“Specialized 3D design software in the textile field”: FTP-TUM seminar & CIU Bălți

The Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy of the Technical University of Moldova continues to build and capitalize on its fruitful relations with colleges. In view of this, TUM organized the online information seminar on “Specialized 3D design software in the textile field”, in partnership with the College of Light Industry from Bălți.

Several professors of FTP-TUM participated in the development of this seminar: assoc. prof., Dr. Marcela IROVAN, head of the Design and Technology Department in Textiles and Polygraphy; univ. lect. Elena FLOREA-BURDUJA and univ. assist. Aliona RARU, joined by their colleagues from the Bălți College of Light Industry – Grigore GAITUR, director of CIU Bălți, and Elena STATNIC, deputy director for practical training and production.

The speakers from FTP-TUM, Aliona RARU and Elena FLOREA-BURDUJA, spoke about fashion shows without models, virtually created haute couture dresses, and other advantages of CLO 3D software. Digital fashion has been widely spread worldwide for a long time, and now it is becoming prevalent in Moldova as well.

The teachers and students of the Bălți College of Light Industry were delighted with the new digital 3D modeling technologies, which play a major role in motivating students to participate in the lectures and practical courses at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy.

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