Department of Architecture



Contact Person:

Aurelia Carpov (Head of department)
Associate Professor, Doctor of Architecture

Tel: +373 22 77-38-30


The Department of Architecture Moldova was established in 1964. The educational process is supported by complementary activities, for example: internships. related to surveying, restoration, design in Moldova and abroad, participation in national and international exhibitions.  There is also collaboration with specialized magazines and TV stations to familiarize the public with national architectural treasures, outstanding personalities in the field, current trends in universal and local architecture etc. The department supports the mobility of students and teachers for the exchange of experience.

Graduates of the department successfully activities in areas such as:

  • The design of public, residential and industrial buildings,
  • Urbanistic Design,
  • Urban Design,
  • Restoration of monuments and architectural heritage preservation,
  • Landscape Design,
  • Interior architecture,
  • Furnishing (including urban),
  • Graphic design,
  • Layout,
  • Computer-aided design,
  • Research in architecture, history and theory of architectural, urban planning, art and design.

Education Training programs:

  • CYCLE I / CYCLE II – LICENCE / MASTER (6 years).
  • CYCLE III – DOCTORATE (full-time – 3 years, reduced attendance – 4 years).
  • Theory and History of Architecture,
  • The architecture of buildings and edifices,
  • Urbanism and spatial planning.

Research Activity

Located on the border between art and science, throughout history the architectural discipline, which is a multidisciplinary field has generated and promoted ideas and new theories. Research in architecture also includes the area of urbanism (where finding durable solutions is becoming increasingly important) Also, history and theory of architecture are major points of scientific interest.

IT technologies in architecture in recent years has become increasingly important. The connection of architecture to technology points to new directions of education and collaboration (e.g. automated design technologies, 3D printing, modeling, layout). Under a Common Agreement with the Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) methodical and scientific research is carried out in the study of the perception and processing of virtual information.

In research activities the faculty collaborates with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova as well as national and international institutions, for example: organizing conferences, doctoral research, joint participation in projects.

Research results are reflected in publications, doctoral theses, scientific communications, monographs, and articles.

In parallel with didactic-methodical and scientific activities, department staff are involved in artistic creation and exploring traditional and new directions in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, interior and graphic design, fine and decorative arts; the results being harnessed through active participation in art exhibitions in Moldova and abroad. Staff and students have participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, where they obtained notable results.

The department carries out its activities in the halls of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture of TUM, which has custom built facilities including: lecture halls (adapted for presentations in digital format); design workshops for practical works ; art training workshops (drawing, painting, sculpture); laboratories equipped with computers and software specializing in architecture and design; library.

Examples of Collaborations

  • University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, Romania (ERASMUS+)
  • Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Faculty of Architecture, Iasi, Romania
  • Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Faculty of Engineering and Building services, Iasi, Romania,
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, (ERASMUS)
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Bialystok University of Technology, Poland, Architecture and Construction
  • MARHI Architecture Institute, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian Academy of Arts, Architecture Faculty, Moscow, Russia
  • State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • University degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, la facolta di Architettura, Italy
  • Казахская головная архитектурно-строительная академия, Архитектурный факультет, Almaty, Kazahstan
  • University of Malta, Faculty for the Built Environment, Architecture and Urban Design
  • University of Genoa, Department of Architecture and Design
  • University of Budapest, Departments of Technology and Economics.

CV of Ostapov Alina, Coordinator International Relations of Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.