Francophone University Agency

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The Francophone university agency (AUF) is an international association created more than 50 years ago. AUF also represents a global network of more than 845 universities and research centers from 111 countries on five continents that use the French language. It is, as well, the Francophonie Summit’s operator for the higher education and research.  Its mission is to promote a francophony commited to the economic, social and cultural developpement of the society.

AUF promotes an active solidarity among its membre institutions and helps them in finding the answers to the challenges they face:

  • Quality of training, research and governance : supports different cooperation projects (setting up new training programs or supporting the existing ones), contributes to the setting up of research and innovation bodies, answers specific country needs by financing projects in collaboration with national authorities, provides high-quality teacher training, organizes workshops, seminars, conferences, supports the organization of scientific events and the participation of researchers at different international scientific events;
  • Graduate employability : offers students stipends for local and international internships, establishes partnerships with socio-economic players, organizes high-quality trainings for students, company visits, seminars, workshops, sets up working groups bringing together academic and socio-economic players, supports professional training and encourages students and graduates to practice entrepreneurship;
  • Promoting universities that drive global and local development : establishes partnerships with local communities and national agencies, supports projects that tackle current issues in the field of sustainable development, health etc.

AUF operates in 10 regions of the world, Central and Eastern Europe being one of them. Established in Bucarest since 1994, the regional direction for Central and Eastern Europe supports a network of 111 members in 24 countries. In this region, AUF has seven offices in six countries, the office in Chisinau coordinating AUF activities in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.


Antenne de Chisinau de l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie

52, Vlaicu Pîrcălab street, ULIM, 3rd floor, office 329

2012, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

Phone: 022 23 75 35

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