FCGC-TUM: “Business driven Problem-Based Learning for Academic Excellence in Geoinformatics – GEOBIZ” Summer School

Between September 13, 2021 and September 18, 2021, the Center for Advanced Academic Studies – CAAS in Dubrovnik, Croatia, within the University of Zagreb, hosts the Summer School organized through the educational project “Business driven problem-based learning for academic excellence in geoinformatics – GEOBIZ”, funded by the European Union Erasmus+KA2 – Strengthening international capacities Nr.  610225-EPP-1-2019-1-HR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP (project coordinator from TUM: assoc. prof., Dr. Eng. Livia NISTOR-LOPATENCO, dean of FCGC).

The event was attended by delegates from the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre of the Technical University of Moldova: assoc. prof., Dr. Vasile GRAMA, univ. assistant, Dr. Dumitru BOTNARU and univ. assistant Eugeniu ȚIGANU.

The Summer School focuses on the implementation of the PBL (Problem Based Learning) methodology in the educational process of partner universities involved in the project. The participants work with various case studies, including about 11 issues in the field of Geoinformatics regarding the structure and content of curriculum courses, particularly the 2021 edition of the undergraduate program “Geodetic Engineering and Cadastre /  IGC”, conducted at TUM since September 1, 2021. The 3 teachers from the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy – FCGC, TUM, are actively involved in perfecting and presenting the practice of teaching academic topics with the application of the PBL methodology.

The seminar works are presented in English, with the intention of being publicly discussed and assessed by the participating partners of the GEOBIZ project. The program is regarded as an important step in the educational process at FCGC, as it involves the updating and modernization of teaching materials, as well as the improvement of the preparation process of the teaching staff.

Ultimately, the activities of the Summer School in Dubrovnik, Croatia, aim to encourage innovativeness of partner universities and mutual cooperation with the socio-economic environment (enterprises and authorities in the field) by developing and maintaining the platform GEOBIZ MOODLE – Business Academy with public access, offering new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration both between partner universities within the project and individually between teachers.

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