“Textile Academy Bootcamp 2022”, Geneva

Two representatives of the Technical University of Moldova – univ. lect. Elena FLOREA-BURDUJA and graduate Valentina FRUNZE, benefited from the support of the Future Technologies Program, funded by USAID and Sweden, and participated in the in-depth course for creatives, fashion and textile designers, and digital fabrication experts – “Textile Academy Bootcamp 2022”, within the multidisciplinary program Fabricademy, which took place between June 6 and June 11, 2022, in Geneva.

For 5 days, the participants attended a series of lectures and practical sessions given by world-renowned experts, exploring alternative techniques for manufacturing textiles, aiming to tackle current problems of environmental pollution caused by the textile industry.

The program included the study of important topics concerning innovative textiles, sustainability and circular economy, such as:

  • Studying the process of designing clothing using digital software and 3D modeling techniques;
  • Laser cutting techniques for textiles;
  • Alternative dyeing techniques – with natural pigments and bacteria;
  • Studying digital manufacturing processes for making digital samples.

The course “Textile Academy Bootcamp 2022” was an applied representation of the program “Fabricademy”, lasting 6 months. The project focuses on the study of alternative textiles, digital fabrication and biology, which, for the first time, will be launched in Moldova in Autumn 2022.

The program will provide scholarships that will cover the costs of the program for a selection of experts in the fields of design and textiles.

More details about the program: https://apply.textile-academy.org/?fbclid=IwAR3YDhwJj69D9cO5VFSFfIfVV4YneXe3rtPM95rIyDPWVab8q3gztu3eYP0

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