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Alex BALMUȘ, FUA and FIEB graduate, TUM: “A successful career starts in university!”

After graduating from a gymnasium in Chișinău, I thought I could be content with graduating from a vocational high school. But after a year of working as an electric welder, I realized how much hard work it requires and how exhausting it is for a 20-year-old. This motivated me to change my attitude and be more confident in the decisions I make.

I chose to study at the most prestigious university in the country – the Technical University of Moldova, settling for a specialty closely related to my former one – Engineering of Heating and Gas Supply Systems and Ventilation within the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. In 4 years, I obtained the title of engineer.

Since my years as a university student, I was employed at “Termoelectrica”, the main producer of heat and electricity in the capital, which, at that time, was going through a major economic change – merging CET-1, CET-2 and Termocom, a matter that provoked my interest to study economic processes taking place in the construction industry. Thus, I followed a Master’s program in Construction Business Administration at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of TUM, which helped me to quickly advance in my career and to apply my managerial qualities in the development of the new company.

A few years later, I decided to study renewable energy systems, and because, at that time, there were no advanced courses in the field in Moldova, I graduated from a Master’s program in Dublin, Ireland.

I am currently a manager in a construction company, which is successfully operating in the Irish market, developing the sustainable energy sector and helping the government achieve the goal of reducing air and environmental pollution in the country.

Now, if I were to talk to a 20-year-old young man, I would confidently suggest him to follow his dream and choose TUM – a good university, where a high quality educational process is assured, with professors eager to share their valuable professional experience. Certainly, with desire and effort, all dreams become reality. Know that it is possible!

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