The Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies




Vice-director of center
Associate professor, PhD in Technical Sciences


Address:  7 Studenţilor str., nr. 3 block of study
Tel: +373 22 50-99-81



The Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies (hereinafter -NCST-TUM), has been established by a consortium of Technical University of Moldova, academic institutions and some high-tech SMEs in order to take advantage of the benefits of space technologies and applications in Earth observation, meteorology and astrophysics. The RTD activities of NCST-TUM are focused on medium resolution interactive remote sensing and formation flying missions by involving in these projects a most of students at different ages and education levels. These goals are supported by the concurrent development of micro and nano satellite platforms an advanced ground control infrastructure and satellite integration facilities as well as a multidisciplinary laboratories for developing and testing of satellite systems and components in simulated space environments.

The NCST is the place for most of the activities planned project and it is a subdivision of the Innovation Incubator “Politehnica” of the Technical University of Moldova (TUM) established by Decision 27 March 2012 from TUM Senate under the university interdisciplinary working in accordance with education Law no. 547-XIII of 21 July 1995 of Rep.Moldova, and the Statute of TUM.

In this Center operates scientists, engineers, PhDs, students, implementing research and development of space technologies and promote these technologies for children, pupils from schools and it uses space related themes to increase the interest, willingness of young people for space to enhance school pupils’ knowledge in space technologies. Using the space context it will make the teaching and learning of space subjects more attractive and accessible, pupils can feel more comfortable and familiar with sciences. The NCST team will organize annual series of national or regional training sessions and summer schools for both pupils and school teachers. These are offered in collaboration with European partners who are already active in space education.

Inspiration and motivation for the younger generations throut space technology and innovation



  1. Bostan Ion, academician, Director of the center
  2. Secrieru Nicolae, Vice-director
  3. Candraman Sergiu, Head of Laboratory
  4. Barbovschi Alexandru, Head of astronomic observatory
  5. Margarint Andrei, Head of Ground Station
  6. Gîrșcan Andrian, Head of Laboratory
  7. Levineț Nicolai, Research Assistant
  8. Ilco Valentin, Research Assistant
  9. Jurat Andrian, Research Assistant
  10. Melnic Vladimir, Research Assistant