Department of Roads, Construction, Material and Machinery


Contact Person:

Ruslan Bordos (Head of department)
University lecturer

Tel: +373 22 77-38-14




Study programs are as follows:

  • Railways, roads, bridges;
  • Engineering of construction materials and articles;
  • Mechanical Engineering in constructions;

These programs aim at preparing highly qualified engineers to work in sectors including:

  • Construction, design and exploitation of road construction;
  • Construction, design and exploitation of railway construction;
  • Construction, design and exploitation of airport construction;
  • Organization and traffic safety;
  • Material technology and construction;
  • Ceramics and glass;
  • Machines and equipment for construction;
  • Administration and management of private as well as public and non-profit institutions.

Teaching staff of the Department comprises 2 university professors, dr.hab., 7 associate professors, dr., 9 senior lecturers, 7 university lecturers, 2 assistant lecturers.

The department specializes in three areas:

  • Training of young specialists in the construction of road and railway;
  • Technology of construction materials and articles, ceramic and glass;
  • Machines for construction.

Training of students is aimed at their employment in areas including:

  1. industrial and technological production; capital construction;
  2. commercial services;
  3. operation, maintenance, design;
  4. education and scientific research.

Research activities include:

  1. Ensuring high quality education curricula in the programs “Railways, Roads, Bridges”, “Engineering of Construction Materials and Articles”, “Ceramics and Glass”, “Machines and equipment for construction;
  2. Fundamental and applied scientific research;
  3. Ensuring a supportive environment for achieving departmental objectives based on collegial cooperation, respect, professionalism and constructive competition.

CVs of key researchers of the Department: