Direction of Academic Management and Quality Assurance

Head of direction

Address: 168 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant bd., office 1-106, 1-107
Tel: +373 22 23-54-08


Direction of Academic Management and Quality Assurance is an important subdivision of the University, which works under the Charter of the TUM, normative documents regulating the process of education of the Republic of Moldova, the Rector/Vice-Rector’s orders for academic activity.

Mission: educational process conceptualization and quality assurance

Basic objectives: organization and didactic ensurance of the educational process, recording the contingent of students from the first cycle (bachelor) and the second cycle (master), maintenance of QMS implemented at TUM.



  1. Organizing and ensuring the educational process
  • Prepares regulations, draft orders on the organization and implementation of the training process, as well as development projects of the University education system.
  • Participates in formation of function positions.
  • Provides the correspondig documentation and organize the examination for Bachelor, Masters, awarding the respective qualification, organizes completing and awarding of diplomas to the University graduates.
  • In agreement with the Quality Assurance Department, examines reports of departments and Presidents of the commissions for licensing examination/evaluation Commissions of the master thesis, preparing proposals and concrete measures for the improvement of the teaching and learning process.
  • Promotes and stimulates the development of new forms and technologies of knowledge assessment.
  • Provides departments and faculties with all the neccesary forms, registers, files, dockets, diplomas, student cards, Master cards etc.
  • Monitors the performance of intermediate and semestrial sessions, the forms and ways of students / masters assessment. Verifies and analyzes the results of examination sessions.
  • Participate in drawing up the annual report of TUM activity.
  1. Quality control and the efficiency of educational process
  • In agreement with Deans of faculties, organizes and participates in quality control of the educational process.
  • It is responsible for providing methodological and technical aspects of educational process.
  • Contributes to the implementation and use of new teaching technologies in educational process.
  • Analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of the instructive and educational process.
  • Prepares statistical reports, information and materials required by the higher courts.
  • Carries out the control of dean’s offices regarding the issuance of documentation (registers, personal cards, grades and student cards, master cards etc.).
  • Monitors the themes for License(Bachelor) and Master theses.
  • Submits proposals on the composition of the Committees for the graduation exam / Commissions for assessing the master theses; develops the graphic and schedule for license / master exam.
  • Submits proposals to the Rector for taking administrative measures in case of discipline breach by teachers and by students / masters..
  1. Students staff mobility evidence
  • Checks on the presence of orders for promoting students per years of study and for admission to license(bachelor) examination / master thesis and award of the title.


As a university subdivision, department includes four sections:

  1. Department of Education;
  2. Quality Assurance Department;
  3. Laboratory for implementing new teaching technologies in engineering education;
  4. „Tehnica-info” Publishing House.

Department of Education Functions:

  • organizing and coordinating the activities for development and improvement of curricula in cycle I and cycle II (Bachelor and Master);
  • Organizing and coordinating the activities for the calculation of the volume of studies, drawing up proposals concerning the teaching staff members for cycle I and II cycle (Bachelor and Master);
  • coordination of organizing and running the license exam and supporting master thesis, completing documents and issuing diplomas;
  • participation in controlling the training staff for the beginning of a university year;
  • the control (periodic) of instructive-educational process development for cycle I and II cycle (Bachelor and Master);
  • analysis of the results of attestations and exams for cycle I and II cycle (Bachelor and Master), presentation of that information to the Board of Directors, the Senate.
  • examination and verification of the application of normative acts issued by the Ministry of Education and the governing bodies of TUM on the realization of the training process.

Evidence and Statistics Sector


  • Norming of didactic activity;
  • Elaboration of states functions;
  • Monitoring of the teaching load implementation;
  • Organization of studies with reduced attendancy education;
  • Monitoring the schedule and didactic activity for full-time, reduced attendancy and master education;
  • Supervision of preparation and execution of the schedule for semestrial and additional session exams.

Practical Internships Sector


  • Organizing and controlling the quality of internships.
  • Coordinating the development of regulations, program / curriculum of internships.
  • Organizing of seminars and conferences of internships coordinators.
  • Monitoring the organization of conferences for assessing the of internships at the faculties of TUM.
  • Determining the conditions of collaboration of TUM with base-enterprises for internships realization.

Study Documents Issuing Sector


  • Preparing the documentation for licence / master examination, the schedule and monitoring the fulfillment of these at faculties.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the schedule of provisions for master theses /license exams.
  • Supervision of issuing documents (diplomas, master’s degree, certificates, grades and student carnets, baccalaureate diplomas)
  • The issue of duplicates of education documents (based on the certificate archival registry and announced in the “Official Monitor”).

 Foreign Students Studies Organization Sector


  • Presenting the file of foreign citizens to ME for the acceptance of registration for studies.
  • Correspondence with state agencies, embassies and consulates in the legalization of students in the country, records of residence and perfecting entry-exit visas and invitations.
  • Signing the study contracts of foreign students with TUM.
  • Examining of transfer requests, repeating the year or semester of studies, matriculation at a second specialty.

Information Insurance Of  Educational Process Organization Sector


  • Elaboration of information system of organization the educational process at TUM.
  • Automation of documents circulation, of reports etc.
  • Improvement of planning and controlling achievement of the educational process.


  • establishing, implementing and maintaining the the necessary processes of Quality Management System;
  • promoting within TUM the policy in awareness of customer requirements, regulatory and legal requirements;
  • the formation of quality culture in TUM;
  • liaising with external parties on matters relating to Quality Management System;
  • development and management of Quality Management System documents;
  • implementation of policy and quality objectives declared by the University leadership;
  • analysis of non-conformities found in implementing and maintaining Quality Management System compliance with the specified requirements and proposal of the University of corrective action or improvement;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of University Quality Management System and completion of corrective actions resulting from internal audits, analyzes conducted by the Senate and external audits;
  • activities to certify the conformity of university Quality Management System with the established requirements;
  • organizing the internal and external evaluations of study programs for the I and II cycles for their accreditation;
  • collaboration with all the University’s academic and administrative structures to continually improve the Quality Management System.

At faculties level there work Quality Management Commissions headed by Presidents.

Committee Chairmen of Quality Management at the faculties of TUM
FacultyName, surnameFunctionPhone nr
FEMETVera MOROZOVassociate professor, dr., TLC Department022-23-52-41
FEValeriu BLAJĂassociate professor, dr., EMM Department022-23-76-19
FIMITElena RUSUassociate professor, dr., Departament of Mathematics022-50-99-31
FCIMLucia STADLERassociate professor, dr., AI Department022-50-99-01
FTMFILiliana POPESCUassociate professor, dr., TPA Department022-50-99-58
FLIJana CÂRJAassociate professor, dr., TCŢT Department022-32-95-75
FCGCOleg CUCUassociate professor, dr.,  TC Department022-77-35-52
FUASvetlana OLEINICsenior lect., Departament of Architecture022-77-38-33
FEEBRina ŢURCANconf. univ., dr., Catedra EMI022-56-78-59


  • Elaboration of development strategies of e-learning and implementing new teaching technologies at TUM;
  • Planning activities for teacher training in the field of e-learning, TICE;
  • Organizing didactic seminars, daily consultations for teachers and students in the field;
  • Maintenance and renewal of Moodle platform.


  • the formation of plans for editing didactic-methodical works;
  • consulting the teachers’ staff on preparing manuscripts;
  • the drafting and editing of didactic-methodical works;
  • multiplication of forms of documents and templates, academic groups registries.