Technical Scientific Conference of Undergraduate, Master and PhD Students, 2022

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no warTechnical University of Moldova invites undergraduate students, master students and PhD students of  universities from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad to the Technical Scientific Conference that will be held on 29-31 of March, 2022.

The conference aims at bringing together PhD, master, and undergraduate students to present their novel research works, to exchange innovative ideas and to discuss the future development map for the fields involved.

Important Dates

  • 27 February, 2022 (extended to 8 March 2022) – Deadline for registration and Paper submission (3-5 pages for article or 1 page for thesis) according to the Paper template.
  • 13-21 March, 2022 – Plagiarism checking, review and notification on the acceptance / rejection of the paper.
  • 29-31 of March, 2022 – Presentation of the work at Conference
  • June, 2022 – Publication of conference collection of papers*.

* Only communicated online or onsite works at the conference will be published.

Programme of the Conference

Previous editions:

2021 Edition

2020 Edition 

2019 Edition

A. Electronics and Telecommunications – Registration form

B. Energy and Electrical Engineering – Registration form

C. Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics – Registration form

D. Food Technology – Registration form

E. Mechanical, Industrial Engineering and Transport – Registration form

F. Urbanism and Architecture – Registration form

G. Construction, Geodesy and Cadaster – Registration form

H. Economic Engineering and Business – Registration form

I. Textiles and Polygraph – Registration form

J. Socio-Humanities – Registration form

K. Foreign Languages – Registration form

For paper submission and registration please acces the link for corresponding topic*

*Please, login with your gmail account in order to upload your paper.

Download Paper template

Organizing Committee

  • TRONCIU Vasile, Dr.hab., Prof., Vice-rector for research and doctorate, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • SIMINIUC Rodica, Dr., Assoc. prof.,  chief, PhD studies Department, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • BRICICARU Ilie, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FAUP, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • BUZEA Carmen, Dr., Prof., Vice-rector for scientific research activity and informatization, Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania
  • CILOCI Rafael, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FEEB, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • CIORBĂ Dumitru, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FCIM, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • COTEAȚĂ Margarita, Dr., Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania;
  • DÎNTU Sergiu, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FMET, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • GROPA Victor, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FPEE, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • MUNTEANU Radu Adrian, Dr. ing. hab., Prof., Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
  • NISTIRIUC Pavel, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FET, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • NISTOR-LOPATENCO Livia, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan FCGC, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • RADZIUNAS Mindaugas, Dr., Senior scientist, Weierstrass Institute Berlin, Germany
  • SUBOTIN Iurie, Dr., Assoc. prof., decan of FFT, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • TRONCIU Sergiu, dr., Assoc. prof., decan FTP, TUM, Rep. of Moldova.

Scientific Committee

  • CUJBA Rodica, Dr., Head, Scientific investigations Department, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • GUDIMA Natalia, main engineer, Scientific investigations Department, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • BRAGUŢA Eugeniu, Dr., lec. univ., Dep. TIE, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • CREŢU Vasilii, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. MIB, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • GUȚU-CHETRUȘCĂ Corina, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. PE, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • MALCOCI Iulian, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. BPM, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • PALADI Daniela, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. AN, FFT, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • SANDULEAC Ionel, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. Phys, FET, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • SCRIPCENCO Angela, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. DTTP, FTP, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • ȚIBICHI Viorica, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. ICG, FCGC, TUM, Rep. of Moldova;
  • ȚURCAN Iuliu, Dr., Assoc. prof., Dep. EM, FEEB, TUM, Rep. of Moldova.

Rodica Cujba,