The UTM Senate unanimously approved the report presented by the vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU regarding the ICT field at UTM in the period 2019-2022

On June 21, 2022, during the meeting of the UTM Senate, Mr. Dinu ŢURCANU, vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, presented a report on the activity of the Information and Communications Technology Directorate: results, challenges and solutions, as well as the importance the continuous modernization of information systems for the presence of UTM in the online environment.

On the modernization of information systems, Mr. Țurcanu mentioned that, during 2019-2022, a wide range of services were included in the ICT services within UTM, which were designed to facilitate the activity of the academic community. Multiple software programs have been developed to assist the members of the University: digitization of laboratories, study spaces, academic courses, and the adaptation of the study process to the current labor market requirements.

The modules of the UTM information systems, primarily the “Admission” module, have been developed and adapted to the requirements imposed through the duration of the pandemic, in order to ensure the continuity of university activities. The first “Online Payment” module was developed and implemented during that period, being initially used for the payment of the admission fee, later being utilized for other services provided by UTM.

The online module “My University” was developed to allow the synchronization and quick access to modules in the University Management Information System, which ensures transparency and access to information for students and employees of UTM. The platform can be utilized in real time, from any location, from any device. During 2021, it was accessed 85,000 times.

Also, the team took into consideration the improvement of the functionality of the Unified System “Human Resources Management”, which aims to keep records of the academic staff by using a wide range of functionalities. All the possibilities offered by this system are due to the interconnection of numerous submodules: Planning, Order, Reports, Personnel Records, Salary Calculation, Timekeeping, etc.

A new module has been added to the “Order Archive” Information System – “Notifications”, which allows the automated notification, through corporate email, of the individuals involved with university documents (dispositions, orders, decisions).

Through DTIC, UTM makes a gesture of consideration via the “Homage” Module – a component part of the university management information system, which, through the automated interaction of different data processing algorithms, identifies the celebrated academics and sends them a congratulatory email.

The online module “My University – Students” was developed to allow students to access any necessary information. For example, in the “Study Agreement/Study Contract” section, the student can access the annual contract and express his/her consent to the extension of the study contract by accessing the “sign” button. During 2021, the module was accessed 301,000 times.

The development of the “Anti-plagiarism” module, which is part of the University Management Information System, allows for the loading and validation of the final version of each student’s Bachelor/Master thesis within the academic departments, all via a friendly interface.

The pandemic caused the necessity to create a new web system for online courses within UTM, called “UTM Lessons”. Launched in 2020, the platform now includes more than 24 courses and 178 tests, the number of video hours exceeding the threshold of 1000. The courses cover topics in the field of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics, and Programming, and the names of the teachers involved in the production of these videos have become known nationally. Over 4980 active users benefited from these courses, and this indicator is constantly increasing. About 33 teachers and 17 ICT engineers are currently involved in creating content for the platform.

The Microsoft Office 365 educational platform, which is the core service of the university, enjoys a special popularity among university members, as a result of various digital enhancements. Each student and collaborator has a corporate email account that ensures secure access to the IT services developed within the ICT Department, which contributes to the considerable increase in the number of users.

In order to promote and streamline access to UTM products, the ICT Department has developed various service platforms with the implementation of online payment and booking of desired services 24/7. For example, the platform offers a wide range of services necessary for getting to know the Astronomy environment: scientific observations in Astronomy; lessons for Astronomy enthusiasts; planetarium shows for both the general public and UTM students, high school and middle school students in the Republic. Visits can be scheduled, with the possibility of selecting the desired services and paying online. By accessing the platform, those interested can view the calendar of services and obtain a prior consultation via online chat. In the store, you can buy pens, journals, calendars, and personalized UTM t-shirts. All products can be accessed and bought online, from any device. At the same time, the platform is equipped with an online chat module that offers customers advice for selected products.

UTM also develops a wide range of portals for the promotion and provision of UTM services, such as the National Center for Space Technologies, the Center for Career Counseling and Guidance, or for certain activities, such as “Teacher for a day”, but also sites for international conferences: Mechanical Transmissions: Design, Manufacturing, Simulation, Control and Optimization; International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Computing   

The following works are currently in progress:

  • the administration of the websites,,,,,,,,,,,,, şi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;
  • the updating of information on the website during the year;
  • the training of UTM staff in placing information in the compartments of the website corresponding to the field of activity of the department/section, creating users with publishing rights;
  • the maintenance of versions of the website in Russian, English, French;
  • the administration of the electronic survey website for students;
  • the collaboration with those responsible for surveys within the faculties and departments of the University, setting questionnaires on request, sending reports. Collaboration with 18 managers within the faculties, creating new surveys, modifying surveys, generating statistics for surveys;
  • the monitoring of UTM web resources in university rankings – Webometrics, QS, Round University Ranking, etc.;
  • the maintenance of the electronic survey for the Admission period;
  • the ensuring of the publication of information within the Admission period;
  • the ensuring of the security of resources through continuous blocking of the IPs detected in the attempt to carry out attacks. Current numbers: about 155,683 brute force attacks were blocked, 15,325 failed authentication attempts, 8,245 SPAM prevention.

The report presented by the vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU regarding the field of Information and Communication Technology in the period 2019-2022 at the Technical University of Moldova was unanimously approved by the Senate with the qualification “Very Good”. 

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