The visit of the professors from Virginia State University to UTM

From June 12 to June 18, 2022, the Technical University of Moldova was honored to receive the visit of the professors from the College of Engineering and Technology, Virginia State University, USA: Dr. Dawit HAILE, prof. and dean, Dr. Nasser GARRIBAN, prof., and head of Department, and Dr. Ceslav CIOBANU, prof. and Economics Program coordinator.

In accordance with its objective to promote excellence and internationalization worldwide, UTM prioritizes visits of professors as a means to strengthen institutional collaborations, as well as the development of joint teaching and research activities. These are essential for the whole internationalization process, as such affairs involve the exchange of experience, allow learning from other examples, and intensify academic cooperation.

The UTM team, represented by univ. prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, rector; Daniela POJAR, vice-rector for Financial Affairs and International Relations; Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication; assoc. prof., Dr. Vladislav REȘITCA, vice-rector for Didactic Activity; univ. prof., Dr. Vasile TRONCIU, vice-rector for Research and Doctorate, the deans of the UTM faculties, the heads of programs and the UTM professors, appreciated the visit of the invited professors, as UTM attaches considerable importance to the cooperation with US institutions.

After being given a tour around the faculties of UTM, the guests participated in working meetings with the administrative and academic staff, taking part in various technical visits, but also in teaching, research and extension activities carried out within the departments. The visitors also had the opportunity to discuss with students and learn about the achievements of UTM at national and international level.

The US professors had a productive dialogue with both the administrative team and the representatives of the academic community of UTM, noting the dynamic development of UTM and its essential role and contribution in the development of Moldova through the consolidation of its position as a university of excellence in research and innovation, technical education and high-quality education.

Moreover, the guests supported the idea of intensifying the Moldovan-American collaboration, expressing their openness to provide UTM with all the necessary support to strengthen the current collaboration and deepen the initiated dialogue, including the development of joint international projects focused on promoting quality in education, supporting scientific research, facilitating the professional insertion of young people, increasing the role of universities in the process of global and local development, and the internationalization of UTM.

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