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Five professors of the Technical College of TUM, handed high-performance laptops

Now at its third stage, the “ICT tools in the teaching activity at TUM” program, launched at the initiative of the rector of TUM, univ. prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, aims to enhance the educational process by providing the necessary technology, targeting not only the University, but the Technical College of the Technical University of Moldova as well.

The five beneficiaries of this beautiful initiative are the teachers Carolina CHEIANU-TUDOS, Vadim SIMINEL, Rodica PRODAN, Mariana CUȘNIR, Vasilii CHIRCIOGLO. The laptops were handed by the director of the Technical College, Dumitru VENGHER, who mentioned the importance of these tools in increasing the efficiency of the teacher’s daily work.

The teachers sent a message of gratitude to the TUM administration for the remarkable project.

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