Summer School: “Nanotechnologies and Biomedicine in relation to the challenges of the 21st century”

What are nanotechnologies and what is their impact within biomedicine? What are the pandemics that mankind has gone through throughout history? What are the benefits of building a renewable energy society and how is Earth’s health connected to the health of humans?

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Academic Writing – creative writing course

“The power of elegant writing” – is a training program intended for academic writing, which develops skills in elegant writing and professional structuring of written content. Training is a compensatory addition to university programs.

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Student selection announcement for the Cybersecurity Academy’s course

The Technical University of Moldova, cybersecurity company ESET and the European Agency for Migration announce the organization of the selection contest of candidates for participation in the cybersecurity training program. The program is part of the project financially supported by the Slovak development assistance SlovakAid: Skilled workforce for the Moldovan IT sector: Digital education for young women and creation of a Cybersecurity Academy.

The program involves the selection of 10 candidates, who will be trained by representatives of the cybersecurity company ESET within the Cybersecurity Academy established at TUM, FCIM. The selected candidate will complete the course in the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021. The contest is addressed to full-time students, at least second-year students.

The project will provide one-month internships for 5 students (best graduates of the course) in the ESET headquarters (Bratislava, Slovakia) or in the ESET development and research center (Iași, Romania). The project will cover costs related to the internship (travel and administrative costs associated with the departure, the costs of dormitory accommodation, and the student’s financial support to cover the part of the costs for living during the internship).

The dossier can be submitted, until March 24, 2021, inclusive, to the address of the CIM dean’s office The selection committee will be composed of TUM and ESET representatives.

The final selection of 10 candidates could be made online through short interviews with candidates.


The application dossier for the ESET Cybersecurity course includes:

  1. Application for the competition (addressed to the committee, expressing a request to participate in the competition and consent to the processing of personal data by the selection committee).
  2. Academic Certificate, issued by the faculty administration.
  3. Copy of passport, valid during the mobility period (for the current year).
  4. Curriculum vitae in English (Europass form + photo).
  5. Student certificate issued by the secretariat of the faculty, which confirms the cycle and the year of studies in the current academic year.
  6. Motivation letter in English (explaining the motivation to apply for the course, expression of interest to travel, and complete a one-month internship at ESET in Slovakia or Romania).

Note: All documents are submitted electronically.

Criteria for submitting the application file

  1. Eligibility criteria
  • to be a full-time student (bachelor/master level – at least second-year student) at the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Computers, Informatics, and Microelectronics,
  • submitted all the documents as mentioned above;
  • submit other documents additionally requested by the selection committee;
  1. Selection criteria
  • meet the eligibility conditions;
  • to have passed all the exams;
  • knowledge of English – level B1 and higher;
  1. Specific criteria
  • Students of the Information Security study program or with some training in the Cybersecurity domain;
  • Candidates with specific skills and abilities regarding the course-related activities;
  • Good academic results in the current year;
  • Participation in competitions and other extra-curricular activities.


Selection contest calendar

15.03.2021- 24.03.2021

REGISTRATION based on the application dossier


SELECTION INTERVIEW (if necessary, online)




Course implementation and internship calendar


First Unit

02.04.2021- 21.05.2021

Course Schedule, each Friday from 02 April 2021 till 51.05.2021, each unit take 4 hours


The ceremonial event at the TEKWILL (hand over certificates for completing the course, and the announcement of 5 best graduates of the course who will receive an internship at ESET will be announced)

Internships – for 5 best students

The preliminary period: July or August 2021

 For additional details:

Project coordinator from TUM,
Dumitru Ciorbă, dr., FCIM Dean,  dumitru.ciorbă

Course coordinator from UTM
Rodica Bulai,  Head of information security study program

Online access to the collection of didactic publications published at UTM

The technical-scientific library of the Technical University of Moldova offers online access to the collection of teaching publications edited at UTM and published in electronic format. Access is available for teachers, auxiliary teachers, students, master students, doctoral students of UTM.

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Notice of participation – equipment for the Cyber Security Academy at FCIM within the EMA project funded by SlovakAid and ESET

EMA project kindly requests a quote on technical equipment for a new IT laboratory – Cyber Security Academy which is going to be set up at the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of the Technical University of Moldova (FCIM TUM). The IT laboratory at FCIM TUM will be set up as a part of a joint project of the European Migration Agency (EMA), cybersecurity company ESET and TUM. The project is financially supported by the Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic.

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Moldova Cyber Week 2020

Cyber ​​security during a pandemic will be the main topic of discussion at “Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2020”.

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International Symposium „Actual Problems of Mathematics and Informatics” dedicated to the 90th Birthday of Professor Ion Valuță

TUM invites to the International Symposium „Actual Problems of Mathematics and Informatics” dedicated to the 90th Birthday of Professor Ion Valuță that will be held on 27-28 November 2020.

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Remote Training Course: “eTwinning and associated web tools for a pedagogical approach to remote learning”

The online course “eTwinning and associated web tools for a pedagogical approach to remote learning” will be launched on 10 July 2020.

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Summer School “Sustainable Industrial Development in the Context of European Integration”

To the attention of students from all specialties of UTM, Bachelor and Master’s, eager to learn more about the alignment of the Republic of Moldova with the values ​​and principles of the European Union on sustainable industrial development.

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FIEB invites you to a webinar within the EU4SID project

The Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of UTM invites you to participate in the webinar “Achievements and perspectives of sustainable industrial development in the context of European integration”, which will take place on May 14th, starting at 1:00 pm, within the Jean Monnet Module project “Sustainable Industrial Development in the Context of European Integration” – EU4SID.

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