of discipline, structures the knowledge and valorises it. In architecture, unlike other artistic fields, the creative process is necessarily assisted by a rational argumentation in decision-making. The decisional options are delivered by the research results, including those interdisciplinary.

The research in the architecture aims, also the urbanism area (where finding of durable solutions is becoming increasingly important)and the cities at the present time have become the main field of activity of the architect. Similarly, history and theory of architecture are major points of scientific interest. Due to the technological leap in the recent years is increasingly present the research of IT technologies in architecture. A connection of the architecture to the technology puts the research into vanguard and outlines the new directions of education and collaboration (automated design technologies, 3D printing, modeling, layout). Under the Common Agreement with the Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) is carried out methodical and scientific researches in the study of frame built perception and the automated processing of virtual information.

In research activity the Section collaborates with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, national and international institutions of in Research Constructions.

The research results are reflected in the works, publications, Licence theses, doctoral theses, scientific communications, monographs, articles and serve the practical domain as well.

During the existence of the Section, its collaborators have elaborated an essential volume of scientific and didactic-methodical works with more than 100 editorial sheets, including: monographs; articles, communications; didactic-methodical works (courses of lectures and methodic directives).

Parallel with the didactic-methodical and scientific activity, the lecturers of the Section are involved in artistic creation, exploring new and traditional directions in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, interior and graphic design, fine and decorative arts, the  results being harnessed through active participation in art exhibitions in the country and abroad. Both titular teachers of the Section as well as students from the specialty participated in numerous international exhibitions, national and personal, where they obtained notable results.



The Section carries out its activity in the halls of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture (block of study nr. 9) of TUM, which has specialized buildings: lecture halls (adapted for presentations in digital format – projectors, screens) and design workshops for realization of practical works ; art training workshops (drawing, painting, sculpture); a laboratory equipped with computer means and software specializing in architecture and design, a library and a methodical fund.



The Department collaborates with:

  1. University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, Romania
  2. Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Faculty of Architecture, Iasi, Romania
  3. MARHI Architecture Institute, Moscow, Russia
  4. Russian Academy of Arts, Architecture Faculty, Moscow, Russia
  5. State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia
  6. University degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, la facolta di Architettura, Italy
  7. Казахская головная архитектурно-строительная академия, Архитектурный факультет, Almaty, Kazahstan.


Nr.Numele, prenumeleTitlul ştiinţificFuncţiaE-mail 
1Andronic Radusenior lecturer, bas./
2Andronovici Dianauniv. lecturer,


3Bognibov EugeniuPhD in Architecture, Associate professorassociate professor,


4Buimistru TatianaPhD in Architecture, Associate professorassociate professor,
5Bulat Mariauniv. lecturer, de bas./
6Burdujel Iulianauniv. lecturer,
7Calmîş Elenauniv. lecturer,
8Carcea Alauniv. lecturer,
9Carpov AureliaHead of the dep., PhD in Architectureassociate professor,
10Chisărău MihaiPhD in Architectureassociate professor, bas.
11Ciocanu SergiusPhD in Architectureuniv. lecturer, cum.
12Dr.ebot Victorsenior lecturer,
13Florescu TiberiuPhD in Architectureprofesor univ, bas.
14Garconiţa Ritauniv. lecturer,


15Grati Sorina-Nicoletauniv. asistant, bas./
16Hadji-Bandalac Marianauniv. lecturer, bas./
17Iachimiv Nataliauniv. lecturer, bas./
18Iamşicova Ninauniv. lecturer,
19Ivanov Ludmilauniv. lecturer, bas./
20Ivanov Valeriusenior lecturer,
21Kuzi AnatoliPhD in Architecture, Associate professorassociate professor,
22Melnic Svetlanauniv. lecturer,


23Mitrea AndreiPhD in Architectureassociate professor, bas.
24Moraru Ionsenior lecturer,


25Munteanu AngelaPhD in the study of artsassociate professor, bas./
26Mîrza Anatoliuniv. assistant, cum.
27Naval Teodoruniv. lecturer,
28Negruţa Igoruniv. lecturer, bas./
29Nesterova TamaraPhD in the study of arts, Associate professorassociate professor,
30Niţî Ionuniv. lecturer, cum.
31Oleinic Svetlanasenior lecturer, bas./cum.
32Ostapov Alinauniv. lecturer,
33Podlesnaia NataliaPhD in the study of artsassociate professor,
34Rusu Alexandruuniv. lecturer,
35Severin Sergheiuniv. lecturer, cum.
36Smolin Evgheniuniv. lecturer, cum.
37Studzinschi Irinauniv. assistant, cum.
38Trofimov Silviauniv. lecturer,
39Tronciu Sergiuuniv. lecturer,
40Vatamaniuc Andreiuniv. assistant, cum.
41Vianu ŞtefanPhD in philosophyassociate professor, bas.
42Zubco Romanuniv. assistant, bas.

Non-teaching staff

1Apostol Silviasecretary with training problems, bas.
2Botnar Tatianatechnician cat. I, bas.
3Codreanu Mihaelahead of lab. cum., engineer cat. I, bas.
4Iachimov Nataliatechnician cat. I,