Join us in our trip to the cosmos! The launch of the first Moldovan satellite, supported by Moldcell

The launch of TUMnanoSAT – the nanosatellite created by the students and teachers of UTM, will be broadcasted at Tekwill. The event is supported by Moldcell through the recently concluded collaboration agreement between Moldcell, the Moldcell Foundation and the Technical University of Moldova – a partnership in the interest of promoting digital industry and innovative projects.

The collaboration agreement covers educational issues, internship programs, the promotion of innovative digitization and information technology projects, training programs and other useful events for students, teachers and employees.

One of the target projects is the launch of the TUMnanoSAT nanosatellite, which will go into orbit with the support and coordination of the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

The satellite has the shape of a 10 cm cube, weighs 1.2 kg, and will reach orbit at an altitude of 404 (perigee) / 434 (apogee) km and an inclination of 51.6 degrees to the equator. The official launch is to take place between June and July 2022.

This project has a major impact in improving the quality of the approach to studying engineering based on modern space technologies, involving young people in the development of scientific research, taking the first steps in space exploration and integrating our country into the community of countries developing space technologies.

Moldcell supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and, through its assistance and collaboration with UTM, promotes Ob. 4 – Quality Education, which allows us to reach new heights and let the whole world know about us. 

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