Larisa BALTA, about studying within the “Public Nutrition Services” program, FTA-UTM

Larisa BALTA has successfully completed her Bachelor studies as part of the first graduating class of the “Public Nutrition Services” program within the Faculty of Food Technology. The student says that she does not intend to stop here, given the great interest she has in this field – a subject that is, on the one hand, currently popular, and on the other hand, very complex, but with great prospects.

I always liked sports, but I would encounter obstacles when it came to the principles of proper nutrition and I was not able to achieve the desired results. After finishing high school, I decided to apply to the Department of Food and Nutrition (head of department: assoc. prof., Dr. Aurica CHIRSANOVA) within the Faculty of Food Technology (dean: assoc. prof., Dr. Iurie SUBOTIN). When submitting my enrollment application, I found out that a new program is being launched – “Public Nutrition Services”. I applied without a second thought, because I knew: the Technical University of Moldova is the only higher education institution that trains specialists in this field. That’s how I started on this path, which was initially unknown, but which turned out to be the right one for me.

In my 2nd year of University, I started working as a personal trainer (with the right to work as a student at the second faculty) in the gym within the State University of Physical Education and Sports. Being a demanding coach and knowing that the result, in this context, depends largely on nutrition (70-80%), it is important to pay close attention to this aspect. And in order to achieve a higher degree of efficiency, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the science of clinical nutrition. In addition to the fact that my students achieved beautiful results of body remodeling, I was able to contribute to improving their health by regenerating their digestive system, regulating their sleep, restoring their ability to concentrate/work, and building a regime with emphasis on psychological, emotional and physical well-being.

My interest in this field, which I studied and worked in, is what motivated my decision regarding the topic of my Bachelor’s thesis: “Nutritional aspects of protein supplements for athletes”, having as supervisor a specialist in the field – assoc. prof., Dr. Rodica SIMINIUC. It was a very beautiful, intricate experience, and the outcome was worth the effort.

Through the research and the results obtained in my Bachelor’s thesis, I came to the conclusion that a large part of the population of the Republic of Moldova uses protein supplements without specialized supervision, but also without a good reason. And in terms of the situation of food culture in our country, it is still at a very low level, which motivates me to continue to help and direct as many people as possible to the path of knowing the principles of a balanced diet.

Thank you to UTM, FTA, and to all my teachers!

To those interested, I say with all my heart: “The Technical University of Moldova is about studying various engineering branches, but also about multilateral development and a thorough preparation for life!”

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