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The TUM library on building information culture

As an advocate for information culture, the Library of the Technical University of Moldova has undertaken a series of actions to help users navigate through the enormous torrent of information available, in order to benefit effectively from library-bibliographic services and to be aware of the need for information, the necessity of understanding it and the importance of evaluating it analytically.

The librarians provide a basic introduction, explaining how the library is organized, how it works, and what services it offers. This step is taken by all users when registering. Introductory lessons are given by librarians at all faculty libraries.

In this context, the involvement of all academics is welcome, especially those responsible for the “Initiation into specialty” class – a course for guiding students in search of information. The users include: teachers which follow the new editorials in support of the educational process; PhD students who show interest in recent papers for individual research study; students, the widest category of users, who prepare seminars or theses.

Thus, as a result of the initiative of assoc. prof., Dr. Tatiana CAPCANARI, within the course “Introduction to food science and technology”, first year students of the specialties TMAP, TPA, TVPF, IMIA and SPN were initiated in Information Culture. The classes were conducted by Lilia POPOV, head of the Bibliography department. Scientific documentation, BTŞ.

In addition to the guidance classes on the efficient use of information resources, provided for first year students within all branch libraries, the Library also offers training on the knowledge of reference bibliographic tools. This activity is usually performed at the request of the tutors or teachers responsible for the “Initiation into specialty” course.

The third step involves helping users to get used to mastering information (evaluating the results of research, distinguishing primary and secondary sources, perceiving opinions and propaganda in a document, operating with useful and valuable information, and knowing how it is generated). This activity is done by librarians at the request of teachers who provide modules such as “Creativity and Invention”, “Scientific Research”, etc., but also at the request of each individual user.

Information culture is a complex phenomenon, hence the necessity for information in the university environment is perpetual.

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