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High-performance laptops to improve teaching at FIMIT

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport (FIMIT) received 16 laptops as part of the 3rd stage of the “ICT tools in the teaching activity at TUM” program, initiated by the rector of TUM, univ. prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN.

Congratulations to the 16 TUM members from FIMIT who received the devices from the dean of the Faculty, assoc. prof., Dr. Sergiu DÂNTU: Silvia ANATI, Mihail BALAN, Dumitru CEBAN, Vitalie CRECIUN, Mihail CRIVOI, Nina GARŞTEA, Vladimir GOIAN, Arianda GORBATIUC, Leonid IVANOV, Ion JARDAN, Liudmila MIHAILOV, Elena MUSTEAŢA, Victor PRICOP, Mircea SINIUC, Liuba STANCIU, Alina ŢURCANU.

The professors of FIMIT expressed their gratitude to the TUM administration for this beneficial initiative carried out during the pandemic period.

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