“A bridge over expectations, between colour and word” by Victor COBZAC

The TUM professor and artist Victor COBZAC displayed his paintings and sculptures in an exhibition opened on Friday at the Exhibition Center “Constantin Brâncuși” in Chișinău.

The exhibition includes 71 works, done over the years, twinned under the title „Punte peste așteptări, între culoare și cuvânt” (“A bridge over expectations, between colour and word”). Mr. Cobzac intended to open the exhibition in 2020, once he became a septuagenarian, but despite the pandemic changing the course of his plans, the artist has succeeded in inaugurating the display and giving us the opportunity to rediscover his complex personality. 

The vice-president of the Union of Fine Artists, Florina BREAZU, impressed with Mr. Cobzac’s works, stated that admiring the professor’s pieces of art has revealed his several talents: painter, poet, teacher and photographer. The artworks were appreciated by a number of guests present at the opening ceremony of the Exhibition: the president of the Union of Fine Artists (UAP) from Moldova, Dumitru BOLBOCEANU, the painter Ghenadie JALBĂ, the poets Nicolae BĂLȚESCU and Ana ONICĂ, but also Elena MADAN, a pupil of professor Victor COBZAC, currently a senior lecturer at TUM, within the Department of Industrial and Product Design, FIMIT. The artist received the “Mihai Grecu” medal from the president of UAP, Dumitru BOLBOCEANU – the highest distinction of this institution.

Professor Victor COBZAC is a graduate of the State Institute of Fine Arts „V. Surikov” in Moscow and a member of the Union of Fine Artists within the Republic of Moldova. He is the winner of the “Literary Archive” First Prize, for the poem „Inima, prima vioară în orchestra fericirii” (“Heart, the first violin in the orchestra of happiness”), at an International Festival of Poetry (2020); two prizes at the International Fairytale and Poetry Contest for children, Univers Românesc XXL (Romanian Universe XXL); the First Prize at the International Poetry Metaphors Contest – Ana Podaru, organized by Cervantes-Ispirescu Cultural Group; the “World Poets Association” trophy at the International Festival „Zbor spre desfrunzite stele” (“Flight to the leafless stars”), first edition, Montreal, Canada, etc. Mr. Cobzac opened a number of exhibitions in Belgium, France, Romania, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Hungary. He has illustrated over 30 books, including „Lăsaţi-mă să fiu femeie” (“Let Me Be a Woman”), „Pruna necoaptă” (“Unripe Plum”), „Poeme de pe Valea Plângerii” (“Poems from the Grievance Valley”), „Scrisoare din Basarabia” (“Letter from Bessarabia”), „M. Eliade: de la mituri şi practice magice la interes naţional şi tensiune istorică” (“M. Eliade: from magical myths and practices to national interest and historical tension”). Victor Cobzac is the author of a number of poem volumes: Design poetic” (“Poetic design”), „Întoarcerea stelelor” (“Return of the stars”), „Prologul marilor iubiri” (“The prologue of great love”), „Poezii îngemănate” (“Twin poems”), „Punte peste așteptări” (“Bridge over expectations”), „Muguri de dor” (“Buds of longing”) and others.

The family of TUM thanks Mr. Cobzac from the bottom of our hearts for this exhibition – a representation of his evolution in time. We announce to all those interested that the exhibition will be open at the “Constantin Brâncuși” Exhibition Center until October 3.

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