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Schneider EcoStruxure Power Design Workshop

The new EcoStruxure Power Design and EcoStruxure Power Build software products developed by one of the leading providers of energy equipment and solutions globally – Schneider Electric, previously presented to students at a virtual event, have generated multiple requests for a workshop with the application of these tools.

The purpose of the event was the gathering of practical knowledge in design through using new software products, which offer innovative possibilities for modeling medium and low voltage networks. The tools include the following functions:

  • simulation of different types of sources and tasks;
  • determining and updating parameters in real time;
  • automatic choice of protection and switching device settings, with the possibility of being changed;
  • users have access to changing the limit parameters according to which the network will be dimensioned;
  • monofilament diagrams, detailed tables containing the necessary parameters, cable logs, selectivity curves are automatically generated;
  • the results from EcoStruxure Power Design can be exported to EcoStruxure Power Build, where the completion of the electrical cabinets with the obtained equipment is simulated;
  • the results can be exported in the formats: dwg, docx, pdf;
  • constant updating of the database with the latest Schneider Electric products.

The eagerness of the students, proved by the workshop’s planned duration being exceeded by 2 hours, led to the exploration of the idea of organizing another series of similar events for the accumulation of new skills in the utilization of this extremely useful software. The students’ interest was ignited by the impeccable professionalism of the regional leader for Schneider Electric design solutions, Natalia Ciobotaru, Schneider Electric consultant for the design of reliable electrical installations, compliant with European IEC standards (graduate of the Faculty of Energy, specialty Energy, 2003), who revealed and explained all aspects of these applications and answered all the questions asked by the students.

Schneider Electric has proven over time that it wants to become not only a manufacturer of high quality equipment, with a very wide range of innovative electrical products, made in strict accordance with current standards, but also a company that brings enormous benefit to society by investing in people and in their professionalism. This is the most feasible investment that directly influences the quality of work in the electrical field, which has a direct effect in all spheres of human activity.

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