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The Student Trade Union Committee of UTM wishes us a Happy New Year

Every year, the Student Trade Union Committee of UTM continues the tradition of delighting us with a New Year carol. Now, despite the challenges of this year’s circumstances, due to the initiative of the president of CSS UTM, Anatol ALEXEI, a group of students wished us health, happiness and joy in the most jolly way.

Hi-Duk – a unique invention at UTM

The Technical University of Moldova marks the end of this year with an innovative creation, as the only technical-engineering higher education institution in the country. One hundred percent electric offroader, with a unique name, bearing a suitable meaning – Hi-Duk (pronounced “Haiduc” – a freedom fighter in the Balkans).

FEIE celebrated Energy Day by conducting Electric Hackathon-2020

The Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering of UTM celebrated the Energy Day, traditionally marked on December 22, by organizing the student competition “Electric Hackathon 2020“. The event took place in FabLab, the largest prototyping and small-scale production workshop in the Republic of Moldova, always open for those who want to develop transformational projects for […]

The professor-scientist Oleg LUPAN has exceeded 11,000 citations in Google Scholar

Oleg Lupan, professor and scientist in the fields of Physics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies, head of the Department of Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, UTM, has surpassed the number of 11,000 citations of scientific publications, according to the Google Scholar Citations platform. An absolute record!