A new class of Masters in Law at FCGC-TUM

On January 13, 2022, a new class of masters of Law graduated from the Real Estate and Cadastral Law program (the only Master of Science program of its kind in the Republic of Moldova) within the Department of Engineering, Law and Real Estate Valuation (DIDEI), Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre (FCGC).  

The Master’s thesis defense committee included leading specialists in the field and professors of the Department of Engineering, Law and Real Estate Valuation: Aurica LEFTER – head of the Legal Assistance and Litigation Department of ASP (president); univ. prof., Dr. Svetlana ALBU, head of DIDEI; assoc. prof., Dr. Ina BOSTAN, assoc. prof., Dr. Viorica URSU, assoc. prof., Dr. Alla CLIMOVA, who assessed the graduates’ knowledge of the topics chosen for research, as well as their presentation skills.

Each thesis incorporated multi-aspectual research, an individual analysis of the approached subject, conclusions and recommendations, as stipulated in the requirements.

The committee highlighted some of the works that were unanimously recognized as the best and graded with the highest mark:

– “The legal status of the monuments of history and culture in the Republic of Moldova” – author: Mihaela STAMATI; scientific advisor: assoc. prof., Dr. Viorica URSU;

– “Massive registration – an essential factor in the structure of the real estate cadastre in the Republic of Moldova” – author: Diana GAVRILOV; scientific advisor: assoc. prof., Dr. Alla CLIMOVA;

– „Multi-aspectual analysis of the property right with respect to the new regulations of the Civil Code and the jurisprudence of the ECHR” – author: Nica GRAUR; scientific advisor: assoc. prof., Dr. Ina BOSTAN.

Congratulations, dear Master graduates! 

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